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Daily Updates

Friday 27th March - Mr Dinsley's Daily Update

Happy Friday Year 5! I hope you've had a good first week at home - working hard with your home learning, being helpful around the house and most importantly keeping safe. In the Dinsley household we've been taking time each day to be active and cook healthy meals. Exercising and eating healthy are vital for our psychological well-being (especially in times like these). Well done to Agatha (5JR) who, like many of you, has been doing the Joe Wicks workout, Chloe-May A for teaching her younger siblings to play Uno and Louie from my class for teaching his cat how to play football...I am very impressed Louie! Please continue to share with us how you are staying active, we love to here from you.

P.E Challenge

As always, all your home learning for today is in the 'other home learning documents', where you will find Mrs Riddlestone's adverbials, a Maths teaser from Miss Kelly and a P.E challenge from myself. Speaking of P.E challenges, please check out the link below where there are a variety of activities you can do to stay active and develop your physical literacy. It would be brilliant if we could all participate in one challenge per day. Let's see who can beat their score each time!


MyMaths Update

A big well done to all of you who have completed the tasks that we set on MyMaths for this week. I can see that quite a lot of us haven't logged on yet, so, if you are someone who hasn't had chance, lets have a big push with it next week! All your logins should be in your learning journals, remember to do the 2nd part of the activity (some of you have done page 1 but not page 2) and log off properly. Special MyMaths mentions this week to Agatha, Sean and Isobel (CD), Agata and Jacob (AU), Freddie, Domanik and Rhys (LMc), Gabriel, Balint and Sadie (RM), and Olivia (MK). A shout-out also to Alex C who has been enjoying his Maths work on Twitter, super job Alex!


Did You Know?


On this day, the worlds very first international rugby union match was played between Scotland and England in 1871. The match was played at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh in front of 4,000 spectators. Scotland won the match, scoring two tries and a goal to England's single try. I for one am certainly looking forward to the return of sporting events soon.




Friday 27th March- update from Miss Brighton.



Good morning Year 5! I am really enjoying seeing what everyone has been getting up to with their home learning.


A big 'well done' to Nathan T in my English group who has already completed some of his Education City tasks yes. A reminder to my English group that there are tasks on Education City for you in the 'Homework' section and I will be adding more each week.


Ready for next week, I will also be adding some extra home learning tasks for my English group in the 'Other Home Learning Documents' section of the website (one includes some work on dragons which links really well to what we were doing back in school).


Henry the cat has been adjusting to having me around the house more, 'helping' out with my work and (mostly!) behaving himself...



Enjoy the weekend and the sunshine! 




Daily Update Thursday 26th March from Mrs Underhill

Happy Thursday Year 5!


I hope you’ve all managed to get some sunshine this week – we have been gardening to spend time outside. My boys are taking the opportunity to dig, weed and tidy while Spring has sprung. We’ve also walked each day and have been discovering new areas where we live, spending time watching the ducks swimming together on the lake and feeling thankful.


I’ve been busy at the computer (which I know you won’t find strange) trying to find new ways to keep you all engaged and occupied. I can see SOME of you are on Times Table Rock Stars – about half of the year group. Well done to 5MK who seem to be beating every class. Come on 5JR- get rocking!!! A special Rock Star style shout-out to Arlowe (AU), Louie (CD), Penelope (JR), Jaden (MK) and Freddie (RM) who are the top stars in their class. Well done!


While you’re in TTRS, have a look at the Numbots section. I’ve added you all in, with the same password as TTRS. It’s more addition and subtraction, and you play for points the same. I look forward to checking the stats next week!


Today's work is set for you- an Easter themed English, maths and a new artist to discover! It has all been saved


Thank you to Emily and Connor in my class, who both had left me messages on J2e, that was lovely. Keep using J2e to create or complete work, and you can share it with each other, or us. I did promise my class I’d keep reading to them, so I’ve shared chapter 1 of a new story book on there. It's available to all year 5, so have a listen and let me know if you enjoy it.


Take care all,

Mrs U


(if you want someone different reading to you, check out this link to David Walliams reading every day at 11am)


Today's Top Tweeters are Jessica and Elise for reading at home

Leah - reading to your nan using FaceTime was a lovely idea!

And Kaleb doing his Joe Wicks work out (Mrs U gave up after day 1 I'm afraid!!)


I also know Evie and Charlie created some Haiku poems yesterday - I can't wait to read those! 


Wednesday 25th March - your daily update, from Mrs Murray

Hi Year 5! I hope you're all settling into your home learning routines. I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that everyone in the Murray household has got their own timetable so we all get our work done...and take some time each day to be active, creative, practical and to relax!


Reading roundup

A great way to relax, and get some peace and quiet, is reading. I'm sure you're all enjoying taking the time to read for at least 20 minutes each day and, with the help of Mrs Phillips, I'll be sharing AR 'shout outs' to celebrate all your hard work on AR at home. If you've tried the correct links on the AR section of the Year 5 homework page and are still having problems, your parents can email me through the school office - I'll do whatever I can to help.


Why not set yourself a challenge?

My children have set themselves the challenge of training our dog, Roscoe, to complete a homemade agility course...with a small jump at the end for a spectacular finish! At the moment, he's just following the treats without any sign of attempting the jump - I'll keep you posted on his progress! It's definitely been a test of readiness, resourcefulness, resilience, reasoning, responsibility and reflection for my children so the 6Rs are still a huge part of our learning, even at home!


If you would like to share your home learning with us, we'd love to hear from you.

Here's Rhys, from 5RM, logging onto his maths homework...


Tuesday 24th March Miss Kelly's Daily Update


Good morning Year 5. I hope you've all had a good first day at home with your home learning and are keeping safe. It's certainly different from being at school isn't it! 


All your home learning work for today is in the "other home learning documents" folder and additionally, we encourage you to carry on working through your home packs. The answers for the maths (from the packs and today) will be posted at the end of the week. Also at 9am everyday, Joe Wicks is doing a child-friendly workout on youtube. Definitely something worth having a go at to get you moving in this time at home.


It's been lovely to hear from a few of you already about what you have been up to. Yesterday, Zachary told us he'd, 'had a fun day researching Droitwich, doing some maths, getting 100 percent in my Accelerated Reader questions and cooked a yummy cake by following the recipe and weighing all the ingredients out.' I hope the cake was brilliant! Remember, you can email into the office pictures and information about the different home learning you have been doing and we would love to hear about it.


We've also had some mindfulness PSHE sent in and some science posters which you can see underneath from Isobel, Poppy, Charlotte, Kaiden, Penelope and Daisy and others.

Meanwhile, in the Kelly household, Poppy and Leo are not so excited about completing their home learning and personally I don't think they are very good honorary members of 5MK! More updates on whether I have managed to teach them anything to come......


Monday 23rd March Mrs Riddleston's Daily Update

Good morning Year 5! I hope you have all had a good weekend with your families. My lovely family spoilt me with  a home made cream tea for Mother's Day. (YUM!) 

Hopefully you  have managed to spot some of the signs of Spring that are everywhere at the moment. A friend of mine (Em) has been planting cucumbers, kale, broccoli, pak choi, sweet peas and squash in her garden. Her pond is also bursting into life. (More pond updates to come in the next few weeks!) 

New Beginnings

These signs of new beginnings are a reminder of our own new beginnings as we start a new way of learning from home. 


The children, who were in school last Friday, started to think of a timetable of learning tasks, active tasks, well being tasks and being helpful ideas. That might be a good place to start to help you begin new routines. 


We look forward to receiving  any emailed work, pictures and messages that are sent to the school office. They will be sent to us and we will reply to you. We want you to know that we are not far away from you and thinking of you all. Each teacher will post an update on our year group pupil page every day with a new English, Maths and Curriculum activity. ( Other Home Learning page)  Links to useful websites and help for keeping busy will also be updated regularly. 


Today we suggest working on your home packs (copies are still in the school office if your parents wish to collect them or we have put copies of the tasks on the homework page ) and there is an extra values challenge today for you from me. (Other Home Learning Page) 


Keep working hard, be kind and helpful at home and stay in touch with us!


Mrs Riddleston 

Riddler's Riddles


Q: What did the frog order at McDonald’s? A: French flies and a diet croak


Q: What happened to the frog’s car when his parking meter expired? A: It got toad!!