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Daily Update

Friday 19th June

Good morning Year 5! Mrs Ardis here for your daily update! I have to say it's been a wet couple of days. I am looking forward to the sun coming out soon, although my daughter and I still managed a relatively dry dog walk yesterday afternoon. 


Please head over to the Westacre Wellbeing page for today's daily update. It includes our fabulous pastoral team's favourite memories. In addition, an interview with Mrs Underhill.


It is Father's Day this Sunday! Time for us to think about those wonderful people in our lives and what they do for us! It could also be a grandparent, an uncle, a friend of the family or a carer. Think of an act of kindness that you could do to say thank you!


Hope you all have a fabulous weekend! Remember to keep smiling and stay safe!

Mrs Ardis laugh



Thursday 18th June


Good morning Year 5, it's Mr Dinsley here! I hope you and your families are keeping well.


Yesterday was a long anticipated day for Mr Dinsley (those of you who love football in Year 5 I'm sure will share my excitement) as after a 100 day hiatus... the English Premier League season has finally returned! I certainly know how I'll be spending my time over the coming weeks :) Talking of sport, don't forget that the Worcesteshire Virtual Sports Games is now open and in it's 3rd week of competition. This week's virtual challenge is a test of your throwing and catching skills! If you would like to participate and represent Westacre then head on over to the 'Home Learning Documents' page for details of the challenge and how to submit your entry.



I've been really proud of your efforts on MyMaths recently and wanted to share with you our STAR performers who have completed all of the tasks due in last week!


AU Maths

Melody Brown, Agata Rodak

CD Maths

Lexi Brown, Sean Gandy, Amber Harasyn, Ila Stacey, Lily Griffin, Agatha Rusby

RM Maths

Isla Carson-Brown, Balint Karizs, Melissa Stansbie, Scarlett Swevels

LMc Maths

Daisy Barwood, Rhys Bodilly, Maja Fijolek, Penelope Ginns, Poppy Hewitt, Alexandra Hopkins-Budd, Domanik Lawski, Connor Lloyd, Ava Marshall, Poppy Simpson, Freddie Walker


Hope you have a good end to the week and a lovely weekend,
Mr Dinsley


Mrs Sankey's Thoughtful Thursday


A word puzzle to exercise your brain!


Right then Year 5, I’d like you to look at the letters in the circle below and come up with as many words as you can think of (I’ve been generous and given you a few to start you off!) You’ll need to find words that have 3, 4 and 5 letters and, as an extra challenge, I’d like you to add another letter (it has to be the same one so choose wisely) and see how many 6 letter words you can find.


RULES (just to make things fair)

  • No proper nouns (names of people, places, brand name, etc.)
  • You can use a dictionary to help you by checking whether the spelling of a word is correct.
  • Although you can’t usually use plurals in this game, today I’m going to let you.



Why not make the challenge into a competition with other people in your house?


If you’d like to work your brain even harder, try thinking of more words using 5 new letters…


Have fun Year 5 - and don’t forget to send your answers into school via the office email.

Wednesday 17th June


Good morning to you all- Mrs Underhill here! I hope you’ve managed to avoid the storms we’ve had this week – it’s certainly a change in the weather, isn’t it!! As my mum always says, it’s good for the plants – and my garden is certainly thriving at the moment.  One of my photo challenges this week was to try and capture the stormy clouds overhead (while not getting wet!!) . See what you think... !



Well done to all of you who are completing work, setting your own challenges and taking time to learn about yourself - you’re all showing those key Westacre skills- resilience, readiness and resourcefulness. Clearly you’re ready for year 6 and a whole NEW set of challenges!


I’ve attached Agatha’s research here- inspired by our history topic from last half term, she found there was a John Corbett Walk and encouraged her family to join in walking the distance. She’s now inspired me to get my walking boots on! 


Mrs Burke's Wellbeing Wednesday


Last week, I set you a task to tease your eyes. This week’s challenge is a real brain teaser! Take a look at the picture below. What am I trying to say to you?


For the answer go on to the Home Learning Page, where you'll find a whole set of rebus puzzles to tax your brain!

Tuesday 16th June 



Good morning Year 5! Mrs Riddleston here... lovely to have the sunshine back.

It has been great to see the wide range of photos that you have been sending in to us. Lots of great home learning but also all the things that you get up to with your families...baking, walks, exercise, art work and dog walking and many more. 




Today we have a link to share with you to enjoy this week's yoga lesson from Miss Starkey.




Mrs Burton's Timeout Tuesday 




Take some time out today to think... How would I describe myself? How would others describe me?

Now I challenge you to think of one adjective for each letter of the alphabet that describes you. Let’s keep it positive if you can!

































Monday 15th June

Good morning year 5, it’s Mrs Doolin here this morning welcoming you to the start of a new week.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and you’re ready to start this week’s work!

This last half term of school is very important. We want you to finish Year 5 in the best possible way and be prepared for next year. We know it’s not always easy doing your learning away from school but we need everyone to give that extra bit of effort in these next few weeks to make sure you finish the year in the best possible way.

I have been looking back at all the photos and videos of you and your family doing different things that you have sent us over the last couple of months and I noticed they all have one thing in common - you are all smiling! The more involved and active you get the happier and more productive people become. So, it’s good to remember even though things are very challenging at the moment there are still lots of things to get involved in and smile about. Take a moment and think of something nice that has happened over the weekend that made you smile – it might have been something very small (maybe your favourite food for dinner, a joke from your brother or sister, you were the winner in a game, you played with your dog) Even the memory can make you smile! It might not be as easy to work at home but if you give things a go you will definitely feel better and I’m sure there will be a smile of satisfaction on your face and on those parents/carers who are helping you! So, be resilient, keep working hard and keep smiling because it can motivate you and those around you!

Challenge: Can you spot the Westacre staff from just their smile! I'll give you answers later in the week.


Emoji Book Quiz House Challenge

Well done to everyone who took part in the Emoji quiz.  It was lovely to see entries from children across all year groups and houses.  I have awarded points to houses based on how many entries were received from each.


Joint 1st place - Bannister and and Attenborough (10 points each)

Joint 2nd place - Turing and Bronte (5 points each)


As you can see from the results, 2 houses have claimed the top spot with the same number of entries.  Rather remarkably, what should have been 3rd and 4th place also had the same number of entries and so were promoted to 2nd place.



For those of you who may have wracked your brains for the answers but couldn't quite get there, here are the answers...


Mrs Humphries

Mindful Monday -Mrs Howells 



Sharing kind wishes is a really good way to feel better and calmer in these unusual times.

Think about someone (or a group of people) who might need your warm wishes. It might be family members, friends, neighbours, or your teachers. It might even be groups of people you may not know in your community such as NHS workers, carers, postal workers, shop workers or the people who empty your bins.


Today’s mindful activity is to give kind wishes to five people. You could do this by telling them or by writing them a note.

Focus on strengths, qualities and characteristics instead of appearances. Tell people what you notice they’re good at doing and what qualities and characteristics you appreciate.

Be truthful and just imagine how wonderful you will make that person feel!