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Computing Club 


This year,we have merged Coding club with jEdication City club this year and have seen numbers of students attending rise! We are now full on a Friday, which is excellent.


Children can use the iPads to explore a variety of coding games (LiteBot, ALEX and CargoBot) as well as logging in to our various software suites; Education City and J2e) or use Scratch to practice their Computational skills of debugging and algorithms.

Jedication (J2E / Education City club)


Our Cyber Council members help lead a lunchtime club every Monday at school that enables any pupil at Westacre to use Education City. This gives our children the chance to practise again the skills they have been learning in class, as well as challenging themselves with new learning as well!

Children have been active in exploring the Information Technology part of the Computing Curriculum in J2E Club. We have used (and explored) many aspects of J2E, including how to create animations and blogs. Children across the school can choose to continue with any school / homework or to start their own projects, which may be chosen for display on our own board in the IT suite.


Coding Club


Again, our Cyber Council pupils run a club each Friday giving children across school the chance to practise and improve their coding skills.


Here are some of our Cyber Council members (in Years 5, 6 and 7) teaching other children about how to code using the BBC Microbit computers during Coding Club:
Here they are using Beebem to create their own text code for an old school snake game:
Children have been active in exploring the Computer Science part of the Computing Curriculum in Coding Club. We have used (and played with) a variety of apps and websites to understand   what algorithms are, how to use debugging and what computational thinking is. All the apps and websites are free to use, so of course could be used at home as well! We use ALEX, Hopscotch, Cargo Bot, Hour of Code and Scratch (which our classes use in their Computing lessons and children have their own individual login details for).