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Daily update

Friday 10th July


Hi all, Mr McMullen here. Just wanted to say a big well done to all of you that have given 100% effort over the last few months with your home learning! I know that some of you will want to continue with work over the summer so I thought in this update I would point you in the right direction for maths and PE home learning resources.


For maths, we have been using the White Rose home learning scheme. You can access this work by clicking on this link: 

We have covered many of these lessons but there are also plenty of challenges on there for you to have a go at. You can even have a go at the Year 6 work if you fancy an extra challenge!

Don't forget you can also use the MyMaths interactive lessons and homework tasks - Although there have been plenty tasks that I have set for you on there, you can also look at the other lessons / tasks that haven't been set and have a go at them!


For PE, the Youth Sport Trust have released plenty of games and activities for you to have a go at over the summer. Each topic has a video attached to it to show you exactly what you need to do! 


I hope you all have a fantastic summer and I look forward to seeing you all in September! Take care!

Thursday 9th July

Good morning Year 5, Miss Brighton here!


Even though you’ve all had a busy week with the ‘Virtual Transition Day’ on Monday, it has been lovely to see so many ‘Shout Outs’ still coming through. Well done for keeping up with your home learning and producing some fantastic and creative pieces of work.


In today’s home learning documents, alongside your work set for the day, you will find your ‘Thoughtful Thursday’ task set by Mrs Sankey. This week’s task is a H-U-G-E wordsearch to test your powers of observation- can you find all the surnames of adults who work at Westacre hidden in it?


As it is ‘Thoughtful Thursday’, I have been thinking back to some of my memories of Year 5 this year. I have really enjoyed getting to know some of you more by seeing your brilliant home learning, and I also have some great memories of lessons that I had with my lovely English group this year. Highlights include their brilliant and funny acting of scenes from ‘Beowulf’, reading the book ‘Ratburger’ together, getting the giggles when certain members of the group (mentioning no names!) set us off and of course keeping them all updated on my cat Henry’s mischievous behaviour!

I am sure you all have some brilliant memories of Year 5 of your own…


Have a good week , keep going with your home learning!

Miss Brighton

Wednesday 8th July

Good morning Year 5, Miss Kelly here! After a busy week in school last week, I am so pleased to see how hard all of you are still working keeping up with your brilliant home learning and showing enthusiasm towards your transition tasks. I can't believe you are all moving into Year 6, it feels like this year has flown by!


As you all know, we are currently playing Times Tables Rock Stars tournaments against both Year 6 and Year 7. I am really pleased to say that Year 5 are winning in both of these tournaments. Let's make it a real team effort now, and keep playing hard and practising our timestables to have a really good, strong win!


In today's home learning documents alongside your work set for the day you will find that the wonderful Mrs Burke has set a brilliant Wellbeing Wednesday task to create some graffiti art. I look forward to seeing what you all create.


I hope you all have a brilliant Wednesday and I hope to see you all very soon!


Miss Kelly



Tuesday 7th July


Good morning Year 5! I hope you all had a great Transition Day yesterday and enjoyed watching a short video of your new teacher, trying to guess which of their ‘facts’ was a lie, and completing the transition tasks so they can get to know you. The Year 6 teachers are very lucky to have you in their classes next year and I know the entire Year 5 team will miss working with you. We know that you’re going to love Year 6 and we can’t wait to see you around school to hear all about how you’re getting on!




For today’s AR update, I’ve had a look at how you’ve all been getting on with AR since we started home learning. The following people (in no particular order) are, on balance, the top three performers from each class:

5AU: Evie F, Eva T and Jessica C

5CD: Balint K, Ava M and Poppy s

5JR: Isobel S, Penelope G and Daisy B

5MK: Oliver N, Ila Stacey and Jessica D

5RM: Lexy S, Poppy H and Gabriel C

A huge well done to everyone who continued to complete AR quizzes as part of home learning. You should all feel very proud of yourselves – I know that your teachers are very proud of you.

So many of you have worked hard with your reading at home, even if you may not have completed the AR quizzes, and I know that your new teachers can’t wait to hear all about the new authors you have discovered and the love for reading that you have continued to develop during your time at home!


Monday 6th July



Good morning Year 5, today I have the pleasure of directing you to the Year 6 page to take part in our 

Virtual Transfer Day. As you are unable to visit Year 6 in person today, the Year 6 teachers would like to introduce you to Year 6 before you continue your Westacre journey in September. 


Remember to come back to our Year 5 page tomorrow to catch up with your super student shout outs, to read Mrs Murray' s update and to find the learning documents for your home learning for Tuesday. 



Have  great day with Year 6! Take the chance to shine by completing the tasks set and sending in some photos of yourselves taking part in Transfer Day from home.