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Daily Update

Friday 5th June

Good morning Year 5! Mrs Ardis here with your daily update. I have to say that I am super excited to have the opportunity to look through all your amazing home learning and activities.


Before I look through your work, I must tell you that not only is there a new challenge set on the Westacre Wellbeing page as well as an interview with none other than... Mr Cotton! I know where I will be looking after completing this update. yes


In addition, Mrs Bennett would like to remind you about this month's 'Experiment of the month' inspired by SpaceX Shuttle. This might be one to be completed outside. Looking forward to seeing your photos and videos of this experiment.


Furthermore, Mrs Brownlee has set our Feel Good Friday Challenge, which I am super excited about... Share a smile challenge! This is such an easy challenge but so important not only for yourself but for others as well. 

Share a smile challenge laugh

Hello year 5. I have chosen this challenge for you to do today. You may have noticed that I am often smiling. I like to, it makes me feel good and I like to make others feel good too. Come on year 5, let’s see how many smiles you can give out today and how many you receive back. Bet you’ll be surprised! You can even make a little chart at the end to showcase your results.


Ways to do this

· Smile at members of your family that you live with.

· Smile at your pets. They may smile back (hehe) or wag their tail or lick your face.

· Out on a walk? Smile at people as you go by. (This is my favourite).

· Smile at your friends on face time.


I have also had a look at Accelerated Reader and I'm pleased to report that some of you are still keeping up with not only your reading but AR quizzes. I cannot stress enough how important reading is. I am reading my sixth book, I have become a huge Harry Potter fan.

Well done to the following children...

In 5AU, Evelyn who has completed a quiz.

In 5CD, Maja who has completed 2 quizzes; Zach who has completed 1 quiz; Balint who has completed 6 quizzes with a score of 100%!

In 5JR, Charlotte and Archie who have both taken 2 quizzes; Penelope who has taken 1 quiz; Isobel who has taken 3 quizzes.

In 5MK, Jessica and Finley who have both taken 2 quizzes; Lily, Oliver, Ila and Millie who have all taken 1 quiz.

In 5RM, Noah, Scarlett, Gabriel, Alfie H and Elise who have all taken 1 quiz;   Lexy who has taken 2 quizzes; Poppy who has taken 4 quizzes!

Well done Year 5! Keep up the reading! 


Stay safe and keep smiling! laugh

Mrs Ardis



Well done from Mrs Riddleston  



I had to pop up in today's update to say a big well done for your super re-start to home learning Year 5. You have really risen to the challenge of demonstrating readiness with your home learning and we have received lots of photos and messages from you all this week. 

We know it is hard to keep going but your efforts to keep learning routines going will serve you well when we can eventually return to school. 

Some your Year 5 teachers have been in school with Year 6 this week and some more of us will be there next week. Your home learning will continue wtih more Well Being challenges from our TAs and your daily tasks to  complete. 


Big thumbs up from me for this week! Keep up with MyMaths, TImesTables Rockstars and AR too. 


J2E- Also our Science j2e task to be completed for next Wednesday has been listed on today's learning documents.

Have a great weekend team 5! We are so proud of you. Mrs Riddleston

Thursday 4th June


Good morning Year 5!


I must say, what a fantastic start to the week! Not only have we received lots of pictures of your home learning, but it has also been great to see so many people engaging with our new daily well-being challenges set by our lovely Teaching Assistants. We know that some of you may still be feeling anxious or worried about what is going on. So I’d like to signpost you to a very special virtual assembly that is taking place this Friday at 9:30 am. With your parents’ permission, you are invited to join none other than Ant and Dec and David Walliams for a special assembly that aims to help you understand what is going on and the changes in your lives.



Please use the link below to find out more information.


I would also like to remind you that Miss Starkey has put this week’s yoga lesson online. Yoga is very popular here at Westacre and Miss Starkey’s sessions are a great opportunity to take some time out of the day to focus on our strength, flexibility and breathing, and to boost our physical and mental well-being. So please, take a little quiet time out of your day, use the link below and enjoy!


Finally, a quick MyMaths update! This week, we have begun to revisit the four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) which are key to progressing your understanding of Maths. Let’s check out which Math classes are engaging the most with this week’s tasks…


1st - Mr McMullen’s group - 41% of children 

2nd - Mrs Murray's - 15%

3rd - Mrs Underhill’s - 12%

4th - Mr Dinsley’s - 11%

5th - Mrs Riddleston’s - 7%

6th - Miss Kelly’s - 4%


Looks like we have a clear winner! Well done Mr Mullen’s group with 41% of the class attempting at least 1 task so far this week. I'd also like to say well done to all of the children who have been working so hard with their Maths learning.


Have a great end to the week Year 5,


Mr Dinsley

Mrs Sankey's Thoughtful Thursday



Nature is all around us, we just have to look for it!


Your task today is to find at least 3 things to do with nature in your surroundings.


This could include flowers, plants, insects, spiders, etc.

I’d like you to create fact file about the things you find, you could include:

  • Facts (lots and lots of these!)
  • Photos
  • Drawings
  • Charts
  • Figures


As an extra task, I’d like you to include something weird and wonderful about each of the things - try not to scare me too much though!


If you did Mrs Howell's challenge on Monday you may just want to research wildlife as opposed to looking for it again - the choice is yours Year 5!



Please remember not to harm any living creatures whilst you’re doing this task, respect all that nature offers us and leave everything as you found it – it could be home for a creature.


Good Morning year 5- Mrs Underhill here!


It’s so good to say Happy Wednesday to you once more, I hope you are all well and spent time in the sunshine for half term. Wasn’t it glorious? It’s made being at home so much easier.


I spent a lot of time in half term painting – making our den room feel brighter and more modern. The boys both seem to like it anyway! 


We’ve also done a lot of work in the garden, and been to see my mum in HER garden (as we’re allowed to now!) which was lovely. If you go to see your grandparents and relatives now, savour those moments (but remember to stay 2m away!) and remember to ask how THEY are feeling…


There is a new TIMES TABLE ROCK STARS tournament running now – I’ve set it up for a week, so it will finish Sunday. I can see that Flyn in 5JR and Rhys in 5RM have already been competing and got over 150 points - well done! Your times-tables knowledge is so important, so much of what you learn later on in maths will rely on you knowing all your multiplication and division facts, so practice now to get that knowledge for later on!

Good luck!


Remember there is an art house competition to be entered  - this is my entry for TURING house. My new normal - a daily walk. Today I searched for a rainbow in nature, and then the poppy fields...


My nature rainbow and my "New Normal" - out walking



Have you ever wanted to write poetry but didn’t know where to start?

Well about 100 years ago, an American poet named Adelaide Crapsey created a form of poetry called cinquain (pronounced sin-cane). If you follow the rules, you can’t go wrong and you too can create some simple but very effective poetry. But be careful, once you get the hang of it, it’s addictive!

A cinquain poem is 5 lines long and here are the rules you can follow to create your own:

First line has 2 syllables

Second line has 4 syllables

Third line has 6 syllables

Fourth line has 8 syllables

Fifth line has 2 syllables


Getting Started

Think of a subject you want to write your cinquain about. It could be something you really like, don’t like or something that has happened to you. Once you’ve got your topic, write down as many things as you can about it. Brainstorm your ideas before you begin your poem.

Your list won’t yet be a poem. To turn them into a cinquain poem you need to put your ideas in a way that has five lines with just the right number of syllables in each. Count your syllables on your fingers as you go.

What will you write a poem about? 


For the full instructions, please see the document on the HOME LEARNING DOCUMENTS page

 Daily Update Tuesday 2nd June 



    Good morning Year 5! It was great to see all the photos shared with us by Mr Barber yesterday telling us of how you spent your half term in the glorious sunshine. The Riddleston family have been working hard to create our

pond and we are pleased to have finished the hard work or digging the hole, lining it with fleece and pond liner and  allowing the water to settle. The fun part was finding the right plants and now hopefully the wildlife will arrive.




During our school closure I have shared with you some news from my friend Em's garden. She gives me lots of advice and is full of enthusiasm for all things green and growing. These courgettes and lettuces below started as seeds in our first update and now they have grown and flourished over the past weeks. 

Her pond has a few visitors too! (Hope to find some in my pond as it develops) 

Em's Garden News

Mrs Burton’s Timeout Tuesday

Take some time out today and just listen. What can you hear? At this time of the year the birds are singing loudly especially early in the morning, this is called the Dawn Chorus. Birds sing to defend their territories and attract a mate.




When you’re outside, in your garden or on a walk you may see birds collecting feathers or twigs for their nests.

Below are some birds you may see. Can you name them? Make a list or journal of other birds you have seen. You may like to draw them too.




Chances to Shine...


As well as our daily tasks on our learning documents and Mrs Burton's Timeout Tuesday activity we want to remind you to complete any work set on MyMaths, to practise times tables on TimesTables Rockstars and to keep up a really big effort with AR this half term. 


Remember to scroll down for a reminder of Mr Dinsley's challenges from yesterday too!

Monday's Daily Update from Mr Barber


Good morning Year 5,


First of all, I do hope you all had a very relaxing and enjoyable half-term holiday! As promised, here is a slideshow of all of the photos sent into school of children from all year groups having what looks like lots of fun last week. There appears to have been lots of things going on in the Droitwich area, including bike rides, BBQs, golf, gardening, swimming pools in gardens and Art. Of course, the weather forecast continues to look good this week, so you could have a go at some of these, if your parents agree.

Secondly, I wanted to discuss with you our new Value of the Month – Thankfulness. Despite everything being so different at the moment, we still have a lot to be thankful for! Last Thursday, I joined my family and neighbours for the tenth Clap for Carers. I hear it may well be the last official clap we do as a country, but it did remind me again how thankful we should all be for all of the carers out there keeping people safe at this time. Of course, people are also clapping for the many Key Workers in our community as well. We are thankful for the workers that help provide us with our food, that help deliver our parcels, that provide our emergency services, that help provide public transport, that collect all of our rubbish and recycling bins and so many others that I could mention! So, as part of our virtual whole school assembly today, I’d like you all to take a moment to reflect and thank all of those people who have helped you and your family over the last ten weeks.


As a school, we also have a lot to be thankful for. I spent a bit of time last week looking back on the many photographs that have been displayed on the homepage of our school website each month since this current school year started in September. Doing this really reminded me of what a busy place Westacre is! It also reminded me of how lucky we are to have so many different opportunities available to us – something again we should be thankful for. Have a look at the photos below and you will see so many things that have taken place this school year, including:


  • School clubs
  • Sports competitions
  • School trips
  • Sports competitions
  • House events
  • School celebrations
  • Parent visits into school
  • Class yoga
  • So much amazing learning!

All of this would not be possible without the incredible hard work of both the Westacre staff and you, our amazing pupils! So, also as part of my virtual whole school assembly, please spend a bit of time having a look at all of these photos and being thankful for all that we do and have as a school community. Don’t feel sad that we can’t all be together at the moment; instead feel happy about what you have already achieved at school and look forward to all of the opportunities that will come your way in the future.


Talking of learning opportunities, you will find a new set of home learning documents available for you today. Your teachers have again been working hard on creating these for you, so, now that you are fully refreshed and ready for learning again, please again give your very best effort with these. Remember that, to be an independent learner, you need to show the qualities of readiness, resourcefulness, reasoning, reflection, responsibility and resilience. Now, more than ever, you are going to have to show these skills but I know you have them all ready to prove yet again what wonderful learners you are! As we’ve said before, please don’t pressurise yourselves to do every single task every day if you’re finding things hard – do what you can, when you can, to your very best ability and you will be learning. Coming back to the theme of my update, and of course our value of the month, being able to develop, learn and achieve is something we should all be thankful for!


Keep scrolling down after my update as there are other messages from Mrs Riddleston, Mr Dinsley and Mrs Howells for you today as well!


I wish you all the very best as you start another half-term of home learning and look forward to seeing and hearing about all of the learning you do.


Mr Barber

1st June Mindful Monday


Welcome Back Year 5!

I'm sure you have all enjoyed the beautiful sunshine during the last week and hopefully, you have taken Mr Barber's advice from the end of last half term and enjoyed spending time with your family, made the most of the chance to be outdoors and took the time to have a rest. 


Today, we have more learning challenges for you on our Learning Documents Page. We will be putting an English, Maths and one other subject for you to complete each day as well as our usual MyMaths, TimesTables Rockstars and Accelerated Reader tasks for the week. 


Our Year 5 Teaching Assistants will also be providing a daily well being challenge for you. Keep a look out for those. Today, Mrs Howells has a Mindful Monday activity for you. 


And of course, we love receiving pictures of your home learning, your hobbies, any cooking (just to make us jealous!!), things you have made or how you have been enjoying your time. We hope to fill our shout out pages as the week continues. 


Our new Value of the Month for June is Thankfulness and I am sure, like me, that despite all the things we have had to do without last half term , you probably feel that we have also had a lot to be thankful for. Take a few minutes to read the slide pictures.




June Value of the Month Thankfulness

Mrs Howells’ Mindful Monday

As you may know, I love being outdoors and exploring the countryside with my dog Bella. At this time of year, it’s wonderful to see all the new life around us as Spring gets into full swing.

Taking time to notice what’s around us is a great way to connect with our surroundings.

Today’s mindful activity is ‘I Spy Nature’. Take a walk out into your local area, park, woods or even your garden and see how many of the items on the list you can spot.

It would be lovely to see some of your pictures.







Morning Westacre!


I have 2 exciting new competitions to make you aware of as part of the Worcestershire Virtual School Games. If you would like to take part in some friendly competition and represent our school in the process then this could be for you!








All entries must be submitted by Friday 26th June.

For more information about the competitions, click on the documents below.


In addition to this, there will also be other weekly virtual sport competitions (similar to those we did for our sports day activities) where you can represent Westacre against other schools – so keep your eye out for those as well.


Have fun!


Mr Dinsley