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Daily Shout Outs

A Friday Night Scare

Thank you Jarrett for sending in your horror story, I really enjoyed reading it but opted against reading it to my boys.


Walking the dog. Such a simple task. Why is it never that easy? It's been a couple days I don't exactly know what 'it' is yet, but i'll tell you what I remember. I was assigned the job of walking our family dog called Dexter. The walk seemed normal to begin with. As usual, I met Rich as he was going for his daily jog, the same in-tune chirp of the birds. I don't know why, but where I would usually turn left, I went right. I think it was because because I thought Dexter would appreciate something different. Maybe it was because I wanted to see something different. Either way, I went right. The warm and soothing nature of the forest had an eerie and unfamiliar feel to it. Yet, despite this, I continued on my walk. My foot must have got caught on a log or tree stump because my body got thrown forward and I hit the floor with a thump. I immediately got up and walked back home with Dexter and a headache. Rich ran by but something about him was different. I couldn't put a finger on what was different, but something was. Maybe he looked older? I couldn't tell. I tried to wave to him but he completely ignored me. At the time I thought he hadn't seen me. Maybe he had headphones in? I was nearing my house when a strong, smokey smell overcame my nostrils. I reached my house and everyone was outside, them too looking slightly off. It was only a minor difference, nothing big, but It was easily noticeable. I called out to my dad to ask him if he could have a look at me as maybe -I thought- I had hit my head on a stone when i'd tripped over. I got no reply. This time, I shouted a bit louder, yet I still got no reply. I made my way over to him and tried to tap him on the shoulder. My hand. It went through his shoulder. Through. His. Shoulder. My hand went through the bone in his shoulder. He didn't even flinch. He didn't even feel anything. Not visibly anyway. I attempted to go inside the house but, once again, my hand went through the door. No one could see me, hear me, feel me, I wasn't there. I tried to close my eyes and I prayed i'd wake up in my bed, and this was all a dream. Yet, when I opened my eyes, I was still where I was when I closed my eyes. I shouted for hours on end but no one could hear me.... I was dead to everyone. I wasn't there to everyone. Everyone but myself.

Vinnie's word problems

Mrs Hennessey's maths group were challenged with creating their own word problems using the collective nouns for animals. 

Vinnie belting out a classic


When Vinnie plays, he only plays the best songs. Here he is belting out his version of The Who ‘Wont  get fooled again.


Still image for this video

What has Keira been up to?

Thank you Keira for responding to my update. It's great to know that you do read them! 

Lee's amazing Maths

I love that Lee is dressed up as a dinosaur to complete his Maths. Well done on the fabulous presentation of your work. You are a superstar!

Sophie Turk's amazing penguin design

I chose to do the image of the emperor penguin because they are resilient, due to the fact that the male has to survive without food for over four months whilst looking after an egg and the female has to search for food in the sea which takes two month's .once they have finished that they change roles and repeat the same again. To add to this they have to survive harsh weather such as temperatures below -70 degrees centigrade and snow storms. The penguin represents the UK because at the moment we are being resilient and trying to carry on even if we cant be near each other. I also added houses to represent the factor of staying at home.

Shout to all those TTRS champions

My Maths Shout Outs:


Grace W

Alex R

George N

Georgia H

For all having a go at some tasks in the last week, showing commitment to their learning.


Kelsey D-F –for her excellent work on angles.



Lee C

Kevin F

Vinnie P

I can always rely on you three to complete your work. smiley



Will L and Will P - again!

Some fantastic VE Day inspired Humanities Homework from Jarrett G and Abigail G in 7LB.

This weeks AR Shout Outs


Hello everyone,

As usual I (Mrs Bennett) have been looking closely at your Accelerated Reader progress and am pleased to say that there are a few year 7 children who are still eagerly reading and taking their quizzes. Therefore, this weeks shout outs go to those who have taken a quiz in the last week.

I know it can be difficult to motivate ourselves to keep working at home but as I said last week, reading can provide you with a time to sit quietly and relax. Your books can take you anywhere in the world, where anything is possible and dreams are endless. So pick up your book and have some you time!


Here are my special mentions this week:


Lee Coleman 

Chloe Lostitch (an amazing 4 books)

Leah Blake

Jacob Hird

Georgia Howes


Well done all, please do your obligatory living room dance!

Finally, I feel I must mention that two of those amazing individuals are also from the best class in the school!


Lets hope I can be mentioning some more amazing year 7's next week.



Busy Bank Holidays and Computer filled Mondays


It's been brilliant to see all your photos about VE day celebrations coming in and both my boys and I loved the films that arrived in our inbox today. I still think Alfie and Jacob are confused over Mr Meads and Margaret!


Special mentions go to:

  • Harry Millwood for his fantastic VE Day cakes
  • Leah Blake working hard on her bunting alongside her sister
  • Summer Griffin for her beautiful baking of banana bread and shortbread, as well as a fantastic piece of guided reading
  • Matthew Wood for creating his birthday cake, scones and Victoria sponge
  • Hannah Carter for getting in the street party spirit
  • Grace Winter for working hard on her English and still finding time to make scones and bunting for VE day
  • Daisy Moffatt's superb J2e superb explanation of why the scarlet macaw should be our new nationally adopted animal
  • Jessica Evans for designing a brilliant birthday cake (when I showed Jacob, whose birthday is Wednesday, he thought it was for him!!!)




Summer and Lily

Still image for this video

Matthew tells us a beautiful story about a runner bean

Still image for this video

Alfie (& Margaret!) report about local Wi-fi issues

Still image for this video

Daisy and Millie’s excellent reporting skills

Still image for this video
Daisy and Millie have joined forces via video chat to create a report with both of their families. Well done for your commitment to Drama and English girls!

Can you complete Lee's Maths wordearch?