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Daily Updates

Unfortunately Sports Day will not go ahead as normal but instead we will be holding a virtual Sports Day each day next week. Please look out each morning for a video to be uploaded explaining your challenge!

Friday 15th May


We have a message from Mrs. Philips about the Hay Festival, a huge book and literary event, which will be run virtually. It is well worth a look! Here are the details:


The Hay Festival is going to be digital this year, running free for school next week 18-22 May, so it is a fantastic chance for you to take part!

All the author details will be added to website but the links to the festival are on the library page.


The first author is Cressida Cowell (How to Train Your Dragon…) and she is a brilliant speaker! There’s a section for her on the library page too.  She is launching her new book this afternoon at 3pm live on her you tube channel.



It has been another week of hard work by so many of you and we have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your maths, English, art and VE Day activities. The teachers have all been really busy too and I have a long list of their activities to share with you!

Mr.Purdie has been artistically busy creating a Vampire Lord riding Terrorgheist! As it is so intricate, it has taken him a month to make and paint the figures – incredible work!!

Mrs.Adey has been busy walking with her dogs and nature spotting and has seen more super rainbows and a gorgeous family of swans and cygnets enjoying the spring sunshine!

On the rainbow theme, Mrs.Page spotted some magnificent arcs de ciel near Worcester Hospital. They are a real tribute to the amazing nurses and doctors in the NHS. Mrs. Page also has her own message to share with you:

Over the weekend, it was Mr Page’s birthday. Like many of you, who have had birthdays during lockdown, it wasn’t how we’d usually celebrate, but I’m sure you’ll agree, it was just as good. We love camping, and had something booked but we obviously couldn’t go! Instead, I surprised Mr Page by putting the tent up in the garden and we camped there instead for the night. As you know, the weather was glorious! I did underestimate the size of my garden vs. the size of the tent! It was a rather tight squeeze! Have any of you camped out in your garden? Mrs Page 


Miss.Ackroyd enjoyed a marvellous afternoon tea in her garden, courtesy of Churchfields! This wasn’t quite enough cake, so she baked some yummy chocolate and cappuccino cupcakes that she dropped around for Mrs.Ardis and me to try!

I have been very busy in the garden and harvested some more leeks and some rhubarb. We had leek and potato soup, followed by rhubarb crumble. I have also been enjoying the fields of buttercups on our walks, as they are real drops of sunshine to brighten my day!

Mrs. Humphries has been on a canal-side walk with her son, Ben, where there is lots to see and enjoy on a sunny afternoon.

Mrs. Ardis has been busy home–schooling her daughter, which appears to have tired out her 2 dogs, who are fast asleep on the sofa!

Finally, Mrs. G. Morgan has been busy baking the most scrumptious looking Yorkshire puddings! We all think that once we can see each other again, Mrs. Morgan could cook us Sunday lunch!

There are many things to keep us busy, new hobbies to pick up and old ones to practice. Perhaps you could send in some photos of activities that you enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend, Year 6!

Thursday 14th May 2020


Good morning Year 6, Mrs.G Morgan here with your daily update. I hope you're all well and have had a wonderful week so far. 

I can't believe it is already Thursday, it won't be long before the weekend is here! I have a very exciting and busy weekend. My husband is turning 40 years old and my little boy, William is turning 5 years old! It is a shame we can't do all the things we had planned but we are together and healthy and that is all that matters at the moment. It is times like this that remind us that new toys and parties are lovely but they're not as important as spending time with our closest family and laughing and loving each other. 


As I have talked about my upcoming weekend, let's see what we will all be doing, here is a maths quiz to find out:



Whilst you are at home this weekend, why don't you enter this competition that Mrs Murray has found for you?

You could win a £10 National Book Token for each of your classmates – and surprise them all when schools reopen!

Why don't you create a fabulous National Book Token design and you could return to school with National Book Tokens for all! Whether it's our school crest doodled in ink, a pencil drawing of the entire class, or something completely different, they'll choose one child's design to put on a National Book Tokens gift card every week for seven weeks.

When schools open up again, you and your classmates will each receive a £10 National Book Token – emblazoned with the winning artwork – to inspire you to choose your next favourite book from your local bookshop.

Please follow this link to find out more and hopefully choose to enter! 



Finally, I also had an exciting moment this week in my house. My little boy, Thomas, who has recently turned one, has taken his first steps and walked on his own across the room. I managed to capture it on video to show my husband. It reminded me how lucky I am to be at home at the moment, to see these special milestone. I now have to try and get his twin sister to walk too, although she prefers to crawl as she knows she can get around quickly -mainly to chase after the dog!


Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. G Morgan


Before I leave you to begin your daily tasks, I have had a look through the AR records from last week- 4th May to 10th May. 

Well done to:



Ruby P -2 tests taken -100%

Drew H -2 tests taken -95%



Oliver C -2 tests taken -90%

Lewis H -1 test taken 



Dominic A- 2 tests taken -100%

Lola W - 1 test taken -100%

Fern C -1 test taken 90%



Morgan H -2 tests taken



Rosie B -1 test taken 90%



Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Year 6! Mrs Ardis here with your morning update. I don't know about you but I am looking forward to the weather that is forecast for next week. I always feel so much better when the Sun is out. 


I have had the lovely job of looking through your MyMaths scores. Wow! I'm really pleased to see how many children have been accessing this wonderful resource. Remember you may be able to access MyMaths on your tablet or phone. You can complete work that has been set for you or even search for your own learning. The online lessons are great as well as the tasks.


Well done to all the children who have been busy completing tasks set by their teachers:

6BP: Edward B, Rosie B, Lucy C, Evie D, Finley G, Erin K, Stephanie, Rhys B, Sophie P, Abigail P, Ellie-Mai M, Kaicey R, Michael T and Georgia.

6CA: Bethany, Chloe C, Lewis H, Rebecca J, Callum L, Eva M and Adam P.

6HM: Finley C, Oliver C, Grace D, Riley D, Haydn G, Tyler H, Peyton J, Finley K, Aleisha L, Mary-Jane P and Leo W.

6MP: Joe B, Zach B, Annabel A, Harry C, Fern C, Calven C, James H, Drew H, Matthew H, Morgan H, Amelia L, Jack O, Alex P, Harry S, Zac T, Charlotte T, Haydn W, Mollie W, Lola W and Armands Z.

6RAd: Libby B, Jamie B, Kyle B, Libby G, Lucas H, Justin H, Erin J, Leo L, Harry M, Ruby P, Lexi T and Natalia W.

6RAr: Archy P and Eva W.


Looking at the scores, as a class for the last week. I can reveal that...

1st 6MP who have collectively completed 152 tasks

2nd 6BP who have collectively completed 68 tasks

3rd 6HM who have collectively completed 60 tasks

4th 6RAd who have collectively completed 46 tasks

5th 6CA who have collectively completed 27 tasks

6th 6RAr who have collectively completed 25 tasks


Keep up the good work! Look after yourselves and each other! Stay safe! 

Mrs Ardis



Hi Year 6, Mr Purdie here with a quick update about Maths at home.


From today you will see that there is an extra, open-ended Maths challenge being put up among the usual home-learning for you to have a go at. I would especially like to see children in my Maths set having a go at these, but they are designed to be a fun challenge for any Year 6! Please send me any photos or copies of your investigations via the Office, I'd love to see them. 

Tuesday 11th May


Good morning Year 6, it is Mrs Humphries saying happy Tuesday morning to you today :-) .  I have just found out that it is Florence Nightingale's birthday today.  She was born on the 12th May 1820, that would make her 200 today if she were still alive - do you think that would mean that she would get two birthday cards from the Queen?  I think that this is a particularly appropriate person to remember during the current situation as Florence Nightingale was the founder of modern nursing and transformed it from a mostly untrained job into a highly-skilled, well-respected medical profession.


In other news, a writing competition has been launched which challenges you to create a story which makes other people laugh!  Are you able to create a humorous story which can make someone chuckle, giggle, roar or a proper full-on belly laugh - you know the type I mean!   You can find more details on the Westacre Library webpage or by following this link  There are also some amazing prizes up for grabs.



The Times Table Rock Star results are in for this week, and they are...

1st Bannister - 30,687

2nd Turing - 23, 046

3rd Attenborough - 22, 416

4th Bronte - 18, 107

Well done to everyone who took part and earned points for their houses.


Have a lovely Tuesday everyone and stay safe.


Hello Year 6, Mrs Page here. I just have a quick message for you all:


Today would have been the start of your Year 6 SATs week. You have worked very hard all year towards them and we want to congratulate you on your effort and the progress you have made. We have seen you develop into great readers, mathematicians and grammar experts. We just wanted to let you know that we are all really proud of you!

From all of the Year 6 Teachers and TAs.

Monday 11th May

Good Morning Westacre,


Mrs Evans here with your daily update, and a really big thank you to your teachers for letting me write to you this morning.


I hope you enjoyed some lovely VE Day celebrations on Friday, at home with your family. In our house we put up some bunting and made a very lovely strawberry and raspberry pavlova. I know some of your home learning, last week, revolved around the VE DAY 75th Anniversary celebrations and as always it was fantastic to read the amazing work you sent in to us. Your photos for our Westacre VE video were particularly special and it was fantastic to see so many of you. It means a lot that we can still keep in touch, even though we are not able to come together at the moment.


Your photos show us how so many of you are keeping busy at home and doing some things you may not ordinarily get the chance to do. In the Evans’ house, in the evening and on weekends, we make sure we take the time to exercise, whether it’s a run, walk or even a bike ride. Two years ago, I had a new bike for my birthday which I had hardly used! However, now we have been out on a couple of short  rides, I have realised how much I had forgotten the enjoyment of being able to go on a lovely cycle ride. We have also spent a lot of our time baking cakes, cooking different meals, from my numerous recipe books, and also playing Monopoly too, although I never seem to win!! Then on a Thursday evening, we make sure as a family, we clap for the NHS, to show our appreciation for all that they do and are doing for us especially during this time. 


During this week, you may also wish to head over the Art page on our website, as Mrs Bird is launching a house photography competition linked with the National Portrait Gallery and the Duchess of Cambridge. They are encouraging you to take a photograph based around your experiences of COVID-19 called, ‘Hold Still.’ For more information, go over to the curriculum tab then the Art page on the website to see how you can enter our school and the national competition.


Finally, before you start your home learning this morning, there is a little video that I thought would be important for you to watch, it is called the ‘Story of 2020’. Back in January, we looked back at previous decades and wondered what 2020 and the next decade would bring. At that time, none of us could ever have imagined that we would not be in school and would need to stay home for a little while to keep ourselves and our families safe. The video is not very long and it was sent to me by a good family friend, who had also been sent it from someone else. So, whoever has made it, I am very grateful to them so that I can share it with you, as it is very relevant to our moment in time.


Have a good week Westacre and stay safe! Remember we are still here, waiting for you and getting ready for you, for when the time comes when we are all able to come back to school once more.

Story of 2020

Still image for this video