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Daily Updates

Unfortunately Sports Day will not go ahead as normal but instead we will be holding a virtual Sports Day each day next week. Please look out each morning for a video to be uploaded explaining your challenge!

Mrs Murray's update - Friday 15th May

Hi Year 5!

I hope you’ve had a good week so far and are looking forward to a lovely, relaxing weekend with plenty of time spent playing games, chatting to friends and family on the phone, and enjoying the fresh air. Hopefully the sun will shine on us all!

As always, head to the ‘Super Student Shout Outs’ page to see some brilliant examples of all the home learning that you’ve been sending in, and the ‘Home Learning Documents’ page to see all of today’s tasks.

Don’t forget that your teacher will have responded to your Ethics J2E task by the end of the week so make sure you log on and have a look. I know your teacher would love to hear from you!


Today, I’ve got a couple of messages to share with you: one from Mrs McDiarmid and one from Mrs Phillips (our school librarian)


Mrs Phillips has asked me to let you know that The Hay Festival (a literature festival that happens every year) is going to be digital this year, running free for school next week (18th – 22nd May) so it is a fantastic chance for all of you to take part!

Mrs Phillips has added the links to the festival are on the library page.

There are some fantastic authors and teaching resources on the hay festival website…it’d be great to take a look and please let us know what you think!

The first author is Cressida Cowell and she is a brilliant speaker so Mrs Phillips is especially looking forward to that one. She’s got a section for Cressida Cowell on the library page too if you want to find out more. She launched her new book yesterday afternoon at 3pm live on her you tube channel.

Enjoy! J




Mrs Riddleston's Update Thursday 14th May 


Good morning Year 5!

Hasn't the weather turned chilly the last few days! I hope those of you with young plants have been looking after them. 


My friend, Em, who gives me lots of gardening tips, advised me to pack scrunched up newspaper around our seedlings. Other exciting news from Em... she welcomed some chicks into her hen house on Saturday evening and a froglet was spotted near to her pond. 




I'm sure that you have all been taking the chance to do lots of activities that you enjoy as well as sharing all your hard work with your learning at home. The Pastoral Team have lovely ideas on the Well Being page for you to try.  You might also have enjoyed catching up with some of your favourite books. 

Many of you may have had a National Book Token given to you as a gift before...well there is an exciting opportunity to design a National Book Token. Follow the link to discover more.



A j2e Reminder


We are really proud of all your efforts with your home learning and we really want to encourage you to make sure your j2e task that is set for you each week is completed by each Wednesday and shared with your class teacher for feedback. 

So far we have given you some Easter Homework about Easter Around the World, an English piece of writing linked to a storm, some Maths problems to solve and this week a piece of Ethics asking you to create a glossary. 


Keep your eyes open for next week's J2E task we will share it on Friday and look forward to receiving them all by next Wednesday. 


Well done Year 5, we know you will continue to take every chance to shine. 

Look after yourselves and your families. 




Wednesday 13th May.


Miss Brighton's daily update.



Good morning Year 5! I hope you are all raring to go with another day of home learning as well as taking the time to look after your physical and mental wellbeing.


I spent the weekend doing some much needed weeding in the garden and mowing the lawn as well as starting a new book and doing some indoor fitness workouts and yoga. Henry, my cat, has recently decided that 5am is a great time to wake me up in the mornings- I however, disagree and prefer my sleep!


As always, head to the ‘Super Student Shout Outs’ page to see some brilliant examples of all the home learning that you’ve been sending in, and the ‘Home Learning Documents’ page to see all of today’s tasks.


Don’t forget that the Ethics J2E task is due in today so remember to share it with your teacher so they can give you some feedback.


Finally, a message for my English group:

Well done to Oliver, Nathan and Kai P for having a go at some of the Education City tasks. For my English group, I have set 2 new tasks on Education City- conjunctions and vocabulary so it would be great to see more of you having a go!

Tuesday 12th May


Mr McMullen's Daily Update


Hello everyone, hope you are all doing okay! I have been very busy having a good spring clean and came across some of my old camping equipment. For those of you that don't know, I am a keen outdoors person and just love nature! I decided to make a camp in my garden using a tarp and some paracord. Nothing quite beats the feeling of reading a good book outside and listening to the birds chirping! If the weather is nice, why not try building your own shelter in the garden using different things you can find in your home (with permission of course). I would be interested seeing what kind of shelters you can make!


Whilst on the subject of reading, I have noticed that many of you are not doing your AR quizzes. It is still really important that you do them! Lots of books are now on the AR system so once you have finished reading a book, search the title of it on AR and there is a good chance there will be a quiz for it!


Last week, Mrs Hennessey uploaded a well being challenge for you to complete. This week, it was my turn. My challenge is for you to do as many press ups as you can in 30 seconds. Send in your press up challenge to      Good Luck!



Good Morning Westacre,


Mrs Evans here with your daily update, and a really big thank you to your teachers for letting me write to you this morning.


I hope you enjoyed some lovely VE Day celebrations on Friday, at home with your family. In our house we put up some bunting and made a very lovely strawberry and raspberry pavlova. I know some of your home learning, last week, revolved around the VE DAY 75th Anniversary celebrations and as always it was fantastic to read the amazing work you sent in to us. Your photos for our Westacre VE video were particularly special and it was fantastic to see so many of you. It means a lot that we can still keep in touch, even though we are not able to come together at the moment.


Your photos show us how so many of you are keeping busy at home and doing some things you may not ordinarily get the chance to do. In the Evans’ house, in the evening and on weekends, we make sure we take the time to exercise, whether it’s a run, walk or even a bike ride. Two years ago, I had a new bike for my birthday which I had hardly used! However, now we have been out on a couple of short  rides, I have realised how much I had forgotten the enjoyment of being able to go on a lovely cycle ride. We have also spent a lot of our time baking cakes, cooking different meals, from my numerous recipe books, and also playing Monopoly too, although I never seem to win!! Then on a Thursday evening, we make sure as a family, we clap for the NHS, to show our appreciation for all that they do and are doing for us especially during this time. 


During this week, you may also wish to head over the Art page on our website, as Mrs Bird is launching a house photography competition linked with the National Portrait Gallery and the Duchess of Cambridge. They are encouraging you to take a photograph based around your experiences of COVID-19 called, ‘Hold Still.’ For more information, go over to the curriculum tab then the Art page on the website to see how you can enter our school and the national competition.


Finally, before you start your home learning this morning, there is a little video that I thought would be important for you to watch, it is called the ‘Story of 2020’. Back in January, we looked back at previous decades and wondered what 2020 and the next decade would bring. At that time, none of us could ever have imagined that we would not be in school and would need to stay home for a little while to keep ourselves and our families safe. The video is not very long and it was sent to me by a good family friend, who had also been sent it from someone else. So, whoever has made it, I am very grateful to them so that I can share it with you, as it is very relevant to our moment in time.


Have a good week Westacre and stay safe! Remember we are still here, waiting for you and getting ready for you, for when the time comes when we are all able to come back to school once more.

Story of 2020

Still image for this video