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Daily Shout outs

Friday 19th June


Ellee G has clearly been working on her Maths today- all three pages of it!!! Thank you also for the picture of your thought bubble Ellee, it would great to see even more people sending them in.


Thursday 18th June


Ellee G showed me what an amazing, mature young lady she is today. Her baby sister, Iris, arrived home after 5 months in hospital and Ellee has learnt to attach and detach her oxygen tank as well as changing the tanks. She has learnt how to feed her, dress her and has even started changing nappies. I'm sure a future career in caring for other may await. She has also managed her time effectively to begin getting her work done. Well done Ellee, you make Westacre proud.


Millie and Daisy were successful in putting a big smile on my face today with a video clip of a dance routine they had been working on. Thank you girls it was a great to open up the video and enjoy your talents.

Daisy and Millie.mp4

Still image for this video

Wednesday 17th June

Great to see Millie combining cooking and spellings today. You have an awful lot of ticks on your spellings Millie and the patata looks delicious- well done.


Shout Outs for MyMaths this week


This week we have seen some fantastic work on MyMaths so well done to all of you that are showing a continual effort and resilience towards your home learning. 

Please remember, you can complete tasks even after their due date and can have several attempts, so show that RESILIENCE we have in school and keep pushing yourselves.



Georgia H




Will L



Vinnie P

Matthew W

Zuzanna K

Joe C



Summer G



Maciej G

Jacob H

Jude M



Amy M

Erin S

Bella S



All of your Maths teachers look forward to seeing your excellent work.

Stay safe and see you all soon,

Mrs Bennett  


Times Table Rockstars 


We currently have two battle running at the moment and here are the scores so far.



There is still time to make a difference to those scores as the battle end on 24th June


AR Shout Outs- Wednesday 17th February 2020


Good morning year 7. Its Wednesday, which means its that time again for AR shout outs. 

This week we have seen a drop in the number of quizzes being taken. I know it can be difficult to get hold of new reading material to take quizzes so I thought I would navigate you to the school AR section on this website as a reminder of where to get new books from if you need them.

Enter our year 7 pages - AR page and there you will find a link to the Worcestershire County Council Website where you can access HUNDREDS of FREE e-books, e-audios and e-mags. If you are not yet a member of the local library you can also apply for an instant free online membership via their Digital Library membership.


Shout Outs for this week:


Bella S

Megan H

Leah B

Chloe L

Matthew W

Oliver H

Matthew W


Well done to those 7 AMAZING people!


Happy reading year 7. Mrs Bennett


Tuesday 16th Shout-Outs

I have enjoyed hearing about Jarrett's exploits in the kitchen this afternoon. A potential Victoria sponge was unfortunately ruined by being dropped all over the floor; I'm led to believe the dog said it tasted brilliant. Not one to be deterred, Jarrett soldiered on and made some delicious looking muffins. However, these were no ordinary muffins, it was a roulette of muffins with flavours including, apple and Redbull; dragon fruit and vanilla custard; Peanut butter and Oreo and caramel.

Louie has been combining our topic of the British Empire and his fantastic baking skills to produce a mouth-watering Victoria sponge today, looks amazing Louie!


Lillie has been working exceptionally hard with her home learning, completing her English and Maths tasks to a fantastic standard. It is great to see you presentation and productivity is still so impressive at home Lillie.


Haruka shared her work schedule today and it is clear her organisation skills are very impressive. Mr Barber would be exceptionally impressed with your timetable of studying Haruka, love the colour coding!


Great to see Millie H's clothes line being started. I love the tie-dyed effect shirt Millie, how do you place an order?

Monday 15th Shout-outs

I thought that three tiered cakes had to be reserved only for weddings yet Millie H has proved me wrong: she made this amazing cake for her uncle's birthday which looks amazing- well done Millie, I will no longer being eating measly two tier cakes!

Great to hear and see that Daisy M is still working her socks off. I know Mrs. Dixon would be over the moon to see you attempting all those Friday Maths challenges and I love the fact you smashed Mrs Humphries emoji quiz- I think I only managed three!