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Thursday 7th May

Good morning year 5, Mrs Underhill here with your Valiant, Venerable and Victorious Thursday- the day before VE75 Day! 



Thank you for all your work this week on VE75 Day – I have really enjoyed seeing the updates with lots of fantastic work. I really wanted to mark such an important day with something special, so to see all your work as mini-historians has made me so happy! I wish you a day of peaceful tidings in commemoration. On Friday, please spare two minutes at 11am, when the nation will think of those who gave their lives in service and sacrifice – and also, those who are doing so today in our time of conflict against an invisible enemy.


Watch out for my video later on, thank you to everyone who sent in a picture in red, white and blue.  Please have a listen to Mr Purdie's stories too - below.

Until “We Meet Again”, Mrs Underhill.



A message from Mrs Howells:


Hello Year 5!

It seems so long since I have seen all your faces. I do miss standing by the door, seeing each and every one of you as you all come into school at the start of the day. I only have two children walk past me at home, not one hundred and fifty!

I hope you are all well, keeping busy, coping with school work and making sure you get some fresh air and exercise.

We are enjoying our daily walks with our dog Bella, finding some new routes - often including a swim in the river, (for the dog, not us I might add) she absolutely loves water.

I have seen photos of lots of you making delicious cakes and biscuits. It's lovely to see what you are getting up to. I too have been doing plenty of baking. Twice now, I have bought bananas to eat as a healthy snack, only to end up using them to make chocolate and banana muffins - not quite so healthy, yummy though!

Another skill I seem to have aquired recently is cutting hair. I'm used to trimming the dog, but actual humans seem to be a bit more fussy about what it looks like. Anyway, they all ended up being quite pleased with their 'fresh trims' in the end. Not sure who's going to cut mine though, I might have long hair when we return!

Stay safe, keep well and I hope to see you all very soon.

Mrs Howells


This week's Westacre Wellbeing interview is with Mrs  Bennett from year 7. Have a look at her interview on the webpage to find out what a busy bee she is, on the farm!


Mrs Howell's Bella

Mr Purdie's VE Day war stories

Hi there Year 5! As it's VE Day on Friday, I have recorded some audio of my grandad's war stories, about him escaping from prisoner of war camps! Please listen and enjoy.

Thankyou to Oliver in 5MK who has sent in a photograph of his great Grandad , Jimmy Roach ( who would have been 100 yesterday ) serving in the WW2 - he is the man at the back. 


Do you have family members who served in WW2? Why not take the opportunity to ask today- let the office know if so! 

Your Wednesday update from Mrs Murray



Hi Year 5! Well...we're half way through another week working from home. It's been great to see and hear what you've been up to and I hope you've all had a chance to enjoy the sunshine.


Today, I've got the pleasure of bringing you a message from Mrs Burton, one of our wonderful Year 5 Teaching Assistants.


Hello Westacre!

It was lovely to go into school on Tuesday and speak to so many parents and pupils of 5AU on the phone. Everyone was very positive and chatty, it was great to hear about all the activities you have been doing.

I have been walking in the countryside near my home every day looking for signs of spring. My cat Manuel is enjoying being spoilt as you can see.

Stay safe and look after each other

Mrs Burton TA 5AU



Mrs Burton's photographs

Tuesday 5th May - Miss Kelly's update

Good morning Year 5. I hope you had a lovely weekend, I spent a lot of mine enjoying the outdoors, finding back my love of running again and reading a good book! We also spent some time finding the muddiest puddles we could, as you can see below!

Today I must remind you, if you haven't already, to complete the J2E questionnaire below.

Also, can I direct you to our wellbeing page where the wonderful Miss Starkey has another brilliant yoga video for you to all have a go at.

We have a wonderful Art task for you to complete aswell, which is on the page where you find your work. Have a go and send in your entries!

Now, over to some of our super TA's who have some messages for you.


A hello from Mrs MacPherson

Hello everyone, I hope that everyone is staying safe and that you are doing your school work as much as you can as well as maybe taking the opportunity to learn some new skills.

I have been very busy doing lots of sewing - I have been making  patchwork quilts for myself as well as making some scrub bags for the NHS.  These look longer than I thought but I hope that they will help some of our key workers.

Every evening, I usually cycle along the canal to feed the ducks and swans who are nesting.  It is lovely to watch them and I think they now recognise me!! Haha!  I'm hoping that Mama Duck manages to keep all her babies!

I miss everyone and that hope we can be together soon.

Mrs MacPherson



A hello from Mrs Brownlee!

Hello Year 5


I hope you are all staying safe and keeping yourselves busy. You are all doing such a good job and hopefully we will get to see each other not only at school but out and about again. This week I have been keeping myself busy by going on a few power walks, you know what I’m like with my fitbit, always trying to clock up my steps. I’ve also been making some healthy meals as I love cooking and eating and me and Claire have made some unicorn cakes today, I’ve put a picture on for you to see. Hopefully if the weekend is nice I will be outside painting my garden fence again and we might have a bbq if I can persuade Mr Brownlee. Tomorrow morning is my yoga day where I do online yoga with my family in the garden as long as it’s not wet.


Take care of yourselves and your families and I will be thinking of you all x


Miss you


Mrs Brownlee

Monday 4th May Mrs Riddleston's Update

Hello Year 5! I hope you have all enjoyed the chance to go outside again over the weekend. My family and I have started our pond, digging it out and placing the liner in and filling it with water. We can add plants in two weeks and hopefully the wildlife will follow.... (I will keep you informed)...


We have now created a new page for all our Super Student Shout Outs. Look out for your work and achievements on our Shout Out Page. 



Lots of you have been demonstrating our 6R for Readinesss in  completing tasks onj2e.

Today, we would like as many of you as possible to begin your by completing the Pupil Questionnaire launched by Mrs Underhill and share it with your class teacher as soon you can!







Mrs Underhill Has Her History Hat On Again!















Friday 8th May is VE Day. If we had been in school, I had planned to have a tea party and lessons based on this historic day. BUT! I will not let a little thing like a “lockdown” prevent my celebrations – I am asking you to all help me celebrate.


This week, all your lessons will be VE Day related. As well as this, I’d like to invite you to dress in red, white and blue and take your picture waving. Send the pictures into for me to create a little movie magic….


To start – Have a look at the BBC Newsround explanation of VE Day and why we are remembering it today.


This week, each day,  we are delighted to share with you an update of what our lovely year 5 Teaching Assistants have been up to. Today we have a message and update from Mrs Burke. 


I just want to send a big hug to everyone in Year 5. I am missing you all very much and hope you are all safe and well. Steve the cat wanted to say a big hello too. He's never far from the action and is loving all the fuss he is getting now we're at home.

I am so lucky as I don't have to travel far to be able to enjoy the beautiful countryside near where I live. The River Severn is a two minute walk from my house and the other day I spotted this swan and her nest with two eggs. She has laid a clutch of four eggs so far and I promise to send pictures of the cygnets when they hatch.

After a bit of tidying up in the garden, I found these pebbles and decided to have a go at painting them. I painted lots of eyes and I will put them back in the garden, amongst the plants, where they can keep an eye on any visitors.

I have been busy with my crochet hooks and made a new bag for school. I hope you like it.

Finally, I went for a walk this weekend and came across these beautiful bluebells. Magical!

I can't wait till we're all back together again. In the meantime keep sharing all your news and amazing creativity, it's lovely to see what you have been up to.

Best wishes,  Mrs Burke 





Mrs Burke's Adventures