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Daily Updates

Hi Year 7, 


It's Mr Cotton here, writing to you to update you on a few things and just say hello.


Firstly, I'd like to say a huge well done to all of you regarding how well you are coping. The conversations we have had with you and your parents on the phone just go to show what a mature, determined, level-headed year group we have. 


Well done to you for maintaining your work ethic and just remember what I used to say in assemblies, you are not doing the work for us but for yourselves and your futures. I know so many of you have consistently accessed the daily learning and that means you will hit the ground running when you return to school. Just because we are not seeing your work on a day to day basis does not mean it is not important so keep up the good work and, if you have slowed down on how much you are completing each day, get back to the high standards you have set throughout your time in Westacre. 


Today is a very exciting day. We have spent a lot of time communicating with the high schools to tell them all about the wonderfully talented, exceptionally kind and brilliantly enthusiastic children we have. They know what sets you  are currently in for Maths and English, what your attitude to learning and homework is like as well as what things you enjoy within school. Today, DSHS will be sending a pack out to you and your parents which will include your tutor groups, details about the uniform and some transition work to be completed before your arrival. Those of you attending other schools, we will keep you posted in regards to any new information we are given but rest assured they have been equally eager in wanting to find out about you.


Like every year, finding out tutor groups and thinking about transition can be an anxious time but it is important to remember the tutor groups will only be in place for registration times and a few lessons a week. You will be in teaching groups for the majority of the time so don't worry if your friends are in other tutor groups. Think back to when we moved you around at the start of Year 7, many of you weren't sure then and that has worked out well. See it as a chance to meet others whilst also knowing your friends will see you in teaching groups and at lunch/ break times. 


To finish I would like to re-iterate how truly proud of you all I am and I look forward to bringing you back into school, whenever it is safe to do so, to celebrate your wonderful achievements in Westacre. Look after yourself and you families, keep working hard, and I'll see you soon. 


Mr Cotton

Why not start your day with a look over on our wellbeing page where there is a brand new challenge as well as an epic interview with, the one and only, Mr Cotton!

Hello from the Radburn household. 

I've loved seeing all the activities and adventures you have been up to over half term making the most of the beautiful weather. Although saying that, I, for one, have enjoyed the rain these last few days and a break from the sun as my flowers are watered and my water butt is full again!


I made the HUGE mistake of mentioning to my 2 year old that I saw the rocket launch whilst he was sleeping. Oh dear! The wrath and upset that followed was quite impressive. But needless to say, thanks to technology, we were able to watch, and re-watch and watch some more the Falcon Launch. Subsequently, every day we are watching it again from the astronauts getting into their cars; to the launch; engine separation and docking. I guess rockets are our new love!


This all got me thinking, that Dragon Crew have to be apart from family/friends and spend a lot of time together. Share ups and downs (a cancelled launch at the last minute a few days before). They form a bond. An identity. In this case: Dragon Crew. They have a mission patch unique to them that symbolises their hard work and connection for life. I feel there are lots of similarities with what's happening in the world at the moment.




So your weekend challenge is to ask yourselves: What is your 'crew' called? What would be your badge or launch logo? Then use to design your household's Logo.  It could be something to look back on as I'm sure the astronauts will look back on there's too.


Here's a little help video to refer to when using Canva.

introduction to logos on

Still image for this video

Thursday 4th June 2020


Good morning Year 7, Mrs Bennett here again. 

I hope you enjoyed yesterdays space challenge, I look forwards to hearing from anyone who found out some fascinating facts about astronauts and NASA.


Today, I have been busy preparing some more exciting science home learning, including more experiments for you to try at home. Watch this space over the next few weeks to find out more. 


I would like to remind you that Miss Starkey has put this weeks yoga lesson online so please use the link below to check out what she has to offer. As I'm sure you will all agree Miss Starkey's yoga sessions have something for everyone; particularly during these strange times it is nice to have a little quiet time to focus on our strength, flexibility and breathing, boosting our physical and mental well-being.

Thank you Miss Starkey. Please enjoy!






Thursday's Challenge


During this pandemic, I have had time to reflect on things in my life and my achievements over the past year. This got me thinking that it would be lovely to take some time to jot down some ideas. That way when I look back on the year 2020, I will have some memories of things I am proud of and how I felt at this point in my life. 

My challenge to you is to complete the interview below about yourself. This can be shared with others (and the school office) if you want to, or simply kept in a safe place that you can go back to in the future.


Maybe you could use this document as one of your objects and place them in a time capsule! 


Stay safe year 7. 

See you all soon.


Mrs Bennett 

Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesdays.


Good morning Year 7!


I hope you all had a restful half term and enjoyed some of the glorious sunshine. Mr Bennett and I spent time in the garden and managed to have four BBQs! 


During the half term on 30th May, something very exciting happened that many of you may have seen on the news. It was an iconic time for both space travel and science. 


SpaceX launched two American astronauts into orbit in their first privately funded space shuttle. At 3.22pm, it lifted off from the same Florida launchpad that once served the very famous Apollo missions (google them if you want to find out more). 

The company SpaceX was funded and launched by a private billionaire enthusiast Elon Musk, who wants to pursue his dream of sending men to Mars. 


Who went on the launch?

Friends and colleagues Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley were amongst the team who blasted off in the Crew Dragon Capsule. After waving their families goodbye, the men headed on the short drive to the launchpad. 


This is the first time that SpaceX has ever transported humans as it normally takes cargo. If this mission is successful then the company plans to ferry four astronauts to the space station later in the year.


Exciting times for space travel and science!


My challenge to you is to log onto Their website has some fantastic videos on that show you how the astronauts train and if you click on topics and onto STEM engagement and grades 5-8 you can even watch a SpaceX simulation! Amazing right?

If you find the link to make a rocket I would love to see pictures of your models so please send them into the school office. 


Stay safe and see you all soon,

Mrs Bennett 

Tuesday's update by Mr Cotton


Hello year 7!


It is great to be back and I have loved hearing of all your different adventures form over half term.


It has also been a busy time in the Cotton household. I have made a start on a cubby house for Jacob and Alfie. I have never built one before and have been on a steep learning curve. So far the floor has been done (and hasn't collapsed yet) and I will keep you posted on future progress.

Alfie and Jacob have also been helping 'renovate' the garden by adding their own delicate touches: Jacob has decided to begin building a well in the centre of lawn and Alfie has been decorating the garden, including the BBQ, in chalk that he got from his granny!
As some of you may know, there was a special birthday in the Cotton household before half-term. I turned 39 (I know it hard to believe I am a day over 24!) and celebrated with cake and a family film night. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles turned out to be a rather enjoyable film! I was given some great cards including one of them which was complementary to my footballing prowess and another that was aimed at my hair colour!
Cotton's farm shop is officially up and running. The strawberries have begun to make an appearance so, as long as we can keep the insects away, we are looking forward to some home grown produce.

DSHS Music Questionnaire


Staff from DSHS would still like to find out a bit more about you through this simple online questionnaire. We have boasted to them regarding the amount of talent we have in Westacre and they look forward to taking your theatrical/ musical skills and taking them to the next level. 33 of you have completed it so far so if you haven't yet please access the link below and complete the questionnaire.

Joyful June

Make sure you check out the Wellbeing task on the Home Learning page today. Here you will find a whole host of activities to keep you and your family busy. As always we would love to see pictures of you completing the tasks.

Mr Cotton's challenge

Over half term I have introduced Jacob to a favourite pastime of my own: Spot the Difference quizzes. He has really enjoyed spending time doing them and managed to complete the one below in 1 minute and 56 seconds (which was quicker than me!). See if you can beat Jacob. Who will be the fastest in your family?




Monday's Daily Update from Mr Barber


Good morning Year 7,


First of all, I do hope you all had a very relaxing and enjoyable half-term holiday! As promised, here is a slideshow of all of the photos sent into school of children from all year groups having what looks like lots of fun last week. There appears to have been lots of things going on in the Droitwich area, including bike rides, BBQs, golf, gardening, swimming pools in gardens and Art. Of course, the weather forecast continues to look good this week, so you could have a go at some of these, if your parents agree.

Secondly, I wanted to discuss with you our new Value of the Month – Thankfulness. Despite everything being so different at the moment, we still have a lot to be thankful for! Last Thursday, I joined my family and neighbours for the tenth Clap for Carers. I hear it may well be the last official clap we do as a country, but it did remind me again how thankful we should all be for all of the carers out there keeping people safe at this time. Of course, people are also clapping for the many Key Workers in our community as well. We are thankful for the workers that help provide us with our food, that help deliver our parcels, that provide our emergency services, that help provide public transport, that collect all of our rubbish and recycling bins and so many others that I could mention! So, as part of our virtual whole school assembly today, I’d like you all to take a moment to reflect and thank all of those people who have helped you and your family over the last ten weeks.


As a school, we also have a lot to be thankful for. I spent a bit of time last week looking back on the many photographs that have been displayed on the homepage of our school website each month since this current school year started in September. Doing this really reminded me of what a busy place Westacre is! It also reminded me of how lucky we are to have so many different opportunities available to us – something again we should be thankful for. Have a look at the photos below and you will see so many things that have taken place this school year, including:


  • School clubs
  • Sports competitions
  • School trips
  • Sports competitions
  • House events
  • School celebrations
  • Parent visits into school
  • Class yoga
  • So much amazing learning!

All of this would not be possible without the incredible hard work of both the Westacre staff and you, our amazing pupils! So, also as part of my virtual whole school assembly, please spend a bit of time having a look at all of these photos and being thankful for all that we do and have as a school community. Don’t feel sad that we can’t all be together at the moment; instead feel happy about what you have already achieved at school and look forward to all of the opportunities that will come your way in the future. Whenever we are told it is safe to do so, we do have plans to invite you all back into school to celebrate everything you have achieved in the last three years so we will see you again!


Talking of learning opportunities, you will find a new set of home learning documents available for you today. Your teachers have again been working hard on creating these for you, so, now that you are fully refreshed and ready for learning again, please again give your very best effort with these. Remember that, to be an independent learner, you need to show the qualities of readiness, resourcefulness, reasoning, reflection, responsibility and resilience. Now, more than ever, you are going to have to show these skills but I know you have them all ready to prove yet again what wonderful learners you are! As we’ve said before, please don’t pressurise yourselves to do every single task every day if you’re finding things hard – do what you can, when you can, to your very best ability and you will be learning. Coming back to the theme of my update, and of course our value of the month, being able to develop, learn and achieve is something we should all be thankful for!


I wish you all the very best as you start another half-term of home learning and look forward to seeing and hearing about all of the learning you do.


Mr Barber




Morning Westacre!


I have 2 exciting new competitions to make you aware of as part of the Worcestershire Virtual School Games. If you would like to take part in some friendly competition and represent our school in the process then this could be for you!








All entries must be submitted by Friday 26th June.

For more information about the competitions, click on the documents below.


In addition to this, there will also be other weekly virtual sport competitions (similar to those we did for our sports day activities) where you can represent Westacre against other schools – so keep your eye out for those as well.


Have fun!


Mr Dinsley