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Daily Update

Help video for sharing work with your teacher

Still image for this video
Here’s a little help video for sharing your work via J2E. A few families were still unsure so have a peek for a refresher! We love seeing your work come in and giving you feedback to celebrate your efforts.

Good morning Year 5 – and May tidings to you all!



Mrs Underhill here with your Fabulous Friday update! 



Yes, it’s the start of a new month which brings new beginnings and new life. It may not seem like it at the moment, with us not being outside too much, but take a look out of your windows and watch the flowers taking advantage of the rain, springing into life!


I’ve loved my daily walk, watching nature wake up through Spring. It really has been good for me to get out and take the time- rain or shine! - to walk. I’ve started listening to podcasts while I walk -  normally about my favourite authors or films- so I learn as I go! What have you started to do, that is a new thing for you?

With the start of the new month, the pastoral team have shared the Meaningful May Action for Happiness calendar. You can click on the link here or through the Wellbeing page.


Look out for our new option on the system – SCHOOL LIBRARY – in the Pupils menu. Here you can see information about AR and books, including free access to a new range of books


A new month brings a new value, FORGIVENESS, Mrs Riddleston has put a slide show together to give you some ideas about what that means and where we see it.

Mr Purdie would like me to share a new initiative from NatWest Bank at this time. With your adult, why not access their MoneySense Mondays  - watch live on the NatWest Facebook page on Mondays at 10.30 




Emily in 5AU has been hard at work writing again....please have a look at her story so far. Keep writing Emily!


Well done to all those who enjoyed my Aboriginal art task - some super creations, both on paper and J2e - Aidan, Alyss, Elise, Dominik, Agatha, Zac and Charlotte.


Well done to Scarlett for continuing her English studies.


Well done to Jack for his science and art work submissions this week.  


Although I've enjoyed the countryside, I'm excited to think abut planning trips too...but Luca has beaten me to it! wink He's been on an amazing “trip” to a South African game reserve - The Djuma Game reserve – where a real safari guide takes you on a trip. Check out the link for details – we’d love to hear if you go too! 


Times Table Rock Stars

Well, the battle is hotting up!!! The house competition is due to finish on Sunday – who will win?! At the moment, Bannister are in the lead, but Turing are snapping at their heels - could they win? Will Bronte make a comeback to beat Attenborough? Come on, get those guitars out and get playing for your  house!  

The next battle will be starting MONDAY 4TH MAY and be for a week - back to classes - who will win?


Mrs Murray's update - Thursday 30th April

Hi Year 5 - it’s great to catch up with you again! I hope you enjoyed reading my interview on the Westacre Wellbeing daily updates section of the school website (Thursday 23rd April.) You won’t be surprised to hear that I kept busy over the Easter holidays...with a spot of baking-related drama thrown in for good measure. This week’s interview is with Mr Purdie so, if you want to find out more about the man himself, make your way to the Westacre Wellbeing daily update page.


Ok, now for my favourite part of the week…celebrating some of the great home learning that’s going on in Year 5.



First, many of you have been accessing the AR system and taking quizzes on the books you’re reading: Daisy B, Balint K, Agatha R, Elise S, Isobel S, Ila S, Lexy S, Evie F, Ava M, Alex C, Charlie F, Jacob K, Oliver N, Poppy S, Eva T, Jessica D, Kaiden H, Alfie A, Penelope G, Gabriel C, Poppy H, Charlotte C, Agata R and Seth B.

I know there’s lots of you working hard on your reading so I think it’d be great for everyone to aim to read and quiz on at least one book each week.



Super Student Shout-outs

  • Well done to Zac for his beautiful, aboriginal-style representation of water, using coloured dots, on J2e.
  • Well done to Rhys for his aboriginal art work, produced on J2e, and the hard work he’s continuing to do on his maths.
  • Well done to Oliver N for his letter to Joe Wicks. I, too, can confirm that I don’t like burpees either! ;)
  • Well done to Lexy for her thoughtful representation of water, only using dots of colour – it was great to hear about the artistic choices she made when producing this piece
  • Well done to Isla B for producing some great work for the STEM task, as well as a wonderful piece of aboriginal art (using shades of colour effectively)
  • Well done to Fred for the array of work he is doing, including the Spelling Frame activities. The free activities provide lots of different ways to learn your spellings!
  • Well done to Connor L for his paintings – one for the art challenge, and the other inspired by BBC Bitesize
  • Well done Balint for the array of instruments you made using items around your home, and creating a piece of music that reflects your personality
  • Well done to Arlowe for his Aboriginal art work, representing water using dots of colour only
  • Well done to Alex for his wonderful letter art
  • Well done to Tristan (5AU), Ryan P (5AU) and Karolina (5CD) for all their hard work in Maths

Mrs Riddleston's Update Wednesday 29th April

Hello Year 5 ! Great to have the chance to share news with you again this week! 

With a rather wet and miserable day yesterday, I used my walk time to carry on with the book that I am reading. 

On our Westacre Library Page, Mrs Phillips has uploaded some great e-books and has ideas for resources and ways to get the best out of AR. too. 

Make sure you take the chance to have a look!




Our fantastic PASTORAL TEAM are also working hard on their Well Being Page..putting on lots of great ideas and links to websites to encourage us to look after our well being during this difficult time. As lock down continues, it becomes a challenge to know how to deal with our mixed feelings. This is a really helpful page for everyone in the family. 



Last week, I set the Westacre World Watchers a challenge to create videos of themselves reporting Happy News Stories , on our pupil voice page. I would like to extend that challenge to all year 5 pupils. It would be great to see recordings or read reports from any budding journalists sharing their talents. You could share your reports with the school office. Get reporting... there may be a journalist of the future here at Westacre!





We have been delighted to read all of your work on j2e. This is a great way for us to give you some feedback for all your efforts. Remember to share your work with your teacher. If you haven't had a go at working on j2e give it a try!


We love receiving all of your photos and messages, telling us about your excellent efforts with your home learning and sharing your home interests and activities with us. 


Kaidan  in 5JR has won first prize in an online Lock Down Street Dance competition as well as completing lots of home learning to a high standard. Well done Kaidan. 

Amber and Charlotte in 5JR have enjoyed completing this week's computing task. Great job girls. 

Both Daisy in 5JR and Jessica in 5AU have been cooking this week as well as working hard at home on the tasks on the year 5 homework page. Daisy has also been out on her bike with her family and Jessica has been reading lots of David Walliams books. 

Tristan and Connor in 5AU have shared super examples of their work with us this week. Well done have shown you are keeping this up each week too!

Miss Brighton was delighted that Amber and Agatha in 5JR chose their top 5 Happy Tunes and shared them on j2e in response to her challenge on Monday. 


What a busy lot you are! Keep sharing your efforts with us and remember to be helpful and kind at home as you are when you are with us in school!





Our Awesome Home Learning

Tuesday 28th April

Hello everyone, Mr McMullen here! Hope you are doing well and keeping busy. Well done to everyone that contributed to the Westacre Team Challenge last week, if you have not yet seen it yet, you can find it on the photo gallery page of the website.


This challenge got me practising different tricks (that I haven't done for a very long while) in the garden with a tennis ball. I managed to successfully kick the ball up and then catch it on the back of my neck. I would be interested to see what tricks you guys come up with? The trick doesn't have to be using a ball, be creative and send in any videos of tricks that you can do in the garden. Make sure you are safe of course! You can also check out the sports challenge that Harry, one of our Year 7 Sports Leaders has set by clicking on this link:


Why not try out a new fun STEM challenge by creating Racing Rockets! You don't need much to create them - all you need to do is follow the step by step Youtube video:



Agatha R -  completing and uploading lots of work to J2e

Isobel  - creating her own robot on the national geographic website

Lexy S - completing english and maths 

Isla B - producing a very detailed diagram of a flower for science




Monday 27th April- Miss Brighton's Update


Good morning Year 5, Miss Brighton here with your daily update.
I hope everyone had a good Easter break and a good first week back doing your home learning.
Henry the cat has been enjoying lazing around, perfecting his catching skills and of course sleeping after all that strenuous activity!!

I have managed to find some time to practise playing some music on the drums-I only recently started learning to play.

Listening to, playing music or singing can be really relaxing and good for your wellbeing. My extra challenge for you today is to see whether you can come up with a playlist of ‘feel good’ songs that you enjoy listening to. There are so many to choose from, but my playlist would probably have to include ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ by Queen as it makes me happy and want to dance! I look forward to seeing your playlist ideas- maybe you can help me add to mine…


Well done to the following children for some excellent home learning:


  • Sam M (5JR) for working hard on My Maths and TT Rockstars.
  • Alex C (5JR) for his fantastic watercolour Art work.
  • Poppy H (5RM), Charlotte C (5JR) and Jake I (5CD) for their excellent Science work on labelling the parts of a flower.
  • Amber H (5JR) for her creative ‘Our Diverse Planet’ poster.
  • Zach I-C (5CD) for his brilliant artwork in the style of David Hockney.

And finally, let’s take a look at who is celebrating their birthday this week!
We would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to…


Monday 27th April- Ashton K in 5JR
Tuesday 28th April- Caitlin F in 5AU
Thursday 30th April- Isabel H in 5MK, Lexi S in 5RM and Oliver M in 5CD