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Friday 22nd May


Good morning Year 7,


It’s Mr Barber here with your final daily update of this half term. This one is always a short half-term but the last five weeks still seem to have flown by!


I know, from all of the tweets I’ve been able to do during the lockdown and all of the emails that we receive each and every day, how hard you’ve all been working again over the last few weeks. This has made up a little bit for not having those knocks on my office door with children being sent to show me their outstanding learning in school. I do miss handing out those stickers and taking the photos to show the world what stars you are! One of the other many things I miss being able to do at school is handing out the 6Rs independent learner certificates to many of you each week – however I know from the tweets, the year group daily updates and the phone calls that all of the teachers are trying to have with all of you, that you are continuing to prove what independent learners you are and what responsible, resilient, reflective, resourceful, ready and well-reasoned young people you are!


However, every now and then we all need a break from all of the hard work. I know I’m looking forward to spending a bit more time with my wife, daughter and son after spending a lot of time this last week preparing for us to welcome back many Year 6 pupils after half term! All of your teachers will be spending today planning and preparing for this as well, as they will all get the chance to work with these children over the next few weeks. Therefore, there won’t be the usual home learning documents for you today – we think you probably deserve a bit of a break anyway! However, if you or your parents feel that you would benefit from a bit more home learning, there are still plenty of other learning opportunities across the school website. I can’t imagine there any many children who’ve been able to complete all of the tasks in their Year Group pages since we went into lockdown, but just in case there are, here are some other links that might be of use:


Whatever you and your family decide to do today, I’d like to set you the challenge of simply relaxing and having fun with your families over next week’s half-term holiday! You have my permission to enjoy your holiday - do this in whatever way suits your family. Feel free to spend time in the garden, with your nose buried in a comic or, dare I say it, on a gadget or two! The most important thing is to spend time together as a family doing whatever you can. Laugh, make a mess, cuddle, phone friends and family, watch movies, play - have fun!


Here’s a list of some other things I thought you might like to do next week:


  • Go on a bike ride
  • Enjoy an ice cream in the sunshine
  • Laugh until your tummy hurts
  • Spend time on your favourite hobby
  • Eat chocolate (staff at Westacre know that this would be near the top of my list!)
  • Learn a new language
  • Learn to cook
  • Smile
  • Rest
  • Eat a whole bag of sweets in one sitting!
  • Do something you’ve never done before!


If you wanted any more ideas, I did have a look at our school’s Experiences curriculum and thought the following might be things you could also do next week. They are from our list of 50 real-life things to do during your time at Westacre:


  • Learn some yoga
  • Make hot chocolate
  • Star gazing
  • Plant a tree
  • Take part in a house competition (visit for a reminder of our current photography competition)
  • Read to a younger child
  • Ride a mountain bike
  • Read a map
  • Grow your own herb
  • Make a prototype product
  • Get fit
  • Bake bread
  • Build a den
  • Marshmallow toasting
  • Sketch a landscape


So many options!


Earlier, I mentioned doing something you’ve never done before – this could be to learn a new hobby or skill. Or you’ve already done this during lockdown and you can keep going with your new hobby? Personally, I never really did much running (I prefer team sports!) but with the new lockdown guidance and hearing from Mrs Evans, Mrs Doolin and Mrs Mrs Humphries about how good they felt after their runs, I decided to give it a go! Now my daughter and I go for 30 minute runs twice a week (I’ve seen one or two of you as we run around Droitwich!). They can be hard work, but at the end we both feel extremely proud of ourselves and it’s definitely helping keep us fit and healthy. Maybe you could try something new and exciting this half-term holiday that will make you feel proud.


As you know, I love tweeting photos and videos of all of your learning in school, and it’s been just as enjoyable sharing with the world some of the photos and videos of your home learning over the last couple of months. The videos and photos of some of you enjoying your hobbies, in some cases new hobbies, have been particularly nice. We clearly have a lot of talented musicians at Westacre, but I’ve also been sharing things from baking to trial bike riding in back gardens! Here’s a few photos that have come to school in the last week or so of children doing exactly what I’ve been telling you about – just doing something that they (and often their families) enjoy!

Feel free to send us photos of you just having fun with your families next week if you want to! You will have noticed that Mrs Evans and Mrs Doolin have already taken over your Monday daily updates recently for special ‘virtual’ assemblies. The next daily updates on Monday 1st June will be my turn to deliver the assembly and I would love to share with everyone some photographs of you all having fun during next week’s half term holiday. Maybe you could send us a photo of you doing some of the things from the lists I shared earlier, or of you enjoying some exercise outside or on a visit to an outdoor space / playing an outdoor sport with the people you live with, like we are now allowed to (remembering of course to keep following the social distancing rules we all know about by now!) You could have a go at all of these, some of these or indeed none of these if you have your own unique way of relaxing and having fun! It’s completely up to you!


As we come to the end of Mental Health Week, remember that the theme was all about being kind to yourself and your families – I want you to keep doing this next week and of course every other week in the future! Linked to mental health and wellbeing, our pastoral team have asked me to remind you all to visit the Wellbeing page of this website at to read this week’s blog post as it features our acts of kindness for Mental Health Week and an interview with Mrs Adey.


Please do also scroll down a bit further to see the final challenge of our special ‘virtual’ Sports Week – it’s been great seeing so many of you giving these challenges a go and (coming back to the theme of my update!) having lots of fun at the same time. Mrs Hennessey, Mr McMullen and Mr Dinsley tell me it’s very close between the houses after four days, so it could be your efforts today that make the difference between your house being this year’s champions and other people being able to celebrate! I know all of the teacher house leaders are desperate for you all to take part and share your videos by the end of today – you know how competitive they all are!


To finish my update for today, well done again to all of you for being such superstars with your home learning over the last few weeks. Now is the time to relax and have fun with your families! I look forward to hearing via Twitter and the office email about what you get up to next week and will try to tweet a few pictures during the week before sharing them all with you on Monday 1st June. Have a great half-term holiday!

Friday's Sports Day Challenge

Still image for this video
Bunny Hop Relay Race - Go between two marked out areas (6 large paces long) as many times as you can in 30 seconds only bunny hopping.
Video of you taking part in the challenge = 5 points for your house.
Video of you beating my score = 10 points for your house.
Please send your videos to with your name, class and most importantly the name of your house.
The winning house will be announced next week!
To Mr Cotton
Good morning Westacre. Hope you are all having a great week. I can't believe it's Thursday again and that  next week is half term! We had a lovely weekend celebrating Jessica's 9th birthday. She said it was the best ever! We visited the Redditch Positivity Rockline that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. It has certainly grown. 
We also made Jessica's birthday cake and gave some to our neighbours. I didn't realise I had bought bubblegum icing but it made it even more delicious. Another nice thing that had come out of Jessica's birthday was that she reconnected with her friends through Zoom. She was a bit shy and didn't really know what to say but now she has daily video chats with her friend Morgan which is lovely to see. 
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and now more than ever it is good to take time to reflect on how you are doing. Above is a link to a website worth exploring today. Watch the video and follow the links to lots of resources and stories. The message this year is #kindnessmatters. This also means being kind to yourself which sometimes can be hard to do or often you don't find the time to do this. 
Today I would like you to spend sometime looking at yourself and think about all the amazing things about you. Have a go at drawing or painting a self portrait to remember this strange time in 2020. I have found some self portraits to inspire you. Send in any pictures you wish to share to If any staff are reading this as well it would be great to see your self portraits! Be kind to yourself #kindnessmatters

Come on Bronte

I hope you are all enjoying the sports challenges. Remember you can have a go at all of the previous ones from before to gain points for your house. 

Thursday's Sport Day Challenge

Still image for this video
Good morning Westacre. It's Mrs Page here with an EGGcelent Thursday Sport Day Challenge.
Today it is the classic Egg and Spoon race! It's going to be cracking... (hopefully not!)

Video of you taking part in the challenge = 5 points for your house.
Video of you beating my score = 10 points for your house.
Please send videos to with your name, class and most importantly the name of your house.
The winning house will be announced next week!

Mrs Page

Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesday


Good morning Year 7. Firstly, I would like to wish you all well and say how proud we are of all of you for your continued efforts with your home learning tasks. I know it has been quite a few weeks now but we still love to receive all of your photos, videos and messages to see how you are all getting on. 

Keep them coming Year 7!


This week we have been treated again to some gorgeous summer weather and I hope you are all enjoying your 'break' and 'lunch' times outside in the fresh air. 

As I'm sure you are all aware, this week is mental health awareness week. With this in mind, I have been thinking about the things that make me happy as these are certainly good for my well-being. 

I was lucky enough to receive a random act of kindness from a friend this week. A little note with a compliment and a small sweet treat was left on my doorstep for me to find. I still have no idea who this thoughtful gift was from but to know that I was in someone's thoughts at this unusual time was fantastic. Therefore, my challenge to you this week is to send or leave someone you care about a positive compliment. 

This compliment could have you name on or be left as a little mystery for them to find. Here are a few kind compliments below for some inspiration. 


Here is a gift tag template you could use to create you well-being compliment on. Maybe you could decorate it with bright colours and add a ribbon or string to it so that the person could hang it somewhere special. 


I would love to see your finished gift tags. Please send them into the school office so we can 'share kindness like confetti' 

Stay safe everyone.

Mrs Bennett

Wednesday 20th May - Sports Week House Competition

Still image for this video

Today’s challenge is the ‘Over and Under Challenge’.


Over and Under Challenge - Go over and under the pole as many times as you can in 30 seconds.
Video of you taking part in the challenge = 5 points for your house.
Video of you beating my score = 10 points for your house.
Please send videos to with your name, class and most importantly the name of your house.
The winning house will be announced next week!


Best of luck!


Mr Dinsley


Times Table Rockstars - Guinness World Record Challenge!


Morning Year 7, Mr Purdie here, and I'd like to show you an exciting new challenge from Times table Rockstars. You are being invited to try and become a world record holder!!!!!


Please see the attached pdf below for more details. But in short, TTR are looking for the FASTEST pupils on Studio games. Now I know we have some Y7s who are exceptionally hot on their keyboard speed, so it'd be fantastic for a few of you to give this world record attempt a go. 


Please send a video of your attempt to the office email. 

Virtual Sports Day.mp4

Still image for this video

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Bird's Terrific Tuesday Task

Firstly, don't forget that for Mental Health Awareness Week this week we are using the #KindnessMatters.  During lockdown, Mrs Dixon and I have been helping our families whether it has been with home-learning, shopping for our vulnerable family members or just remembering to take the time to say 'thank you for...'.

We have also missed everyone in our class and have thought about all of you since we have been away.


Our challenge today is to look at the following picture and complete one of the tasks.


Task 1 - Have a look at the story opener and finish the story.

Story starter!

All was silent in the forest. Not a breath of wind could be felt or heard.

A blanket of crisp, crimson leaves lay on the forest floor, and a faint earthy smell wafted through the tall, bare-branched trees.

The serenity of the scene was gradually broken as the empty boots began to come to life. The soft, brown leather seemed to flex, as if something had slipped inside them. The leaves rustled and crunched beneath them, as one of the boots miraculously took a step forward…


Task 2 -  Have a go at these questions.

What does ‘serenity’ mean?

Why do the trees have bare branches?

What has broken the silence of the forest?

What do you think is happening with the boots?

How did the boots get there in the first place?

What will happen next, now that the boots have started moving?


Task 3 - #KindnessMatters

What does it mean to 'walk in someone's shoes'? Can you tell us why this is important? What 6R would this be related to? Why does this question relate to the theme '#KindnessMatters'?


Mrs Starkey has created another wonderful Yoga video to follow. Head over to

Monday 18th May

Good morning Year 7 – Mrs Doolin here today to say hello! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you all, so I am very excited that I get to speak to you - even if it’s not in person! I’ve put my photo here because sometimes it’s nice to see who you are talking to and to remind you to send in any photos you want because we love to see you and to be able to share what you are all up to. (more about sending photos and messages later!)

First can you think of a word that links all the photos below?

You didn’t think I was going to tell you yet, did you?




This week is Mental Health Awareness week, that means it’s a time for us to think about how we look after our emotions and feelings. We need to think about what makes us feel good and how we can help other people feel good about themselves. Remember it’s fine to feel sad, upset and worried at times – it’s natural – good mental health is when we know how to cope with these feelings and sometimes what to do to prevent them. There are lots of ideas on our wellbeing page about looking after your mental health.

This year the theme for the week is kindness – do you see the link in the photos now? Being kind – kind to others and sometimes just relaxing and doing what you want is good because it’s important to be kind to yourself!


During this difficult time, we’ve seen lots of people be kind to each other and help each other. We go out on a Thursday evening to clap in an act of kindness to say thank you to our fantastic NHS staff. We see people doing shopping for each other. What about in your house? Have you been kind to your brothers and sisters? Are your parents/carers being kind and helping you with your school work? Are you appreciating how they are helping? Are you being kind and helping your parents keep the house tidy while everyone is home? While I’ve been working at home, I love it when one of my daughters pops into the room with a cup of tea and a biscuit – their little act of kindness makes me feel good!

Your challenge:

See if you can do something really kind for someone else today to mark Mental Health Awareness Week or even every day this week! If you can send us a message or photo about what you have done that would be great. Most of all I think you’ll find it will make you feel good and the other person. We can tweet any kind messages you want to send.

Here are some ideas:  

Play a game with a brother or sister, make a drink for someone, help in the house or garden, tell someone how much you appreciate them. If you take a look on the wellbeing page, you’ll see Mr Dinsley’s act of kindness! (weekly wellbeing challenge)

Have a fantastic week Year 7– work hard, enjoy your free time and be kind!

Hoping to see you all soon – take care

Mrs Doolin

P.S Have a look at Mr McMullan’s Sports competition below – lots for you to do!




Monday 18th May - Sports Week House Competition

Still image for this video
Tennis Rally Challenge: Hit the ball against the wall as many times as you can in 30 seconds!
5 points for your house - video of yourself taking part
10 points for your house - video of yourself beating my score (41)
Please send videos to with your name, class and house.
The last day for sending videos in is Monday 25th May. Winning house will be announced next week!
Good Luck!