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Daily Updates

Friday 26th June



Hi Y7, Mr McMullen here! Hope you are all well! 

Just a reminder that there is plenty of MyMaths work that has been set. Remember to contact the office if you have forgotten your username and password. If you are struggling with any of the White Rose maths work, you can use MyMaths to help you - it has nearly all of the topics we cover on there! 


Amongst the different virtual quizzes I have participated in over the past few weeks, I have come across a few different pictures quizzes that have been really fun (and tricky!) so thought I would share one with you. Have a go and see how many you can get right! Answers will be revealed on Tuesday's daily update!

Thursday 25th June

Good morning year 7. Mrs Hennessey here on another glorious sunny day. Following on from Mrs Bennet’s Joyful June, today you are asked to ‘Eat food that makes you feel good and really savour it!’ I wonder what your favourite food is, or your comfort food to make you feel happier? I do love a yummy bar of chocolate. I’m quite good at savouring it and making it last but I have to watch out for the predatory eyes of my girls and husband! My favourite chocolate bar is (a difficult choice to make) …

I also love a good dunk of a biscuit in my coffee each morning. We tend to stick with ‘Daddy’ bourbons and custard creams. If we’re lucky we may get a chocolate digestive. My all-time favourite biscuit is a special treat when we go to Cornwall …

I hope you all have a lovely day and feel free to share with us some of the things you love to eat. I’m sure some of you could take this as a challenge/excuse to do some more cooking! I wonder what the other staff would say were their favourite food – maybe you could guess.

Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesday 


Wednesday 24th June 2020


Good morning Year 7, Mrs Bennett checking in on this glorious, sunshine Wednesday. It is so nice to have the sunshine back and to hear some news that places such as shops and restaurants are going to begin opening soon.  Although we will still have to abide by some social distancing rules, accept a 'new normal' and continue to take extra care, I feel this is some positive news and a step in the right direction for all. 


This week your class teachers have been continuing to plan your virtual leavers assembly. This assembly will be very different to the ones you are used to but will still have an exciting itinerary and share special memories. Another reminder to all of you that we need your help. Mr Cotton asked you all to take a photograph of yourself displaying a message to your year group and send it in to the school office. This is another polite reminder (nudge) to encourage as many of you as possible to do this so we can all share in this very special and unique assembly. 


Looking back at our 'Joyful June' wellness calendar I can see that the task for today is to thank a friend for the joy they bring to your life. Therefore, the person I would like to thank is my long suffering best friend Sam. We have been friends since we were both your age and have been through endless adventures and milestones in our lives together. Although we are not able to see each other at the moment 'face to face' I love speaking to her on face time for a general catch up and chit chat each week. So Sam, thank you for everything you do and for always being there for me when I need you.

Who would you like to thank this week? Maybe it is a friend or a family member? It could be someone you have known for a long time or maybe for a couple of years. Let them know today how much you appreciate them this week with a simple thank you. 

Remember manners cost nothing!


Tuesday 23rd June


Hello Year 7! Mrs Bird here - I hope you all had a lovely week. During the past week, whilst I've been in school, I have had a lovely time! It has been so nice to teach again - it keeps me happy! As I say to most of you, for me, it's so good to just start a new day not knowing what is going to happen and I always wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go - you've all kept my mind sharp this year! This week, Mrs Murray has set us a task, but I'd also like you to think about what will make you happy in the future - what will you get up every day for and feel enthusiastic about? To help you with this, I've included the link to a great careers website.


Mrs Murray's Marvellous Magazines!


What about a magazine!

Over the last few months, I’ve subscribed to a selection of magazines – I found something for everyone in my family and we always look forward to the next issue dropping through the letter box. If you fancy finding out what magazines are out there for you, why not visit the following website?






Monday 22nd June


Good morning Year 7 – Mr Barber here with your daily update! I’ve got lots to share with you again so I’ll get straight to it!


First of all, I know so many of you enjoyed having a go at Mrs Doolin’s Staff Smile challenge from last Monday! If you did have a go at identifying the members of staff from their smiles, I have great pleasure in sharing the answers with you. The happy smiles belonged to:


Line 1: Mrs Riddleston, Mrs Howard, Mr McMullen & Mrs Bird

Line 2: Mrs Page, Mrs Adey, Mrs Ginns, Miss Brighton & Miss Kelly

Line 3: Mrs Humphries, Mrs Murray, Mrs Doolin & Mrs Burke

Line 4: Miss Colledge, Mr Barber, Mrs Evans & Mr Cotton


How did you get on? I wonder if any of you managed to spot them all correctly! More importantly, I do hope you managed to achieve Mrs Doolin’s challenge of being resilient, working hard and smiling last week, because it can indeed motivate you and those around you!



When I last wrote your daily update on June 1st, I introduced our ‘Living Value of the Month’ as Thankfulness. Over the last few days, I’ve had yet more things to be thankful for. Like Mr Dinsley in his daily update last week (and indeed many Year 6 children who I spoke to at the end of last week!) I’ve been very thankful to be able to watch live football again (distractions like this do help to take my mind off some of the other things I need to worry about at home and at school, although those of you who know which team I support will know they aren’t particularly good for my mental wellbeing!).



Yesterday of course, was Father’s Day and being able to share the day with my daughter Chloe and son Jack made me realise how thankful I am for having a loving family around me. We do all have different types of families around us, but I do hope you all continue to be thankful for those around you who love and care for you (that of course includes dads, grandads, uncles, mums, nans, aunties, siblings and cousins!). It’s also important to remember and be thankful for those who aren’t with us anymore and how they touched our lives.



Talking of Thankfulness, I wanted to remind you again of the ‘Action for Happiness Joyful June’ calendar that we shared with you at the start of the month.



How many of the 21 challenges have you had a go at so far this month? Today’s suggestion is to ‘share a happy memory with someone who means a lot to you’ so I thought I’d have a go! When I tried to decide who to share my memory with, I thought who better than with all 450 wonderful children currently at Westacre! When I got thinking about which happy memory, I just couldn’t narrow it down to one. I’m sure you all know how much I like sharing what goes on in school on Twitter, so I spent a little time over the weekend looking back at what we’ve posted since last September and reminiscing – so many happy memories to be both thankful for and joyful about! I know the quizzes that Mrs Humphries and Mrs Doolin shared during their recent updates have been really popular so I thought I would magpie their idea and do something similar. Below are 15 questions (one for each of the amazing classes at Westacre!) that will test how many of my happy Westacre memories from this school year you remember (all of the answers can be found on our Twitter page if you want a bit of help– do remember to ask for parental permission to look at this site if you want to have a look!).


  1. In September, our new head boy and head girl spoke at our Open Evening – what are their first names?
  2. In October, some children in every year group visited Worcester Cathedral to meet a famous author. What is her name?
  3. In November, you all helped commemorate Remembrance Day by making 450 what? 
  4. In November, our head girl and head boy shared your house General Election Manifestos with the person who is now our local MP. What is his name? 
  5. In December, all of the children in one house got to wear non-uniform in their house colours to celebrate earning the most house points during the first term of the school year. Which house was this?
  6. In December, you enjoyed your school Christmas dinner. Which three members of staff joined the normal kitchen staff to serve your dinner? 
  7. In December, our Christmas assembly saw the house leaders and children in each year group take part in three special Christmas-themed challenges (Bronte were the overall winners!). What were the three tasks? 
  8. In December, many of you took part in our annual Christmas variety performance. What was the name of the show? 
  9. In January, we all enjoyed our latest whole school theatre trip to The Rep in Birmingham. What was the production we saw this year?
  10. In January, Year 6 children wrote to different world embassies. We were really excited to receive a visit to Westacre from one particular Embassy – which country’s embassy was this?
  11. In February, our Year 7 Basketball team won another two Junior NBA matches. What colour vests do the team wear?
  12. In March, Year 5 enjoyed a visit from the History Man. What era of history did he help the children learn about?
  13. In March, Mrs Evans wrote to you all as school closed for lockdown. The letter reminded you about an assembly she delivered earlier in the year about a type of animal that sometimes needs a push from its Mum. Which animal was it?
  14. In April, our whole school community came together to create a special video to play our part in the Chase The Rainbow movement. What did we all do?
  15. In May, our whole school community came together to help create a special school video to help commemorate the 75th anniversary of what?


Please send in your answers to these questions via email to the school office by the end of the week (with your name and house) and I will award one house point for every single correct answer. This could make all of the difference as we get closer to finding out who the 2019/20 house champions will be!



Thank you for reading my update and thank you for playing your part in these happy memories!


As well as looking back, me and the rest of the Westacre staff are starting to looking ahead to the future. Wednesday 15th July, as you know, will be the day of your Virtual Leavers Assembly. I know the Year 7 staff are already planning lots of great things to help celebrate all that you have achieved during your time with us at Westacre so I would strongly recommend you make sure that 10am on the 15th is down in your diary! It will be a time to take a seat at home with the people closest to you with some snacks and a drink ready for an hour of reminiscing, fun and a few surprises on the way! Of course, if some of your family cannot make it then, the assembly will be saved onto our website for them to watch it later. In the meantime, I know that many of you have already started your transition work for high school – more and more of this will be included in your daily Year 7 home learning tasks over the next few weeks. I also know that the high school are not expecting to see any of this work until September so please don’t panic about getting everything done straight away. You still have plenty of time to show your new teachers what wonderful learners you are and what you really are capable of.


For now, enjoy having a go at my Westacre Memories quiz, keep trying the Joyful June tasks each day to keep you happy and continue to try your best with the home learning opportunities your teachers will be sharing with you this week!