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Daily Shout Outs

Bunny hops

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Mrs Newell gets the gold star for sending in all the challenges.

Super speedy Kayleigh

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Crystals, rocky road and soup!

Having spent the day in school today, it has been lovely to come back to some amazing photos of your work:

  • Zach has been busy making crystals with Mrs Bennett's Science experiments
  • Harry M has been in the kitchen making rocky road
  • Faye has been knocking up a delicious looking Hunter's chicken for the family and  creating an ornament for the garden
  • And Matthew has been cooking a mouth-watering soup!

Well done all!

My Maths

Well done to Bella Smith, Lee Coleman, Vinnie Paxton and Kevin Fenyvesi for continuing to complete all their tasks.

Egg and Spoon race

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The first video to be sent in.

Well done Stan

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10 points to Bronte

Jarrett Didigeridoes!

He could've learnt to play the piano, he could've learnt to play guitar, he could of learnt to play the drums, except Jarrett doesn't like to go for the obvious. Here he is playing his didgeridoo!!!


Jacob Versus the Wall

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Well done Jarrett for giving Mr McMullen's challenge a go

Jumping Jacob

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Well done Jacob for showing resilience.

Virtual Sports Day Challenge

Mrs Hennessey has had a go at today's challenge, earning Bronte house 5 points. 


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Mrs Newell is doing a great job at all the challenges set. 25 points for Turing so far.

Leah must be Harry Pottered Out!

As many of you will know, our first Guided Reading unit for home learning was Harry Potter and the Philospher's Stone. Leah B seemed to really enjoy the first book so much that she has now read all of the other 6 books as well which is over 4100 pages in total! What an achievement Leah, we are so impressed. We talk about a love of reading in school and you have certainly found it!


Challenge set

It was great to see Jess B having a go at the chance to be a Guinness world record holder. I couldn't believe it when I watched the video Jess, what focus! I wonder if there is any other year 7s who think they can challenge you?

Jess B.mp4

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AR Shout Outs 


Hello Year 7. This week I have a few shout outs to those Year 7s who have completed one or more quizzes at home this week, showing a fantastic commitment to their home learning.

My shout outs go to the following pupils:



Sophie D

Haruka M






Chloe L




Summer G



Grace W


Well done all of you. Let's see if we can double this number next week.


Stay safe everyone


Mrs Bennett

Tennis Ball Challenge

Well done to Matthew for beating Mr McMullen in the tennis ball challenge and earning Bronte 10 points. 

Planting, rocky roads, lots of work, TTRS and fantastic art

Thank you for all your messages today, we have had some amazing work sent through:

  • Will has been planting, making marmalade and baking
  • Jarrett has been creating some brilliant artwork
  • Georgia smashed her previous top school on Timetable Rockstars
  • And Theo S has been working hard on his Maths again.

Cheesecake and Rocky Road

Great to see Millie H working hard in the kitchen making cheesecake and rocky road- well done Millie!