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Daily Shout-outs

Please keep all of your work coming in next week! We have enjoyed the contributions from this week very much! Happy weekend everyone and remember to stay motivated right up to the end of term. We miss you!
Lee and Daisy M have both been working very hard at home. What neat work! Absolutely wonderful effort - we're really proud of you!

Millie's Marvellous Multiplying Tomato Plants

This week has seen lots more things grow. I don't know about you, but, after that dry spell, my grass looked like straw! Through all of that dry weather, Millie has been able to grow her own tomato plants, and I must say, they are looking wonderful! What a fantastic way to commit your time Millie! I'm sure you will be enjoying tomatoes in no time.

Wednesday's AR Shout Outs. 


This week Mrs Bennett is VERY PROUD of her class who have the MOST children to have completed and AR quiz over the last week. As my class know, I love to win and I'm sure you can now picture me doing a fabulous celebratory dance around my living room! On a serious note, this is not a competition and all of your year 7 teachers would love to see many more of you completing quizzes and showing us your fantastic reading comprehension. Come on Year 7!


Here are the amazing people from all classes who have completed a quiz last week:



Bella S

Megan H



Leah B

Lily H

Chloe L

Matthew W



Amelia B

Daisy M

Summer G



Georgia H

Nicola P




Summer's Photo

Summer has submitted a wonderful entry to the National Portrait Gallery Photography Competition - what a lovely rainbow Summer!

Leah's Lovely Cakes

Take a look at Leah's delicious cakes and cookies! Leah has a Friday Bake Day and, can I just say, what a great idea! We could all use a bit more baking in our lives! If you are wondering - which I very much was - this is a chocolate cake with honey buttercream with honeycomb pieces in, and the cookies are 'Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies' - how very alliterative! You'll notice I'm a fan of alliteration.


MRS BENNETT would like to add that she is extremely impressed with all of these 'beautiful, blissful bakes' and I very much look forwards to receiving your cake photos each week. Well done Leah!!!

Zach F's Emoji Quiz

Zach has been busy submitting his answers to yesterday's emoji quiz! I have to say, I was unsure on a few! What a good effort - well done Zach!
Theo S has been working really hard at home and took some time to showcase his work with us! What a great commitment to learning Theo, we love it! Well done! I thought I'd take some time to add my own thumbs up for you too.

The Takeover!

As Mr Cotton is in school, teaching, this week, I (Mrs Bird) will be completing your daily shout-outs! We have had some absolutely amazing work coming in over the past few weeks and when I am feeling a bit demotivated, I like to come to the school website and see your hard work to inspire me!

Today is no different, there have been some excellent pieces of work submitted via the school office.