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Careers Day 1st April 2021

On the last day of the Spring term, we held our first ever, whole-school Careers day in school. As part of this, we completed a range of different activities with school: carrying out mock interviews, challenging gender stereotypes in the workplace, looking at our own personal skill sets and analysing what wages different professions are paid.


In the afternoon, the children also got the opportunity to learn about a range of different jobs through short videos made by different professions. We were fortunate to have a wide range of jobs, from a penguin keeper to a TV and film lawyer, a Member of Parliament to a firefighter, a vet to a clay sculptor who works fro Mercedes Benz. We even had a international tennis umpire! 


The children were fantastic and fully engaged across the day and staff were left amazed by how many of them could already explain what careers were beginning to interest them. The world of word seems to be in safe hands!

What the children said:

  • I used to think that some jobs were for girls and others were for boys but now I don’t 
  • Westacre should do a careers day again next year as it will help year 5s like me to choose their future job.
  • It was fun learning about jobs and understanding what getting jobs would be like in the future.
  • I understand better and know what to be to get paid the money I want
  • Now I know that some jobs are better paid that others and I don’t want to be NEET
  • Yes, now I know how much commitment needs to be put into education
  • It’s not just about having a job; it’s about having a job that you enjoy
  • I learned how hard you have to work to get a job
  • Before I thought it was easy to live without a job- I’ve now changed my mind!
  • I know what skills are strongly desired by employers