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Breakfast Club


Healthy food and fun games; the perfect way to start the day!

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Healthy Recipe of the Month

Each month we select a different recipe and invite groups of children to come along and cook it each week. This month's tasty healthy dish is Vegetable Chow Mein. Here are some photos of the first group who were invited along to try making it!

Year 7 Healthy Living Week

This week the Year 7's have the opportunity to further their knowledge of exercise and nutrition. Here are some of the exciting activities the children have participated in: 

Morrisons 'Academy of Food' programme

Children visited Morrisons to learn about the different nutritional values of foods. They were able to identify foods which were healthy and unhealthy using the Recommended Daily Allowance labels. They then were able to taste some different exotic fruits and make smoothies once they got back to school!
Children experienced many new team game activities where they had to use communication, resilience and leadership skills to complete a range of challenges.

Laughter Yoga

As Laughter Yoga has shown to have many physiological and psychological benefits, we were keen to explore this type of yoga. Children had the opportunity to try and make each other laugh in a variety of ways!

As part of our Healthy Living Week, we were invited to take part in a variety of activities at the Leisure Centre. These included: virtual dance, racketball, badminton, football and circuit training. We thoroughly enjoyed challenging ourselves to try a new sport!

Healthy Lifestyle

We have investigated different food groups and re-designed the Healthy Plate. Also, we considered the importance of sleep and its effects on our physical and mental wellbeing.
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The Pastoral Team

At Westacre Middle School we recognise that the social and mental well-being of our pupils is an essential part of a successful education and the preparation for later life. We understand that all of our pupils react and adapt differently to factors that affect their learning and development. The pastoral team along with other members of staff are able to offer extra support to our pupils when needed.

What are our aims?

To ensure our pupils feel happy, supported and cared for in order to achieve their best in the classroom.

Below are some examples of the support we offer:

· Small group and individual interventions that help pupils to improve their self-esteem, manage emotions and support social and friendship skills.

· Providing class yoga lessons once a week to promote mindfulness and positivity.

· Provide weekly cooking lessons in order to learn key skills and the importance of healthy eating.

· Meet and greet some pupils who feel anxious about coming to school.

· Tea & Toast in the mornings to help some students acquire that calm and focused attitude before lessons.

· Offer “catch ups” to those pupils who benefit from the opportunity to talk about how they are feeling.

· Work alongside class teachers, parents/carers and outside agencies to ensure pupils feel supported and safe.

· Run a break and lunch time club.

Who are the Pastoral team?

· Mrs Julie Darby (pastoral lead)

· Miss Leah Starkey (qualified yoga teacher)

· Miss Lauren Colledge (L3 specialist support)