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Computing Ambassadors

This year, the Computing Ambassadors have been busy creating help videos for both Ipads and Computers around school. They started by gathering feedback from their classes as to areas of technology pupils (and staff) feel they need support with. The Ambassadors then teamed up and started the filming and recording of these videos.They were making fantastic progress on these before school closed and many of our videos just await the voice over instructions. 


Calling All Computing Ambassadors

If you have the means to record a help video at home via a tablet etc and feel confident to send it in, please do so. Think about some of the areas people may need help with, which could include but not limited to:  saving files, shortcuts for copy and paste, cropping an image, sharing on J2E. 


If you send them to the office addressed for Mrs Radburn I can hopefully add some more to the website!



Ipad Help Videos

Still image for this video
The Ambassadors have created ipad help videos. Take a look.

how to up load a picture.MOV

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Meet the Team


Introducing our Computing Ambassadors for 2019-2020.


An enthusiastic group class representatives with a keen interest in computing, particularly Digital Literacy.  With their help, we hope to continue educating our school and the wider community in keeping ourselves safe online as well as navigating the World Wide Web efficiently and effectively.  


Jack B 5AU               Armands Z 6BP             Louie M 5CD

Kai M 7FH                 Isabel S 5MK                 Macey S 7RM

Will P 7PC                 Kaidan H 5JR                Callum C 7LB

Callum L 6CA            Leo L-H 6RA                  Jess C 7DB

Morgan H 6MP          Jacob K 5RM                 Theo G 6TS


NAACE ICT Award 2019


We are delighted to have been awarded the NAACE ICT Award, which recognises our hard work across the curriculum using technology to enhance learning. The award is a result of lots of evidence collection, staff training and independent assessment of our technology led teaching.  

Cyber Council trip to Apple, Solihull


On Friday 5th July, Cyber Council visited the Apple store in Touchwood, Solihull. We took part in a coding workshop, using the Sphero Sparks and different apps on their iPads. Great fun was had by all trying to control the Spheros around the shop, making them speak, change colours and change speeds.


After the first workshop, we were invited to stay for a Mind mapping session using Notes. We learnt how to split screen and insert photographs from web pages into planning and ideas sheets. More creative learning to share around school!

This is our new Cyber Council for 2018-19. Those members at today's meeting looked at moderating children's work on J2E. They will be checking on presentation, spelling and appropriateness of images and text.


Previous meetings have looked at general hardware help around school so the children are familiar with faults that may occur in the LRA or ICT room. 

New Cyber Council 2018-19

In the build up to Safer Internet Day, Cyber Council spent the day at the Sky TV Studios to create their own e-safety news report. The report was shared in a whole school assembly and can be viewed below:

Cyber Council E Safety Film.mp4

Still image for this video

Ombersley School Visit to Cyber Council


Ombersley are keen to set up their own Cyber Council group, so on Friday 3rd November we hosted a group of visitors. We explained what our roles were, why we wanted to join Cyber Council, and then showed their students some of the activities we are involved in.


The visit was a great success, and they left inspired and looking forward to us visiting them next time to see their progress.

Cyber Council 2017-18



The newly appointed Cyber Council for this school year have been busy around school already.


After discussions with the children, we decided to amalgamate Coding Club with JEducation club, so Fridays are very busy for council members trying to support all our attendees.

Cyber Council 2017-18

Mayor visits Droitwich


Following our recent role in leading the local community e-safety event at Droitwich Library, we were recommended and accepted to receive a donation of £300 from the local Droitwich Lions Community Club. Cyber Council members decide the best use of this money was to develop our ICT provision further by purchasing a class set of programmable robots that pupils could build then use our Micro-bit computers to code. We were delighted to welcome members of the Lions group, as well as the Mayor of Droitwich into school to show off these robots in action!

Cyber Council Visit The NVA


As a reward for their enthusiasm and commitment this year in encouraging our community to be safe online, as well as with the aim of developing their coding skills further, members of the Cyber Council visited the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham. They spent an hour and a half looking in the different galleries in the NVA, which included many retro games, a VIrtual Reality experience and games still under development. After a quick break for lunch, the digital leaders enjoyed an hour-long Game Maker workshop. This involved them using a new piece of software to develop sprites, objects, rooms and commands to help them create their own videogame! All of the children had a thoroughly enjoyable day and were a credit to themselves and Westacre!

Droitwich Community E-Safety


Some of our Cyber Council members were invited by the West Mercia Police and Worcestershire Citizens Advice Bureau to lead a workshop sharing e-safety tips with people across the community. The event was held at Droitwich library and was aimed at library visitors from 5 to 95 years of age. On the day, Tamzin and Beatrice in Year 5, as well as Chloe and Lily-Mai in Year 7, joined digital leaders from Chawson First School in setting up a stand at the library. They spoke to many local people about what they do in school to encourage people at Westacre to be safe online, and shared a range of useful tips. Visitors praised them for their engagement, confidence and interaction and said that they were 'a credit to themselves and the school'. We are indeed very proud of them!

Here are our current group of digital leaders who make up our Cyber Council. They include members who have been part of the team since September, as well as newly-elected members.

Digital Leaders Unite


Click the link below to find out more about the afternoon when Cyber Council worked with digital leaders from some Droitwich first schools:

Digital Leaders Workshop


Cyber Council visitied Bourneville College to take part in a Digital Leaders Workshop. This will be part of a series of events linked to Safer Internet Day. As part of the workshop, our group of digital leaders presented to other schools about what they do here at Westacre. To help them do this, Cyber Council created the following J2E webpage:

Well done to all of the digital leaders. They all presented their ideas with confidence and enthusiasm, and helped give other schools many ideas to take back with them. We too heard about a few ideas that Cyber Council will be bringing to Westacre very soon!
Click the link below to watch the Cyber Councils' presentation:

Cyber Council Video


Use the following QR code to watch a video created by Cyber Council about some of the brilliant work they do around school:

More Team Meetings


Cyber Council continue to meet on a weekly basis to discuss all things Computing related. They have then been going back into their classes to share what's been discussed as well as gather ideas and opinions from around school. Click on the links below as we add more minutes from the meetings:

First Team Meeting


After their initial training, our digital leaders have now met for their first official meeting. Click the link below to see what they discussed:

Technical Training


For their first task as our new digital leaders, Cyber Council took part in some training to help them understand more about computers and how they work. The children learned about inputs and outputs, VGA and HDMI, RAM and CPUs, and a whole lot more! After this training, the digital leaders will be challenged to help solve any technical issues that may arise in school before they get passed on to our technical support staff. Well done Cyber Council for your effort and enthusiasm with this training! 

2016/17 Cyber Council Revealed


A new school year means a new set of digital leaders! We were inundated with letters of applications for this year's Cyber Council, which really shows the profile the group enjoys across the school. After the success of last year's group, dozens of pupils from all year groups were keen to become involved. The children with the most persuasive applications have been selected to form the Cyber Council team for this year. They are:


Billy, Mya, Hannah, Tamzin & Beatrice in Year 5

Jacob, Archie, Katie, Hannah & Frankie in Year 6

George, Charley, Luke, Jasmine, Lily-Mai & Chloe in Year 7


Here they are at the start of what should be an exciting year ahead!

Training New Leaders


Some members of our Cyber Council spent the afternoon over at Westlands First School. They met a group of Year 2 and 3 children who had been chosen to take on the role of digital leaders in their school. Our digital leaders were tasked with helping the pupils at Westlands to understand the role of a digital leader and develop their confidence and awareness of online safety. The afternoon was a very productive and successful one, which ended in the creation of a Cyber Crew at Westlands. Our Cyber Council and this newly-formed Cyber Crew then worked together looking at ideas for developing awareness of E-Safety at Westlands, including our children sharing their E-Safety charters and discussing the possibility of a joint E-Safety video. We look forward to working with the Cyber Crew at Westlands again very soon!

Visit to TNMoC


For our annual school Computing trip, Cyber Council members visited The National Museum of Computing. The visit was arranged as a reward for the excellent work of our digital leaders already this year, and also to help develop their understanding of technology, computers and E-safety even further.


The children left school, accompanied by Mr Barber and Mr Thomas, at 8am and arrived in Bletchley by 10:30am. They thoroughly enjoyed the day, with highlights including:

- investigating older technology

- writing their own codes for a partner to decipher

- finding out about the role of code breakers during World War 2

- seeing some of the very first computers in action

- playing some classic PC and console games

- writing their own code for a 'Snake' game in a 1980s style Computing suite


Well done to all of the pupils involved in this special day out! They showed fantastic effort, attitude and behaviour (right up until our return to school at 5pm)!


Take a look at some photos taken by the children themselves during the day:

Here are some more photographs from the day, this time taken by Mr Barber and Mr Thomas.

Cyber Council will now be challenged to share what they have learned back in school, teaching their classmates about code breaking, encryption and the history of computers (as well as maybe even what the future holds for technology and computers!).


After reviewing the children's evaluation forms, we are really pleased to say 80% gave the trip the best possible rating of 'Great', and the other 20% gave the next highest rating of 'Good'. Some comments included:


"I loved playing old video games and coding."

"My favourite part was looking at the different codes."

"Playing on the old computer consoles was amazing!"

"Seeing the Collosus computer and finding out about other older computers was my favourite part of the day!"

" I really enjoyed playing on the 1982 BBC Micro Computer."

Competition Judging


All of our Cyber Council members played their part in judging over 1,000 entries from across Worcestershire to our E-Safety poster competition. The newest Westacre digital leaders worked together in school to pick out the top 50 entries, which were then taken to Hindlip Hall by the rest of the pupil-led group. Here, nine members of Cyber Council were joined by a range of experts in the field (including the West Mercia Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner and staff from J2E) to select the five prize-winning entries. All of the children worked incredibly well together and impressed all of the people they met with their ideas about online safety and their teamwork. They thoroughly enjoyed the experience and came back to school with lots of ideas to implement back at Westacre!

Helping Our Community Stay Safe Online


Click on the links below to see how busy our Cyber Council have been recently helping to keep pupils at Westacre and around Worcestershire safe online.

Lots to discuss and plan!


Our first meeting since adding new members was a very busy one! As well as welcoming our new members, we had to discuss the many events we are leading and taking part in to celebrate Safer Internet Day, as well as organise which of us will lead lunchtime clubs for our school to use J2E, Education City and Scratch. Here are the minutes of our meeting, as typed by one of our members:

Latest Cyber Council Line-Up


Following the recent decision to increase the size of our school Cyber Council, the group now consists of the following:


Year 5 - Will, Phoebe, Emily, Emma, Annie and Katie

Year 6 - Harry, Oliver, Freya, Katie, Katie and Daria

Year 7 - Angus, Leah and Olivia

Here is one of the wonderful applications we received via our cloud-based learning platform J2E:

Safer Internet Day Assembly


A big day for our Cyber Council! They led their very own whole school assembly introducing a range of events to mark Safer Internet Day. The assembly included the unveiling of a new E-Safety Report that the members of the Cyber Council have helped to create which all pupils can use to share any issues they may have. It also included information about our very own county-wide E-Safety initiative, as well as the announcement of which pupils have been successful in applying to join the Cyber Council. Despite the dozens of applications that were received, the current member were unanimous in agreeing that Annie and Katie in Year 5, as well as Katie and Oliver in Year 6, were the most persuasive in the letters they produced. Thank you and well done to all children who applied. Each of these pupils joined Cyber Council members in receiving a prize donated by West Mercia Police that will spread the message of online safety.

Chawson E-Safety Assembly


Members of our Cyber Council visited Chawson First School today to lead their own assembly! Will in Year 5, Freya and Katie in Year 6, as well as Olivia, Leah and Angus in Year 7 prepared and gave a very informative assembly in front of 170 Year 3 and 4 pupils and their teachers. They explained the role they play at Westacre, encouraged the children at Chawson to join their own e-safety group and discussed some ways of staying safe online (in particular about not sharing personal details online). They did an incredible job and should be thoroughly proud of themselves!

School E-Mail Accounts


In recognition of the great work the Cyber Council have been doing and of the further responsibilities they will be taking on around school in the future, all Cyber Council members have been given access to their own school e-mail accounts. This will enable them to communicate with each other and Mr Barber in order to support the roles they undertake in school, as well as learn themselves the etiquette of and need for care and awareness when using e-mails. All current members of the council have been given their own unique usernames and passwords for these accounts, and the children are fully aware of how to keep these safe and confidential.

Chawson E-Safety Day


Click the link below to find out more about how many of our Cyber Council members helped teach younger children about online safety.

Latest Meeting


Our Cyber Council have continued with their weekly meetings. Please click below to find out some of the ICT-related topics they have been discussing.

E-Safety Messages


Some members of our Cyber Council have been teaching their peers about the importance of online safety. Freya and Katie in 6CS taught their classmates about their new role in the Council and shared with them some e-safety tips. Click the link below to see the J2E webpage they created (including a very powerful acrostic poem about internet safety).

First Meeting


The Cyber Council have had their first official meeting. Each week, members of the Council will take the minutes of the meeting and publish them online via J2E. Click the link below to see what was discussed in their first session.

Meet the Cyber Council


Our first ever Cyber Council has now been set up. From all of the online applications that we received from pupils across school, the following children have been chosen:


Year 7) Bradley, Leah and Olivia

Year 6) Harry, Daria, Katie J and Freya

Year 5) Will C, Emily, Emma, Keyra and Phoebe


These children will represent the rest of our pupils in meetings about the Computing curriculum, technology across school and e-safety. They will help to lead assemblies about online safety and also visit some of our local first schools to spread the word. The group will meet on a weekly basis to discuss various issues, as well as creating content for this website.