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Thursday 7th May

Mrs Hennessey here with your daily update. Today we celebrate and get ready for VE Day. Your work set for today is all about why we celebrate this. Remember, tomorrow is a bank holiday which means you get a day off. Woohoo! How many of you are going to have a party? We’re going to have a go at learning to lindy hop to create a dance, decorate our house with bunting and, if the weather is nice, make our own afternoon tea. The girls are really looking forward to it.

On 7th May 1945 the formal act of military surrender was signed by Germany, ending the war in Europe. The next day celebrations broke out all over the world to mark Victory in Europe or VE Day. In Britain, Churchill marked the occasion by declaring 8th May a public holiday. People held parties, dances and sang in the streets. Huge crowds gathered in London, both on Whitehall to hear Churchill speak and outside Buckingham Palace where King George VI and the Royal Family appeared on the balcony.

If we had been in school, we were going to have a great party organised by Mrs Underhill. Today she shall be working on editing the school video using the pictures you have sent in. We would also love to see how you choose to decorate and celebrate at home. To start – have a look at the BBC Newsround explanation of VE Day and we hope you enjoy the activities we’ve put together to explore this significant event.

Mr Purdie's VE Day war stories

Hi there Year 7! It's VE Day on Friday 8th May, and I have recorded some stories that my Grandad (Lance Corporal Tommy Turnbull Purdie) told me about his experiences during the Second World War. Please listen and enjoy!

My Maths and J2e Shout Outs:

These are all the children who have worked hard to complete their My Maths tasks this week:

  • 7FH –  Lee and Vinnie have had an amazing week with so much work completed and sent in. Kevin has completed all his My Maths. Well done to Jasmine for getting on the TTR score sheet.
  • 7LB - Alex R is the only one who has completed any My Maths work since Easter in this group. Please could the rest of the group take a look. Well done to Grace W and Abi G for their fabulous J2e maths homework. 
  • 7PC - My Maths - Kayleigh R, Summer G, Macey-Jane S, Charlie B. J2e - Taylor R, Summer G, Josh E, Emily R, Abi G.
  • 7LM – Maciej and Eleanor M for My Maths. Matthew O for J2e.
  • 7RM - Will Lowe and Will Picken
  • 7DB - My Maths - Leah B, Amy M, Darcey N, Millie H, Jacob R, Alexis S. J2e - Daisy M, Ava CB, Millie H. 

Each week, work is set for your Maths group, so if you haven’t had chance to go on yet have a look. You can complete any outstanding work as well. These tasks are usually quite useful to explain what you have been doing each week.


Times Tables Rockstars:

Please click on the link to see which class won the battle this week and to discover our top scorers.

Exciting Experiments


Are you looking for something a little different for your home learning today? If so, head over to the Curriculum tab on the website, open the Science folder and scroll down to the Latest News section. Her you will find exciting experiments you can do at home using simple household items. I know it would make Mrs Bennett's day to see some of you taking part in the activities and e-mailing us your pictures. Good luck!

Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesdays.

Good morning year 7. Today is the 6th May 2020 (just in case you have forgotten the date). I hope you have all had a good week and are getting on well with your home learning tasks. I have been very busy creating some more exciting experiments for you to try at home which I will share with you over the coming weeks so remember to send in your photos as I love to see you all learning about Science. 

I have also started a fantastic book, I often take many weeks to read a book as I only tend to read a few pages a night and then fall asleep! This time at home has given me an opportunity to sit at lunchtime (often on my decking outside) as have a break from the computer and immerse myself in a land far away.

I have to confess this is an absolute treat and I can't wait to stop for half an hour each day to read another chapter or three. The book I am reading is one I read at high school and its so amazing to re-read a book and relive the magic all over again.

Here is the book I am currently reading. It is also available as an audio book so you may want to read / listen to it too! Its a Micheal Morpurgo book and I promise you will not be disappointed. 

With the theme of books, my challenge to you is to test your knowledge of well known book characters. Study the picture below and see how many you can name. 

Best of luck everyone!

AR Shout outs

This week I would like to shout out to all those amazing year 7's who have taken a quiz since we have not been in school. Remember, even if you have read your school AR books you can take a quiz on any book you have read at home if it is on our Accelerated Reader system. Simply log on and have a search. 

The following pupils, please do a celebratory dance around your house:



Lily H

Leah B

Amy M

Jarrett G

Sally S-J



Amelia B

Daisy E

Summer G

Jacob H

Daisy M

Kayleigh R



George N

Eleanor M

Bella S

Megan H



Haruka M

Faye M

Ellie G

Emily R

Maddison W-L

Lillie-Rose W



Stanley D

Aaron G

Louis H

Georgia H

Finley J

Matthew O


See our well-being- yoga page for the latest video!

Good morning Year 7, Mrs. Johnston here. 


I hope that you are all keeping safe and well during these unusual days. Mr. Johnston and I are really missing going to the gym. So every morning, at just after 8, we go for a brisk 4 mile walk - it takes us about an hour. Being outside, in the fresh air,  seeing all the new signs of Spring everywhere is amazing. I know it helps me to stay physically and mentally fit and healthy. I have also been doing lots of Miss. Starkey's yoga and relaxation.


While we have had more time at home I have also been trying out lots of new recipes. My favourites so far have been Spanish chicken (with oranges and olives), vegetable biryani and popcorn rocky road. I have been so impressed with the incredible photos you have been sending into school with all your culinary creations. 

Well done, we have some very talented chefs and bakers in Year 7.


Take care and hopefully we will all be back in school very soon x

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Bird's Terrific Tuesday Task


Happy Tuesday everyone! We hope you are all keeping well and have managed to make the best of the weather! Today, we would like you to have a look at this memory game task designed for younger children and have a go at our challenge.


The images show a memory game with little cards. How many different combinations can you think of with the cards in different places. I've shown you one example where the snake is in a different place each time. How many more can you think of? You could work on paper and draw out the squares to make this easier or even make your own cards to try the different combinations.


Once you have had a go, see if you can reinvent any of the games that you have at home. Can you make them harder or easier? How would it work? We would love for you to send in some ideas for us at the office to share.

Mr Cotton's Monday Update


Hello all and welcome to another week of Westacre online! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends and  managed to get outside for some fresh air. My family and I have been out teaching Jacob to ride a bike and, though we've had a few bloodied knees, he is so proud of himself every time he tries and he seems to be making really good progress.


Still image for this video

I also had a lovely surprise this weekend when I was face-timed by my 83 year gran. Her neighbours (from a safe distance) had kindly shown her how to video call and it was great to see her. It reminded me that no matter what age, no matter what circumstances, it is always possible to learn something new. Therefore, my challenge to you is this week is to learn a new skill and send me a picture of what you have learnt to do. I have been persuaded into building Jacob a cubby house in the garden and bearing in mind every shelf in our house is wonky, I will need to learn some new skills quickly!!!


VE Day


Mrs Underhill was planning to have her History hat on this week and had planned to bring an exciting day to the whole school.


Friday 8th May is VE Day. If we had been in school, she had planned to have a tea party and lessons based on this historic day on Thursday. BUT! She has decided not to let a little thing like a “lockdown” prevent her celebrations – she is asking you to help her celebrate.


Every day this week there will be a task associated with VE day and on Thursday, all your lessons will be related to this special day. As well as this, it would be great if you could dress in red, white and blue and take your picture waving. Send the pictures into .


To start – Have a look at the BBC Newsround explanation of VE Day and why we are remembering this week.




Tell us your achievements


Your class teachers want to know more about your life in Westacre. In your shared folder on your J2e account is a questionnaire we would love for you to complete. We want to know what clubs you have attended, what experiences your treasure as well as how many Rs you have collected. Once you have filled out the questionnaire, please click SEND so your class teachers can enjoy reading about all your successes.


A day in lockdown with Mrs Allerton


Hello Year 7, I hope you are all keeping well. I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you all about my days at home and what a typical day for me looks like. Hope you enjoy, look forward to seeing you again.

Calling All Artists!


If you are a keen artist,  have a look at the competition information below for Islands in the Sky.

Mrs Hennessey's Well Being Challenge


Follow the link below to the Westacre Well Being pages and have a go at Mrs Hennessey's challenge!