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Mrs McDiarmid's Fantastic Friday!

Bonjour tout le monde !

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! I hope you’re all ok.



There is a new blog on the wellbeing page with a very interesting interview with Mrs Underhill, so go and check it out!


The year 7 team have been busy behind the scenes discussing what to do to say goodbye to you all and it’s certainly made me reflect on the year we’ve had together and this lockdown experience. If you’re like me, you’re a bit fed up of it all now and just want to see your friends and go out and do things and the recent bad weather hasn’t helped! If any of you have young siblings, then like me, you will have seen a lot of children’s TV programs lately. One of the favourites in this household is ‘Kiri and Lou’. For those not in the know, it’s about two dinosaurs who have adventures and sing songs (I warn you now the songs are very catchy ('Yum Yum Baronies' episode 2, you have been warned!)).


These episodes also have meanings, a bit like the ballads you were looking at in English last week. Our value for the month is ‘Thankfulness’ and the episode called The Something, something’, made me think about how even a small gesture can mean a lot to someone. 



It’s Father’s Day this Sunday and my challenge for you this weekend is to think about what you’re thankful for and to do one small gesture for someone else to show others your gratitude. It could be getting one of your parents (Father's Day so could be Dad) or carers a cup of tea or reading a book with your brother or sister or even taking the dog for a walk. A small gesture can mean a lot, so give it a go!


As always, share what you’re doing with us on email or Twitter because we love seeing what you’re up to.

Have a great weekend!


Au revoir!

DSHS Transition Work


I am aware that those of you who have received your transition work from the High School may be thinking that all of a sudden your workload has doubled. In terms of how you manage the completion of the transition work, I am aware many of you are timetabling your work superbly so it is fine to mange your time as you see fit. However, we as the Year 7 team have looked at it and, to give you the best chance of hitting the ground running, have timetabled slots over the remaining weeks of the year to complete it. Some weeks when you come to a task on the Home learning page it will point you in the direction of the transition work for that particular subject for that particular week. We hope this will allow you to continue your Year 7 learning whilst also ensuring the first day of High School is a successful one where you can impress your new staff with all your amazing transition work


Mr Cotton

Morning Year 7, 


As many of you may know we are arranging a virtual leaver's assembly for 10 am on the 15th July. We would like you to be a part of this as it is your assembly, dedicated to talking about what a fantastic year group you are. We are asking you to send in a picture of yourselves with a sign (you can use the template below if you want to) telling us your favourite memory from Westacre. It would be amazing to get all 144 of you on the video so please encourage/ nag your friends to all send theirs in as well. Once you have taken the photos, please send them to the Westacre Office- we can't wait to see them. 


Mr Cotton

Thursday 18th June 2020


Good morning Year 7, Mrs Bennett here again. Just a quick message to say I hope you have all had a chance to look at the transition documents. Do not panic about getting them all done straight away as you have lots of time to make sure they are completed to the best of your ability. 

Your 'Under the sea' science topic looks very exciting and takes me back to my university days. It got me thinking about all of the amazing creatures that live under the sea. My favourite (I'm sure you can guess) is the magnificent seahorse. I can see the resemblance to my own beautiful horse Sadie. What do you think?

With this in mind I thought I would send you a motivational quote to help you along the way. 

If you have any questions please ask a adult to send an email to the school office and your class teacher will be able to answer your queries.

See you all soon,

Mrs Bennett 

I know it can be difficult to access new reading material during lock down so I thought I would quickly navigate you to our AR page on this website where you can access HUNDREDS of free e-books, e-audios and e-mags. Who does not LOVE a FREEBIE.

Happy reading year 7 


Mrs Bennett 

(more details found on the AR section of our website and in my daily shout outs)

Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesdays 


Good morning year 7! Mrs Bennett here, wishing you all a happy Wednesday. 

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed a little more of the glorious sunshine that has returned. As I'm sure you are aware, there are lots of changes happening so I hope you are all staying safe. As lock down eases, we must all make sure we follow the rules and not get too carried away. 

Last week, Mr Bennett and I enjoyed our first take-away in 12 weeks. I know it was a special treat and a welcome break from my home cooking!


Mrs Bennett's Wednesday Challenge.


As we start to think about the future, there are lots of things for year 7 to look forwards to. High school will be an amazing adventure for you all and although we will miss you all greatly (I promise not to cry) you will be exposed to many fantastic new opportunities. For some, this new challenge may seem like a a daunting thought but this is a perfectly normal and understandable feeling that most of us went through when we moved up to high school so do not worry. 

Myself and all of the year 7 team want you to embrace these new opportunities, whether it is a new sports club, learning a new skills or language or expanding your friendship groups. 


With friendship in mind, I challenge you this week to think of an adjective or phrase for each letter of the alphabet that describes a good friend. This is your own personal thoughts and I'm sure will help you to focus on the positives that lie ahead as you move to your next milestone. 

Here are my examples to get you started; 

A= Awesome 

B= Believes in me

C= creative (I love arts and crafts)


Stay safe year 7, see you all soon.

Mrs Bennett 


Hi all, Mr Cotton here with your Tuesday update. 


I had the pleasure yesterday of talking to the staff at Droitwich High School about all the amazing talent they have got coming their way. This is the forth year I have talked about our Westacre Year 7s, the first via a Zoom call, and I think it was my favourite. Going through the names, I found myself smiling as each person I spoke about triggered a lovely memory from our year so far. The High School staff were left very eager to meet you all. For those of you attending other schools, similar conversations with similar pride have also taken place. 


Making phone calls this week, I have been over the moon to hear about how well you are doing at home. I have had some great conversations with parents who are so proud of their children and how they have coped and it has been so nice to hear how well you have been doing. 


My weekend was spent painting our living room. It has been some time coming. My wife wanted a blue colour and I guessed that would be simple yet we had 15 different tester pots and before I started painting, our living room looked like a patchwork blanket: we had tested Oxford Blue, Admiral Blue, Lost Lake, Ocean Spary (goodness knows how they come up with the names). We finally settled on Bandana Blue!


What do you think?


When we were looking at all the different colours, Jacob asked how paint was made and we started a conversation as to how they were originally created. We spoke about how they had to be made from natural materials and that blue was a difficult colour to find (blue is rare on older paintings and it often shows that it was commissioned by someone rich: the artists couldn't afford true blue, otherwise known as ultramarine). Look at Mary in this picture, the artist was certainly asked to show her importance by using ultramarine. It is believed that during the 15th century, ultramarine had the same value as gold. 

Below is a painting called Entombment by Michelangelo. Art historians believe it is unfinished because he could not afford to buy more ultramarine blue.

Anyway, getting back to the point, it started a discussion about how art is made and we talked about other materials such as clay that comes form the earth and is used in models. Jacob then asked what other medium are used in art which inspired me to make the following quiz. There are 10 pieces of art, can you explain what each piece is made out of? (I will put the answers on tomorrow)


Good luck.



Westacre Middle School's Online Yoga - Video 6

With this class we ask ourselves how we are feeling? There's been lots of changes for everyone which may leave us feeling lots of different emotions. We cons...

Good morning year 7, it’s Mrs Doolin here this morning welcoming you to the start of a new week.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and you’re ready to start this week’s work!

This last half term of school is very important. We want you to finish Year 7 in the best possible way and be prepared for next year. We know it’s not always easy doing your learning away from school but we need everyone to give that extra bit of effort in these next few weeks to make sure you finish the year in the best possible way.

I have been looking back at all the photos and videos of you and your family doing different things that you have sent us over the last couple of months and I noticed they all have one thing in common - you are all smiling! The more involved and active you get the happier and more productive people become. So, it’s good to remember even though things are very challenging at the moment there are still lots of things to get involved in and smile about. Take a moment and think of something nice that has happened over the weekend that made you smile – it might have been something very small (maybe your favourite food for dinner, a joke from your brother or sister, you were the winner in a game, you played with your dog) Even the memory can make you smile! It might not be as easy to work at home but if you give things a go you will definitely feel better and I’m sure there will be a smile of satisfaction on your face and on those parents/carers who are helping you! So, be resilient, keep working hard and keep smiling because it can motivate you and those around you!


Challenge: See if you can spot the Westacre staff from just their smile! I'll give you the answers later in the week.



Emoji Book Quiz House Challenge

Well done to everyone who took part in the Emoji quiz.  It was lovely to see entries from children across all year groups and houses.  I have awarded points to houses based on how many entries were received from each.


Joint 1st place - Bannister and and Attenborough (10 points each)

Joint 2nd place - Turing and Bronte (5 points each)


As you can see from the results, 2 houses have claimed the top spot with the same number of entries.  Rather remarkably, what should have been 3rd and 4th place also had the same number of entries and so were promoted to 2nd place.


For those of you who may have wracked your brains for the answers but couldn't quite get there, here are the answers...


Mrs Humphries