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Daily Shoutouts

Liverpool - YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS! The league is won! Harry (seen here in his away kit), amongst many others, including my husband, are celebrating success for Liverpool! 'You'll never walk alone' Harry! I think it's safe to say our household of fans is probably as pleased as yours!


Friday 26th June

Well done to the following who continue to complete the MyMaths work:


Amy M

Izabella S

Georgia H

Maciej G

Harry M

Summer G

Macey-Jane S

Will L

Will P



Good Morning. Flora Starlight here with your Year 7 Times Tables Rock stars round up.

Well done to all those who took part. 7DB see if you can get as many of you as possible to play next week!








Studio Sessions completed






Amy, Jessica, Vinnie and Leah B


Summer, Jessica J, Jude, Harry M and Will P


Matthew and Georgia

Wednesday 24th June 2020

Good morning year 7, Mrs Bennett here. Its that time of the week again... AR SHOUT OUT TIME!

This week we still only have a small number of pupils who have completed quizzes but I feel you deserve a mention and can do your obligatory dance around your garden in the glorious sunshine. 



Georgia H



Lily H

Leah B



Jacob H

Summer G






Harry G


Well done again to those pupils. Please remember you can log onto the local library and register for a free online membership and gain access to HUNDREDS of free e-books, e-mags and audio books so you don't even need to read them, you can sit in the sunshine with a cold drink and listen to a good book.


Millie has been really busy at home perfecting her maths and spellings and trying this week's yummy recipe! Amazing work Millie!

Kevin has been very busy working on maths homework. What amazing geometric shapes Kevin!

Matthew W has enjoyed making this week's recipe for his lunch yesterday! How delicious Matthew! Looks like it went really well!

Haruka has created a wonderful thought bubble task and has been hard at work at home.

Archie has been really busy creating an excellent website shown below.

Faye and her brother look like they've had a great week and weekend. They look like they have been cooking up a storm. I definitely have food envy!


They have also been for a walk around Trimpley Reservoir which looks beautiful!

Hello everyone - Mrs Bird here! What an amazing week it has been for you all so far! Such hard work! Keep it going! As I am working today I'm listening to some of my favourite music (imagine seated laptop dancing - as most of you know I don't actually dance because I'm hopeless).

J2e Shout outs:

Hi it's Mrs Hennessey here. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to those that have saved work on J2e. It has been lovely to look through some of the tasks you have been set while I've been at work teaching the year 6s. Please remember to 'SHARE' the tasks you have been set with the correct teacher so that they pick them up rather than having to search for them. Here is a summary of some of the work over the past few weeks which deserve a shout out.


Lee C - has regularly been sending me his Maths work.

Kelsey DF - has sent pictures of all the work she has completed - they are even numbered which just shows how much she has done. 

Emily S - has completed some of the tasks set, including a lovely list of how to keep happy in lockdown.

Harry G - has written a great ballad about the Battle of Hastings and has designed his own sweet shop website.

Ellie M - has designed a swimming website with some interesting facts.

Zach F- has designed a website for Droitwich Zoo - if only it was a real place as the website looks great!

Bella S- has designed a Home Improvement app with different design features

Megan H - has also completed a list of how to keep happy during lockdown.

Chloe R- has created a page all about her - I loved seeing the pictures and it made me realise how much I actually miss you all! 

Keira Y- has shared her Maths work.

Jess E - has shared her favourite ballads.

Sophie T - has identified the meanings of different songs.


Remember to go back and check your J2e work for any comments and reply back. It is a great way to get feedback from your teachers. We may not respond straight away as we are having to work in school as well but we really enjoy seeing it. I can't wait to see what else is sent to me.