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Daily Updates

Unfortunately Sports Day will not go ahead as normal but instead we will be holding a virtual Sports Day each day next week. Please look out each morning for a video to be uploaded explaining your challenge!

It's Fri-YAY!


Hello and welcome to Mrs Radburn's Fri-Yay update!  I hope you have all had a lovely week, I can see there has been lots of hard work. It's been nice to see the sunshine back again too! 


In the Radburn household, we have been busy going on daily walks looking for trains, tractors, diggers and bin lorries as my son is currently obsessed! We also took any empty egg box and did a colour treasure nature hunt which was good fun and more challenging than I thought.  I've also just finished another jumper (which has taken me a while as I had to learn a new skill of lining the hood).

Weekend Challenge


Your challenge this week is to make contact with someone you haven't seen or spoken to in a while and say "Hey".


This could be a phone call, video chat, letter, card or some other way.


From experience many friends and family live alone or don't have siblings to play and chat with all day.  Making contact in whatever way can really cheer someone up. I know chatting with my 84 year old Granddad really helps him.  




Looking for something different to do today?

Mrs Murray has asked you to inform you of an exciting competition she has come across. Click on the link, find out what you need to do and get creative!

Thursday 14th May

Hi Year 7, Mrs Hennessey here. Hope you are all well on what looks to be another sunny Thursday. It was lovely to speak to some of you yesterday and hear how much you have been doing. I know for some of you it is starting to become quite tricky. Every day seems to be the same ... log on, see what work there is, complete work, etc ... I just wanted to say we are so proud of everything you have achieved in these exceptional times and want you to know that we still think about all of you each and every day. Many of us have our own children at home and know exactly what you're going through. I quite often get they eye roll and groan from Jessica (year 4) as she finds out that she has to do another writing task or the confused look and given-up attitude from Chloe (year 7)  as she tries to tackle Maths or anything! I'm sure you've had those moments too. Just remember that although it may seem that your parents/carers are nagging you, they have your best interests at heart. 


With this in mind I want you to know that it is OK to have a break and to do something just for you. It's important that you spend time doing something that makes you happy and chilled. As much as I love my kids, I still enjoy spending some time alone either in the garden when it's sunny or up in my room. Here are some things I like to to do which you may or may not have tried yet:


* Sitting and watching the birds - I've got to know which ones are regular visitors and have spotted their nesting sites.

* Colouring - I might treat myself to some new crayons as the girls seem to keep using mine!

* "Alexa play music" - dancing like crazy in the kitchen!

* Snuggling under a blanket with the dog watching a film.

* Reading a book - I don't usually like to read much (I shouldn't say that as a teacher) but when I get into a book it's hard to put it down. 

* Playing badminton in the garden.

* Arts and craft with the girls.


Today I'd like you to take some time to reflect on what you have enjoyed doing over the past few weeks. Just by writing the list above has helped me to realise that I have done quite a lot and it's the little things that count. If you haven't emailed in yet to share some of the things you have been up to we would love to hear from you. Maybe you could create a collage to show us. Maybe you feel like you could give a boost to year 7 and write an inspirational speech to keep us going or paint some artwork with a motivational quote to cheer us up. I'll look forward to seeing what you come up.


Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesday.


Good morning year 7,


I hope you are all well and enjoyed the bank holiday weekend. I spent the Friday afternoon painting my decking and weeding the patio ready to get the summer furniture out so we can hopefully sit outside more. I have to say, since then the weather has not been great but hopefully it will change and Mr Bennett and I can relax in the evening sun again soon. 


This month is May, which marks the 5th month of the year and is also my very special mum's birthday. Birthdays at this time can be hard as many of us cannot spend time with our loved ones, however there are ways you can still make their day a special occasion for them. With these thoughts, I cast my mind back to my lovely class and how we like mark this momentous occasion.

In 7LB we all LOVE a birthday and cannot wait to sing perfectly in tune to the poor member of our class and wish them well. We do this several times in the day and mention it to everyone we pass by that it is #######'s big day (whether they want it or not). Some of us love birthdays so much that we even like to have two (like the Queen). Anyway, I won't reveal anymore of 7LB's secrets but I thought I would share with you some famous people who also have a birthday in May.

Let's see how many of these famous faces you can get right. Challenge someone at home and see if they can get them all right. Some of these will also test your memories as we have learnt about a few of these inspirational people in Science, P.E, Computing and during House assemblies. 

Who do you share your birth month/day with? 

I will reveal the answers next week. 


Take care Year 7 and see you all soon,

Mrs Bennettsmiley

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Bird’s Tuesday Update


Good morning Year 7! Hope you are all keeping well and continuing to find new ways to keep entertained. In our household we have played home-made bingo and built obstacle courses in the garden to mention just a few.


You may have seen on the news that the Government are talking about how we may begin to take small steps to ease the lockdown. At this new junction, I’m beginning to reflect on this strange time we have lived and are continuing to live through – it is undoubtedly history in the making!


For that reason – I’d like to challenge you to write down some of your personal thoughts from this time, perhaps in a diary form or simply as a free flow of consciousness.


What have you enjoyed the most? How have you changed? What did you feel at the start of lockdown, 3 weeks in and now? What skills have you learned?


In weeks and months to come it will be interesting to look back on what you thought and felt. It may even be something you’d like to keep going with. I can tell you that my Grandma has written in her diary every day for most of her adult life and she is 88! Can you imagine some of the events she will have witnessed and recorded – VE day being just one of them?


If you’d like to share some of them with us, we would love to read them but importantly, keep them somewhere safe to look back on in time to come……

Good Morning Westacre,


Mrs Evans here with your daily update, and a really big thank you to your teachers for letting me write to you this morning.


I hope you enjoyed some lovely VE Day celebrations on Friday, at home with your family. In our house we put up some bunting and made a very lovely strawberry and raspberry pavlova. I know some of your home learning, last week, revolved around the VE DAY 75th Anniversary celebrations and as always it was fantastic to read the amazing work you sent in to us. Your photos for our Westacre VE video were particularly special and it was fantastic to see so many of you. It means a lot that we can still keep in touch, even though we are not able to come together at the moment.


Your photos show us how so many of you are keeping busy at home and doing some things you may not ordinarily get the chance to do. In the Evans’ house, in the evening and on weekends, we make sure we take the time to exercise, whether it’s a run, walk or even a bike ride. Two years ago, I had a new bike for my birthday which I had hardly used! However, now we have been out on a couple of short  rides, I have realised how much I had forgotten the enjoyment of being able to go on a lovely cycle ride. We have also spent a lot of our time baking cakes, cooking different meals, from my numerous recipe books, and also playing Monopoly too, although I never seem to win!! Then on a Thursday evening, we make sure as a family, we clap for the NHS, to show our appreciation for all that they do and are doing for us especially during this time. 


During this week, you may also wish to head over the Art page on our website, as Mrs Bird is launching a house photography competition linked with the National Portrait Gallery and the Duchess of Cambridge. They are encouraging you to take a photograph based around your experiences of COVID-19 called, ‘Hold Still.’ For more information, go over to the curriculum tab then the Art page on the website to see how you can enter our school and the national competition.


Finally, before you start your home learning this morning, there is a little video that I thought would be important for you to watch, it is called the ‘Story of 2020’. Back in January, we looked back at previous decades and wondered what 2020 and the next decade would bring. At that time, none of us could ever have imagined that we would not be in school and would need to stay home for a little while to keep ourselves and our families safe. The video is not very long and it was sent to me by a good family friend, who had also been sent it from someone else. So, whoever has made it, I am very grateful to them so that I can share it with you, as it is very relevant to our moment in time.


Have a good week Westacre and stay safe! Remember we are still here, waiting for you and getting ready for you, for when the time comes when we are all able to come back to school once more.

Story of 2020

Still image for this video