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Daily Updates

Friday 3rd July

Good morning Year 6! Mr Purdie here with your daily update. As most of you know, I'm a bit of a historian, and this weekend marks an important date in the calendar for our American cousins... it's 4th July Weekend! Otherwise known as 'Independence Day'. 



You may or may not know, compared to most European countries, the USA is a relatively 'young' country. While many European countries have existed for  thousands of years, America officially declared its independence in 1776. Can you work out how many years ago that is?


The 'Thirteen Colonies' of the Americas at the time were ruled directly by Britain and had to abide by laws passed there, but they did not have any MPs in British Parliament. They were also suffering under restrictive trade laws and taxes. Many Americans of the time resented the 'tyrant King George' meddling in their affairs - he lived half a world away and had never been to America, so what right did he have??


On the 4th July 1776, the Thirteen Colonies declared their independence (that they would rule their own country, and make their own laws). This set off a bitter War of Independence with Britain which eventually resulted in the successful formation of the 'United States of America' by 1783. 


Try counting the red and white stripes on the American flag above... what is significant about how many there are? The 50 white stars on the flag represent the 50 modern American states. 


So there's a short history lesson for you! I think it's important to know the history of countries other than our own. It's like piecing together parts of a great, human jigsaw. They all connect together with their neighbours in some way!


Now for some picture updates for what has been going on in school! As usual, try to spot your friends in the pictures!

Thursday 2nd July

Good morning year 6 Mrs Adey back again!


What a change in the weather we've had-although I do actually quite like the rain. I like to leave my bedroom window open a little bit and listen to it on a night-it helps me drift off to sleep. 


Something else to help you relax is yoga. Please click on the link below to take you to yet another of Miss Starkey's yoga videos. I hope you are enjoying them and finding yoga is a very useful skill to have to help you relax and become more calm. 



Westacre Middle School's Online Yoga - Video 7

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

AR Reading


A huge WELL DONE to Fern C and Peyton J for excellent AR quizzing. 


Don't forget to have a look and see if you can take a quiz on any of the books you are reading at home. 


And finally...


TimesTables RockStars - Let the BATTLES commence!


Please log on to TTRS to find inter-year group battles that start today! Come on Year 6! Let's show the rest of the school what we are made of! Let's ROCK those times tables!!


Wednesday 1st July


Good morning Year 6, it's Mr Purdie here with your daily update. Firstly, it's the 1st day of a new month! That means we have a new well-being calendar to check each day...

It might be a little small for you to read, but today's is...

What great advice! It's always better to ask for help when we feel stuck or unsure about anything. 


Value of the month - Empathy

The 1st of the month also means it's time for a new school value - Empathy. Take a look through the slides at the bottom of this update to learn about what it means to be empathetic.



TTR Battle Update


The final TTR Battle to end all battles began yesterday!! Which year group is most committed to practising their tables?? The prize - ultimate bragging rights. 


After 24 hours:

1st: Year 5, 654 points

2nd: Year 6, 596 points

3rd: Year 7, 20 points


Wow, it's close between Years 5 and 6. Well done to all of you who have logged on and taken part. Please keep practising every day, as there's plenty of time until this tournament ends! Come on, we can beat the Year 5s!!!!!




Don't forget that you are still being set MyMaths tasks every week! It's really useful for you to log in and practise some of your key maths skills, so you stay sharp and ready for Year 7. Well done to the following children who are keeping up with their maths skills by completing tasks online this week:


Edward B

Rhys M

Georgia W

Bethany C

Kayden R

Charlotte W

Finley C

Haydn G

Fern C

Calven C

Lola W

Leo L

Ruby P

Archy P

Eva W

Tuesday 30th June


TimesTables RockStars - Let the BATTLES commence!

Please log on to TTRS to find inter-year group battles that start today! Come on Year 6! Let's show the rest of the school what we are made of! Let's ROCK those times tables!!

Good morning Year 6! It’s Mrs. P. Morgan here and I hope you are all well! How did you all cope in the heat last week? It was a real scorcher! I am secretly a little pleased it is not so hot this week, although the wind is destroying my hard work in the garden!

I can’t believe another 2 weeks has gone by. Here, in the Morgan household, we are sticking with our long walks and really enjoying discovering new routes and trails on our doorstep. It has been so enjoyable to see the farmers’ crops grow from seedlings to well established wheat, barley and oats. Nature has given us so much pleasure from swallows swooping and skimming the long grass to a fantastic array of butterflies and bees! Now, let’s see what your year 6 teachers have been up to:

  1. Firstly, Mrs.Page has continued her super fitness regime and has moved onto extreme tree climbing!
  2. Mrs. Ardis has been very busy in her garden growing delicious fruit and veg – strawberries and peas - which look delicious! The passionflower is beautiful and has a very interesting story behind its name:

In the 16th Century, Christian Missionaries in South America named the flower (Passiflora) because they saw it as being a symbol of the death of Jesus Christ. They also thought that the double row of filaments (corona) on the passion flower represented the crown of thorns that Jesus was made to wear.

3. Mrs.Adey has also been busy in the garden, planting up some very pretty pots and containers.

4. Mr.Purdie has been watching nature in action! Take a look at some very cool caterpillars munching their way through one of his plants. Apparently, they only eat this particular plant every year. It would be great to know what they transform into! Mr.Purdie is going to locate the cocoons and will let us know.

5. Miss.Ackroyd has done an amazing job on building her Summer House and decorating the garden around it - beautiful! She has also had a couple of BBQs too!

6. As I mentioned, we are still walking many miles a day and often go past an inquisitive set of cows, some goats that love Brody (my dog) and various stiles that are more tricky for Brody than me, as he has such long legs!

Now, onto the latest news from Times Table RockStars! I would firstly like to encourage you all to spend a little time on TTRS to increase your times tables accuracy and speed. This week we are singing the praises of our fastest Rockstars on the Block! I have picked the top 2 from each class, giving their current Studio Speed:



6MP: Joseph B – 1.31 and Haydn W – 1.92

6CA: Harry S – 1.46 and Addison R – 1.66

6HM: Fern C – 1.50 and Harvey W – 1.81

6RA: Zach B – 1.52 and Alex P – 1.92

6BP: Lucas H – 1.98 and Drew H – 2.07

Monday 29th June


Good morning – it’s Mrs Humphries here with your daily update.  There is loads going on over the next few weeks from now until the end of term, so I thought I would take this opportunity to keep you up to date.


With the end of this, very unusual(!), term drawing near I am sure that we are all looking forward to the summer holidays and hoping that (if possible) we are able to have a day trip to visit the seaside.  However, before we reach this point we have an especially important day happening next Monday – can you guess what it is?


That’s right, it’s Transition Day!  As you know, this day is normally an opportunity for you to ‘move up a year’ for a day, allowing you to meet your new teachers and visit your new classrooms or schools.  Whilst we can’t do this in the normal way, all of the teachers at Westacre have devised a cunning plan to still enable this to happen but in a slightly different way.  As such, we would like to invite you to our Virtual Transition Day next Monday (6th June) where you will still have an opportunity to meet your new teachers and get a feel for the next step of your learning journey.  You will be receiving more information about this exciting day later in the week.


I’m sure that another question which is on the tip of all of your tongues is ‘who is my teacher next year?’.  If I had a drum, I would be playing a drum roll right now!  Today – yes, today – your parents will be receiving an email which will inform you of which class you will be in next year and your teacher or teachers.  Most of these names you will recognise, however there may be one or two in there which are new to you.  You will get to meet all of your teachers next week at the Virtual Transition Day.


Whilst it is always a little sad to say goodbye to your current teacher and year group, this time of year is also an opportunity to begin dreaming about what you will achieve over the next twelve months of your school life.


If you remember, last Monday Mr Barber challenged you on your knowledge of Westacre from the past year – he also gave you the clue that all answers could be found on the Twitter page (although you would need to check with an adult first that they were happy for you to access this site). 


1. In September, our new head boy and head girl spoke at our Open Evening – what are their first names?

Finley and Alexis

2. In October, some children in every year group visited Worcester Cathedral to meet a famous author. What is her name?

Robin Stephens

3. In November, you all helped commemorate Remembrance Day by making 450 what? 


4. In November, our head girl and head boy shared your house General Election Manifestos with the person who is now our local MP. What is his name?

Nigel Huddleston 

5. In December, all of the children in one house got to wear non-uniform in their house colours to celebrate earning the most house points during the first term of the school year. Which house was this?


6. In December, you enjoyed your school Christmas dinner. Which three members of staff joined the normal kitchen staff to serve your dinner? 

Mrs Evans, Mr Barber, Mrs Doolin

7. In December, our Christmas assembly saw the house leaders and children in each year group take part in three special Christmas-themed challenges (Bronte were the overall winners!). What were the three tasks? 

Decorate a present, create a paper chain, create a festive t-shirt

8. In December, many of you took part in our annual Christmas variety performance. What was the name of the show? 

Westacre World Christmas

9. In January, we all enjoyed our latest whole school theatre trip to The Rep in Birmingham. What was the production we saw this year?

Peter Pan

10. In January, Year 6 children wrote to different world embassies. We were really excited to receive a visit to Westacre from one particular Embassy – which country’s embassy was this?

South Africa

11. In February, our Year 7 Basketball team won another two Junior NBA matches. What colour vests do the team wear?


12. In March, Year 5 enjoyed a visit from the History Man. What era of history did he help the children learn about?


13. In March, Mrs Evans wrote to you all as school closed for lockdown. The letter reminded you about an assembly she delivered earlier in the year about a type of animal that sometimes needs a push from its Mum. Which animal was it?


14. In April, our whole school community came together to create a special video to play our part in the Chase The Rainbow movement. What did we all do?

Wear house colours

15. In May, our whole school community came together to help create a special school video to help commemorate the 75th anniversary of what?

VE Day


How did you get on?  Were there any questions which just completely stumped you, or did you know the answer like the back of your hand?  Well done to all of you who had a go at Mr Barber’s challenging Twitter quiz.


With the weather now definitely showing that we are well and truly in the summer season (except for maybe today!), I’m sure that we have all been spending much more time outdoors than normal.  Over the last few weeks, I have been exploring the lanes and fields near my house more than I have ever done before with my family.  And now that we are allowed to travel a little further to places where you can still socially distance easily, we have also visited woods which we never even knew existed which are right on our doorstep – I would certainly recommend Shrawley Woods, especially if you fancy a paddle in a stream!


It is easy when you are out on walks to miss some of the wonderful elements of nature as you stroll through a field or wood.  Therefore, I would like to challenge you to have a go at my ‘Summer Spots’ challenge.  Can you find all of these items over the next week whilst you are out and about?  Maybe you could challenge members of your family or friends to see who can find them all first.


It has been lovely writing your daily update and I hope that you all have a lovely week.  As always, we look forward to seeing you take on your home learning opportunities with pride and resilience.