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Daily Update

Friday 24th April - Mr Dinsley's Update

Good morning Year 5! Hope you all had a fun, relaxing Easter break. For today’s home learning, you are challenged to apply the Stage 5 writing skills in English, identify parts of a flower in Science and consider why it’s important to work together as a team in PSHE.


Big Friday shout outs to the following children for some excellent home learning:

  • Balint K (5CD) for some brilliant David Hockney inspired Art.
  • Poppy S (5CD) for designing her own cricket kit (come on Wolfy Warriors!)
  • Agatha R (5JR) for her excellent Roman’s in Droitwich work on J2E.
  • Evie and Aidan (5AU) for their super story starters on J2E.
  • Poppy H (5RM) for working really hard on understanding thousandths in Maths.
  • Millie S, Isla CB, Isobel S and Lily G (5MK) for their wonderful work on J2E.

MyMaths Update

This week on MyMaths we have moved onto Properties of Shapes. We have set the due date for a couple of weeks’ time to ensure you have plenty of time to complete these. Remember, the due dates we have set are just to help you structure your learning, you can still submit them after this date.


This week, I’d like to give a shout out to the following children who I can see have been working hard on their angles activities:

CD Maths – Lily G
AU Maths – Agata R
LMc Maths – Jessica D, Freddie W, Dominik L, Poppy H and Alexandra H-B
MK Maths – Hanna Z and Charlie F
RM Maths – Isla CB, Alyss G and Balint K


Westacre Wellbeing


Make sure you head over to the Westacre Wellbeing page where you can get to know a little bit about our new Pastoral Lead, Mrs Reynolds. Miss Colledge has also been interviewing none other than our very own Mrs Murray, who discusses a relaxing Easter, life at home and has even left a lovely message for all of us at Westacre. Thank you Mrs Murray!


On this Day in Sport


Today is the birthday of cricket superstar Sachin Tendulkar (April 24, 1973). Tendulkar is a former Indian cricket batsman and captain. He is the highest run scorer in International cricket, scoring the highest number of runs in both Test cricket (15,921) and One Day Internationals (18,426). He also boasts the highest number of centuries in both formats of the game!

This week’s PE focus was on the game of cricket where I challenged you to practise some basic skills at home. If you have/do capture any videos of you practising your cricket skills, or any other ways that you’re finding to remain active at home, please send them to the school office email.


Have a lovely weekend, Mr Dinsley.

"Happy Thursday" Update from Mrs Underhill




I hope you're all well and have been enjoying the lovely sunshine during your outside time. I've been making the most of it and have walked most days - I challenge myself to look for different things - like lines, or circles. What could you challenge yourself with today? I'd love to hear!


It has been so lovely to see all your hard work on J2e this week, the Easter homework was well presented and researched- I can see some of you have already looked at  your feedback and edited your work- great job!!!


I've been looking through Times Table Rock Stars to see how the Easter tournament went. A BIG well done to  5JR who won overall, so very well done to them!  Particular mentions must go to Balint and Penelope  who both earned over 2000 points for their classes. Come on, 5AU! Let's get rocking.


The next tournament is a whole school - houses! It's already up and will run until 3rd May. Get those guitaaarrrrrsss twanging and those times tables ROCKING!! 




If you are feeling particularly creative, head over to the Drama Club page where activities have been set for you to try.


There is also a Cookery Page with recipes for you to try- why  not challenge yourself to cook something for your family this week? 


Tis verily a special day....

Today is a special day for me, as it is the birthday of one of my favourite people - Mr William Shakespeare. My extra challenge for you today is to find me a fascinating fact about him. Check out the links below as a start. 


It has been a flurry of activity with all the amazing work you've been doing year 5.  Mrs Riddleston's art work seems to have caught your imagination, and the results have been beautiful. Well done to Connor, Halle, Alex, Balint, Daisy and Poppy for all your contributions.

Thursday High-5s!

Wednesday 22nd April - your daily update brought to you by Mrs Murray

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Easter and took time to play, relax...and eat the odd Easter egg or two!


I've been looking forward to sharing a great link with you Your parent or carer can simply follow the steps to register and login to access free e-books and audiobooks. I'd love to hear what you think about the books on offer!



So, today I'm going to do 'shout outs' to celebrate the hard work being done on Accelerated Reader (AR).


Firstly, well done to all of you who exceeded your AR target (based on your individual ZPD range) in the Spring term:

5AU - Emily, Eva

5CD - Maja, Alana, Balint, Ava, Olivia, Agata, Poppy, Karolina

5MK - Isla C-B, Jessica, Oliver, Jayden, Sadie

5JR - Daisy, Charlotte, Alex, Penelope, Dominik, Hannah, Agatha, Archie

5RM - Charlie F, Alfie H, Poppy, Jacob, Fred, Lexy, Harriet, Jaycee


It's also been great to see that some of you were busy quizzing over the Easter holidays, with almost all of you who took a quiz exceeding the target of 85% correct: Eva, Balint, Agata, Penelope, Oliver N, Isla B, Charlie F, Evie, Louie, Daisy, Isla C-B, Dominik, Rhys, Elise, Poppy and Lexy. However, special mention has to go to Eva (5AU) who took, and passed, 13 quizzes over Easter...WOW!  



And finally, home learning from Tom C, Fred, Jake and Rhys...enjoy! :)



Tuesday 21st April - Miss Kelly's daily update

Good morning Year 5, I hope you all had a lovely Easter break in the sunshine! We certainly enjoyed an Easter egg or two over in my household!


Today, I have some shoutouts to do for some brilliant home learning. 

  • Well done to Nathan, Kai and Oliver in Miss Brighton's English group for some great work on Education City.
  • Well done to Karolina, Ryan and Tristan for some brilliant work on MyMaths.
  • Well done to Ila for some brilliant David Hockney inspired Art and lovely bag she has made.
  • Well done to Charlie and Evie for great efforts with their David Hockney Art work and English task.
  • Well done to Elise, Lexy and Agatha for their super David Hockney Art.
  • Well done to Penelope for using the things she found in her garden to make her rainbow.
  • Well done to Zachary for all the home learning he has been doing learning about Captain Tom Moore and making him a birthday card.
  • Well done to Charlotte for her sunset picture.

It's so brilliant to see so many of you completing home learning and some super Easter work on J2E as well. Don't forget to share these tasks with your teacher on there so they can be found easily, you will possibly have more tasks to complete on there this week. Additionally, if you've forgotten your login details contact the school office and they will be able to give them to you.


Miss Starkey has been very busy and has uploaded another brilliant yoga video for you and your family to do.The link is below.


Hope you all have a lovely day and enjoy the sunshine. I hope to see you all soon!


Miss Kelly


Your brilliant home learning

Welcome Back Year 5 from Mrs Riddleston!

It is lovely to have the chance to get in touch with you all again and we hope you  have enjoyed the fantastic Easter weather with your families. We hope all of you and your parents and families are safe and well. 

In our first update, I introduced you to my friend Em's garden and her pond. Well exciting pond news... there have been sightings of frogs, the tadpoles have grown and are wriggling their slightly longer tails and Emma's plants and seedlings are growing beautifully.  


All of those new creatures and plants are growing and gradually adapting to their new surroundings. 

Although our lock down situation is new and difficult, you have all adapted to your new beginnings and many of you have shared with us your super efforts to try new things and continue your learning. 

Here are a few examples of your hard work and good fun enjoyed during the Easter break.... 

So as we begin Summer Term we have new tasks, activities and challenges for you based on our new topic TOURISTS. You have already started your some of our Summer Term work if you have completed any of the Droitwich tasks in the grid you recieved in your paper learning pack when school first closed. We want to encourage tourists to come to Droitwich and then compare India as a tourist destination. 


Mrs Underhill would like to remind you to send in your videos by Wednesday to help us complete our Westacre team challenge!


We would like to draw your attention to the BBC BITESIZE website with the new lessons and resources. (See our list of web links and our Home Learning Documents) 

We will also continue to set an English and Maths task each day. (Miss Brighton and Mrs Riddleston's sets have their own tasks too). Other curriculum subjects will rotate over two weeks. Keep checking MyMaths and Times Tables Rock Stars. 

Mrs Phillips has let us know about all of your AR tests. Although some children are really making a huge effort with  their AR reading, it would great to see even more quizzes completed in year 5!


Keep your eyes on the Pastoral Team page for well being activities and tips to look after our mental and emotional health.  We look forward to more great photos and examples of work. 


Mrs Riddleston