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House Football Results

House Football competitions took place on the week beginning October 30th and gave all year groups their first chance to use our brand new sports Muga. The results were as follows:


Year 5 Boys

1st Place - Attenborough

2nd Place - Bronte

2nd Place - Turing

4th Place - Bannister


Year 5 Girls

1st  Place - Attenborough

1st Place - Turing

3rd Place - Bannister

4th Place - Bronte


Year 6 Boys

1st Place - Bannister

2nd Place - Turing

3rd Place - Attenborough

4th Place - Bronte


Year 6 Girls

1st Place - Turing

2nd Place - Bannister

4th Place - Attenborough

4th Place - Bronte


Year 7 Boys 

1st Place = Bronte

2nd Place = Attenborough

3rd Place  = Bannister

4th Place = Turing


Year 7 Girls


1st Place = Turing

2nd Place = Bronte

3rd Place= Bannister

4th Place = Attenborough


Well done to all houses for a great effort during the matches. Congratulations to the winning houses, who receive an extra ten house points!