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We had a fabulous time learning a song, whilst adding some dance moves.

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 12th June


Good morning Year 6! Mr Purdie here with your morning update. I hope you have all had a great second week back. Here in the Purdie household, myself and Mrs Purdie have been making some plans this week to turn our back garden into a home allotment, where we could start growing some of our own vegetables. It's going to be a long process, but we took our first step by buying a big compost bin, so we can start using our food waste to make compost for the garden. Hopefully this means we will throw away less food in our main bin too!


In school, the summer term is one of celebrating endings and preparing for new beginnings. Regardless of our unusual circumstances at the moment, some of those plans will continue to move on, like all of you transitioning into Year 7! I bet that feels like it has come around quickly. Rest assured, whether you are at home or in school, the staff at Westacre are working hard behind the scenes to prepare some nice surprises for you to celebrate the end of Year 6 as best as you can. 


Have a look through these photos of children in school this week, and see if you can spot any of your friends!

Thursday 11th June 20


Good morning Year 6, Mrs. G Morgan here with your daily update. I hope you are all well and continue to be enjoying your home learning 'experience'.


I wanted to share with you a reminder from Mrs Humphries. On Monday, she set a book emoji challenge. So far, there has been a small response to this challenge, it would be great if year 6 could all get involved. So if you haven't yet got involved, please look back to Monday's update to find out all the details. 


Also I wanted to share with you how you are all doing with your AR and give a shout out to those of you reading and taking lots of quizzes!


So for the week of 1st -7th June


6BP- no quizzes taken 


6CA- no quizzes taken



Fern C has taken 2 quizzes and scored a brilliant 100% in both! WOW!



Annabelle B has taken 1 quiz and scored a fantastic 100%



Lily G has taken 2 quizzes -Excellent!

Eva M has also taken 2 quizzes! Well done!


I look forward to next week seeing a lot more of you taking quizzes, especially in 6BP and 6CA.




Enjoy the rest of your day, year 6. Hopefully the sun will shine more today.







Wednesday 10th June

Good morning Year 6! Mr Purdie here. Hope you are all doing well at home.


I'd like to give a reminder that you are still being set tasks on MyMaths weekly, so keep checking back to to see what is there for you to complete. The tasks there are slowly working back through some of the key Maths topics from Year 6, so you can be as ready as possible for returning to school for some Year 7 Maths!


I'd like to mention the following students who have been doing very well on MyMaths in the last week or so:

Edward B

Georgia W

Rhys M

Charlotte W

Rebecca J

Haydn G

Peyton J

Fern C

Morgan H

Alex P

Jake T

Lola W

Leo L

Ruby P

Natalia W

Archy P

Eva W


I'd like to see even more names on this list! If you haven't logged in for a while, please check back and see what challenges you can complete. Thanks!


Carer's Week

This week is actually a very special week, which is more relevant that ever given the circumstances. We at Westacre are so proud of all of you who have fulfilled the role of carer at any point. On this website, you can find a powerpoint document that contains information as well as a video all about this week  (Pupils > Westacre Wellbeing > Weekly Updates)


Tuesday 9th June

Good morning, 

It's Miss Ackroyd here. Hope you are all well? It's my turn to do the daily update today. It's been a while since I had a turn as I was in school last week. I had a lovely time! It was so nice to see some of you again and also to catch up with some members of staff I hadn't seen (either in real life or on a screen) for months! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again when the time is right.


When I wasn't in school I was still baking. I've recently made oat and raisin cookies and rock cakes successfully but my rocky roads were not so good - I burnt the chocolate I was using to bind the crushed biscuits and marshmallows together :( They still tasted good but they were very crumbly as burnt chocolate doesn't bind as well as unburnt chocolate?! Never mind. I shall keep trying but probably won't be applying for The Great British Bake Off just yet!


I've been having a look on Times Tables Rock Stars and would like to say well done to Fern, Harvey and Finley in HM for logging in recently. Also well done to Morgan in MP. Don't forget to keep your times table knowledge sharp by logging in and practising on TTRS. Times tables are useful for some many things.


The results from last week's class tournaments are in...

In 5th place are BP with 0 points.

In 4th place are MP with 96 points.

In 3rd place are CA with 144 points.

In 2nd place are RA with 390 points

and in 1st place are HM with 592 points!


Please keep us updated with what you have been up to via email to the school office if you can.


Stay safe.


Miss Ackroyd

Monday 8th June


Good morning everyone, it is Mrs Humphries greeting you on this lovely Monday.  I hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend despite the weather not being quite as hot and sunny as we have become accustomed to. 


We welcomed some of our Year 6 children back into school last week and I think that it is safe to say that they all settled back into school life extremely well – in fact I don’t think I have ever seen so many children literally skipping through the school gates!  Over the course of the week you could see both pupils and staff settling into the new routines which we have in place, and it was clear from the smiles that everyone was enjoying being back. 


For those of you who are carrying on with home-learning it has been wonderful to continue seeing all of your hard work flooding in.  It seems like many of you are relishing the opportunity to be independent with your own learning and are deciding on which direction you want to take your own learning in.


As we are starting to see the beginning of the end of lockdown, I have taken this time to start to reflect upon the last few weeks.  There certainly have been times when it has been tough being confined to home, however on balance I can’t help but think that there have been so many more positives arise from this situation.  On a personal note I have loved seeing my children spend more time together than ever before, as it has really brought them closer together – with not too many arguments!  I’ve also enjoyed the slowed down pace of life and not rushing here, there and everywhere (especially at weekends!).  Maybe take some time this week to talk with others in your household about the positive sides to lockdown – every cloud has a silver lining.


I have taken some inspiration from all of the online quizzes which I have taken part in over the last few weeks and thought that I would throw a challenge your way.  Using the emojis below, can you work out the 15 book titles?  If you would like to earn points for your house, then click on the document link below, fill in the blanks (book title and author) and email it back to the school office making sure that you include your name, class and house by this Friday.  I will ensure that the results are posted on here on next Monday’s update.  Good luck!


Have a fabulous week everyone and stay safe.

J2E Task reminder

Morning Year 6, just a quick reminder from me that the English creative writing task, set last Thursday, is due in by Wednesday 10th June, submitted via J2E please. Because many Year 6 staff are now back in school there is no need to 'share' it with your English teacher; we will simply look through your personal folders for the relevant piece of work and leave you a comment there. 




Mr Purdie