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Daily Update

Friday 12th June

Good morning Year 5, Mr McMullen here! I hope you are all doing well? For my update today I thought I would share the interview that I did yesterday for the Wellbeing page, just in case you missed it!


How are you finding being at home?


"Whilst being at home it has been fun to learn new skills (from Youtube of course!), from how to do maintenance on my motorbike to even building a garden shelter - its been a learning experience! Although it can be a bit difficult at times as I do usually like to visit family and friends, I find its really important to try and stay busy. Whether its doing school work, finding projects to do around the house or even going out for a ride on my motorbike, it makes me feel much better! I love also visiting our school website and looking at the Twitter page - its great to see all the wonderful work and the different activities you have all been up to!"


What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?


"Usually when I wake up, I like to think of three objectives that I want to achieve that day (a little bit like the 'daily objectives' in video games some of you have told me about!). I then go about my day to try and achieve these and then hopefully this allows me to have a productive day! So yeah, I guess I look forward to setting myself little challenges each morning!"


What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?


"When the weather is nice of a morning, I like to make myself a cuppa and sit in the garden for a few minutes, closing my eyes and listening to the birds. I find that music is a great tool to help you feel calm and relaxed - call me old but I do love a bit of Smooth FM (download the app and you will be relaxed in no time!)." 


Tell me something that has made you smile today?


"Something that made me smile today was hearing how happy my mum was on the phone after opening the birthday presents I sent to her. It was a necklace with the initials of me, my older brother and my younger sister and a lavender spa set (I was nearly tempted to keep this for myself!)"


What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?


"I know things are a bit rubbish at the moment but keep smiling and keep yourselves busy! I cannot wait to see all of you! Take care."


I have shared some of the activities I do to help me be calm and relaxed so it would be great if you too could send in some photos of what you do to look after your wellbeing! Please send any photos in to the office - I look forward to seeing them!

Thursday 11th June

Good morning Year 5, Miss Brighton here!

Well to done all of you for continuing to try so hard with your home learning. I have been enjoying looking through all of the home learning photos that have been sent my way – you are showing such great creativity and independence, well done! We’ve also seen some fantastic examples of Science homework on J2E this week.

A reminder to my English group that there are still tasks set on Education City for you to have a go at, or you can just explore some of the activities such as the spelling ones yourself- they’re great for keeping those skills sharp!

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Mrs Sankey’s activity for Thoughtful Thursday, the details of which can be found with the other home learning documents. As she says, "JUST HAVE A GO, DO YOUR BEST AND HAVE FUN!"


Mrs Humphries would like to remind you to have a go at the challenge she set you on Monday this week, which was to use the emojis to work out 15 book titles. There are house points up for grabs so if you’d like to get involved for your house, click on the document on Monday’s update and email it back to the school office with your name, class and house by this Friday. Good luck!

Finally, another challenge just for fun… This, and many other emoji quizzes can be found on the following website

where you can post your answers in the comments section. We’d love to hear about it if you’ve had a go!



Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Year 5, I hope you're all having a super week. There has been some brilliant home learning done so far, head on over to the Super Student Shout-Outs page to see if you are on there!


As some of you may know, this week is Carers week. At Westacre, we are so proud of all those children who are young carers. Head on over to the Westacre Wellbeing page to watch a powerpoint and video all about this.


Moving on to talk about Times Tables Rock Stars! We all currently have a tournament in progress against all classes in Year 5. Well done to 5JR who seem to be taking the lead at the moment thanks to Daisy, Sam and Amy. Come on 5CD and 5MK, you've got a bit of catching up to be doing! I can see; Maja, Elliott, Lily and those children previously mentioned have all made a start but now time for the rest of you to get involved!


Also, don't forget you have your science J2E task due today, I have already seen some brilliant entries.


Last thing from me, the wonderful Mrs Burke has spent some time showing you all how to do some Op Art for Wellbeing Wednesday. Head over to the home learning documents page, where you can find out more about that.


Keep working hard and trying your best with the home learning. It is so wonderful to see all of the work you are completing and we are all so proud of your efforts.


Miss Kelly


Tuesday 9th June 


Hi Year 5, Mrs Murray here! I’ve been very impressed by the way in which so many of you have got right back into the swing of home learning since half term…looking at what you’ve been up to is one of my favourite things!

I also love having a look to see who’s been reading and quizzing at home, and I know lots of you have really enjoyed discovering new books and authors during your time at home. This is brilliant; the team and I can’t wait to hear all about your new book discoveries. Well done to all those who have completed AR quizzes in the last week:

5AU: Evie F, Eva T

5CD: Balint K, Agata R, Maja F, Jacob A, Zachary I-C, Melissa S

5MK: Millie S, Lily G, Oliver N, Dylan E, Finley M,

5RM: Noah B, Elise S, Scarlett S, Alfie H, Lexy S, Poppy H

5JR: Isobel S, Penelope G, Archie T, Charlotte C


Today I have the pleasure of introducing Mrs Burton's activity for Timeout Tuesday, the details of which can be found with the other home learning documents - have a'll be glad you did! As ever, we'd love to see and hear how you got on!  


Before I go, can I just remind you that Friday’s Science J2e task needs to be completed by tomorrow (Wednesday 10th June). You will receive feedback from the teacher you shared it with – remember, some of you need to share it with someone other than your class teacher – by the end of the week. We’re all looking forward to seeing what you produce!


And, finally, inspired by Mrs Humphries’ update yesterday, I have a little challenge for you… This, and many other emoji quizzes, can be found on the following website where you can post your answers in the comments section. We’d obviously love to hear about it if you’ve had a go! 






Monday 8th June


Good morning everyone, it is Mrs Humphries greeting you on this lovely Monday.  I hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend despite the weather not being quite as hot and sunny as we have become accustomed to. 


We welcomed some of our Year 6 children back into school last week and I think that it is safe to say that they all settled back into school life extremely well – in fact I don’t think I have ever seen so many children literally skipping through the school gates!  Over the course of the week you could see both pupils and staff settling into the new routines which we have in place, and it was clear from the smiles that everyone was enjoying being back. 


For those of you who are carrying on with home-learning it has been wonderful to continue seeing all of your hard work flooding in.  It seems like many of you are relishing the opportunity to be independent with your own learning and are deciding on which direction you want to take your own learning in.


As we are starting to see the beginning of the end of lockdown, I have taken this time to start to reflect upon the last few weeks.  There certainly have been times when it has been tough being confined to home, however on balance I can’t help but think that there have been so many more positives arise from this situation.  On a personal note I have loved seeing my children spend more time together than ever before, as it has really brought them closer together – with not too many arguments!  I’ve also enjoyed the slowed down pace of life and not rushing here, there and everywhere (especially at weekends!).  Maybe take some time this week to talk with others in your household about the positive sides to lockdown – every cloud has a silver lining.


I have taken some inspiration from all of the online quizzes which I have taken part in over the last few weeks and thought that I would throw a challenge your way.  Using the emojis below, can you work out the 15 book titles?  If you would like to earn points for your house, then click on the document link below, fill in the blanks (book title and author) and email it back to the school office making sure that you include your name, class and house by this Friday.  I will ensure that the results are posted on here on next Monday’s update.  Good luck!


Have a fabulous week everyone and stay safe.

Mrs Howells’ Mindful Monday

Good morning!

Today’s activity is to create a Mindful Mandala.

A Mindful Mandala is a pattern that is often in the shape of a circle. Sometimes Mindful Mandalas look like big bright suns, or flowers with lots of petals. Sometimes they look like a circle with a pattern inside of it. You get to choose what your Mindful Mandala looks like, because it is a reflection of your own creativity!


To find out how to create your Mindful Mandala, and some inspiration for what your Mandala could look like, read Mrs Howells' document, which you can find with the home learning documents.