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American Football

American football club runs every Thursday after school. At Westacre, we play a primary school version of American football called Flag football. Flag football is a non-physical approach to the game of football. Instead of tackling an opponent, you pull the flag (tag) attached to the person with the ball's belt to cause a stoppage in play. This was designed so that people can enjoy football without worrying about injuring themselves due to contact.


This popular club has enabled pupils to develop good spiral throwing technique, catching and dodging skills. In addition to this, pupils have learned the official rules of Flag football, and are able to apply offensive and defensive strategies.


Unlike normal American football, a lot less equipment is necessary to play Flag football. We provide all of the special Flag football equipment: a Flag football belt; flags (tags) in 2 different colours and a variation of American footballs. All you need is a sports kit, good hands and fast feet!


Pictures to follow…