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Daily Updates

Fantastic Friday 3rd July

Bonjour tous le monde!

I hope everyone is well. I’ve had a busy two weeks since I last updated. My little girl decided to climb out of her cot and has now transformed into an acrobatic monkey! Now there are fewer and fewer things in her room as she either empties out all of her clothing onto the floor each night or scales chairs and drawers to get higher and leap off! Scary times, but I’m glad she’s adventurous and not afraid to take risks (sort of!)

This is my last update and in line with my previous update I’m going to link it to a children’s TV programme very close to my heart. Hey Duggee on CBeebies could be my Mastermind subject because I have seen the episodes so many times! Isla loves it! It’s very good though, with references to films and other TV programmes e.g. Stranger Things, Jurassic Park, Scooby Doo.

For those not in the know, Hey Duggee is about a group of young animals who go essentially to a nursery run by a dog – Hey Duggee. The animals talk, but Duggee only woofs (odd I know). Anyway, they work to earn a different badge each episode, a bit like with the Scouts and Brownies. Over the course of 4 series, the Squirrels (the name the children call themselves (but none of them are squirrels – a hippo, a mouse, a rhino, a crocodile, an octopus) have earned their Space, Acapella, Singing, Biology, History, Spooky, River, Puddle, Tree, Get Outdoors, Tooth brushing badges and many more.

Mrs McDiarmid's Weekend Challenge

My final weekend challenge for you, is to consider what badges you have earned during your time at Westacre. Maybe your confidence badge or friends badge?


I think that during lockdown I have earned my cooking badge  (we're definitely perfecting our brownie recipe with a third batch made this week!) and my gardening badge (far fewer weeds than normal). What about you?

As ever, get in touch and let us know. Maybe you could design what the badge could look like too!


It's been a pleasure teaching you this year and I wish you all good luck at High School in September!


Au revoir!

Thursday 2nd July 2020


Good morning year 7, Mrs Bennett back again!


Last weekend we had a slight change in the weather and although I do love the sunshine, I also welcomed the rain  (farmer comment)  to my fields to help my grass grow ready for hay making in a few weeks. 


This week M Purdie has launched a WHOLE SCHOOL BATTLE on TimesTables RockStars. This is the first time w have ever battled as year groups and I feel confident that we will 'rock' our timestables knowledge and show years 5 and 6 what rock legends we are!




Please log onto TTRS to find inter-group battles. 


Why Yoga? 

This week we have another way for you to relax with Miss Starkey's online yoga lesson 7. Yoga allows you time to relax and reflect, increases your flexibility and provides you with mind-body awareness. I really hope you enjoy watching these videos and joining in with the exercises she sets to help you reach a calm and tranquil place. 

Happy yoga 'ing'.


Take care and see you all soon, Mrs Bennett


Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesday.


Good morning year 7's, Mrs Bennett here. Today marks the first day of a new month so HAPPY 1ST JULY 2020. I hope you are all well and working your way through your transition home learning documents. 


This month is happiness month. We want you to have a look at the well being calendar and challenge yourself to complete as many challenges you can over the next coming weeks. 

Value of the month- Empathy 


With the start of a new month we also have a new school value- Empathy. 

Empathy to me means having an understanding and consideration for others and share their feelings.

What does empathy mean to you?

Have you ever shown empathy to another person? 


Why not check out the power point below to learn what it means to be empathetic. 

In India, today (1st July) is National Doctors Day. This day honours doctors and health care providers all over the country for their relentless service throughout the year. 

Doctor's Day is celebrated in honour of the legendary DR. Bighan Chandra Roy who was both a doctor and the second chief minister of Bengal. He was born in 1882 and over his 80 year lifetime he saved hundreds of lives. In recognition of this fantastic cause, a red carnation (flower) was sent to doctors and their partners to show the deepest respect to all these fantastic health care professionals. 

I'm sure (like me) you have joined in every week to clap for carers every Thursday over the past weeks of lock down. Showing our appreciation for all the amazing NHS and health care providers has been an amazing experience and I feel honoured to be part of. 

This Sunday, 'Clap for Carers' is returning to mark the 72nd Birthday of the NHS.

At 5pm on Sunday 5th July we will have another chance to join together (socially distanced) and show our gratitude for our doctors, nurses, key workers, physios, pharmacists and carers one more time. It is hoped that this will then become and annual event. Why not join in!

See you all soon and take care.

Mrs Bennett 

Tuesday 30th June


Hello year 7, Mr Cotton here with your daily update. 


As many of you will know, we are currently putting together our virtual Leaver's assembly to be aired on Wednesday 15th July. I have loved looking through all the photos of the year and seeing the adventures we had. As well as this, it has been great to see the photos of you and your memories coming into the office; if you haven't sent yours in yet, please send it in asap so it can be included in the assembly.

Last week, I was in school and I mentioned Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) to my year 6 group and seemed confused. I realised that when I was telling these stories, it was one of the first times I'd got to meet you all and it really had me smiling every time they mentioned it. So I decided to contact Mr. Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) and ask him for another story. He told me to tell you about the time he worked on a farm. 


Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) once spent a summer working on a farm. His farming experience was very limited and this was years before he joined Eastacre Medium School, Droitwizard. He was asked to drive the tractor, it broke down; he was asked to hammer fence posts, he missed the post and hit the farmer on the hand with a sledgehammer; he was asked to feed the cows, the cows scared him! Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) was not a good farmer.


All that was left was for Mr Cottom (with an 'm' no relation) to collect the chicken eggs which was a job he really enjoyed. It was here that Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) found out the real answer to what came first, the chicken or the egg? Knowledge he will only pass onto his sons, Jarkob and Ralfie, on his deathbed.


However, on day there was a problem. Chickens eat a lot of grain, and chicken stomachs expel a lot of waste. In the chicken houses, there were conveyor belts that took the waste to a pipe, inside the pipe was a huge corkscrew that span to send the chicken waste outside (chicken waste is a great fertiliser). Unfortunately one day the pipe stopped- Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) told the farmer which was his first mistake...


The pipe was about 12 feet in length and 12 inches wide. It was jam packed with chicken waste. The farmer gave Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) instructions to unblock it. There were no gloves on the farm, there were no nose pegs on the farm. 


Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation), was not sure about it so he rung his dad, Mr Cottom senior. He thought it was hilarious and told Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) not to be a 'chicken'. 


Mr Cotton spent the afternoon, approximately three hours, scrapping the chicken waste from the pipe. It was a hot day which made it even harder work. On the last handful, his father arrived and began laughing again, he took one look at the pipe and told Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) the pipe would need replacing- Mr Cottom's (with an 'm', no relation) efforts had been a 'waste' of time. 


From that day forward, Mr Cottom (with an 'm', no relation) decided a career in farming was not for him. 


The lesson I took from Mr Cottom's story was to remember that when things go wrong there are always lessons to be learnt and things to be grateful. I am sure, as I know him very well, that Mr Cottom would have been happy to have made his dad smile that day and had learnt the best way to get chicken waste out of a pipe- a skill I'm sure helped him out later in life. 


Today, I would like you to think of a time when you think you have wasted your time, just like Mr Cottom and the chicken pipe, and think about the positives you can take from that situation. What did you learn? Have you been in the same situation again?



Mr McMullen's Logo Quiz Answers

Monday 29th June


Good morning – it’s Mrs Humphries here with your daily update.  There is loads going on over the next few weeks from now until the end of term, so I thought I would take this opportunity to keep you up to date.


With the end of this, very unusual(!), term drawing near I am sure that we are all looking forward to the summer holidays and hoping that (if possible) we are able to have a day trip to visit the seaside. 



Next Monday would usually be our Transition Day and , as you know, this day is normally an opportunity for you to ‘move up a year’ for a day, allowing you to meet your new teachers and visit your new school.  Whilst we can’t do this in the normal way, the teachers at your high schools have been working hard to ensure that you will have all of the information you need ready for your start in September.  


Whilst it is always a little sad to say goodbye to your current teacher and year group, this time of year is also an opportunity to begin dreaming about what you will achieve over the next twelve months of your school life.


If you remember, last Monday Mr Barber challenged you on your knowledge of Westacre from the past year – he also gave you the clue that all answers could be found on the Twitter page (although you would need to check with an adult first that they were happy for you to access this site). 


1. In September, our new head boy and head girl spoke at our Open Evening – what are their first names?

Finley and Alexis

2. In October, some children in every year group visited Worcester Cathedral to meet a famous author. What is her name?

Robin Stephens

3. In November, you all helped commemorate Remembrance Day by making 450 what? 


4. In November, our head girl and head boy shared your house General Election Manifestos with the person who is now our local MP. What is his name?

Nigel Huddleston 

5. In December, all of the children in one house got to wear non-uniform in their house colours to celebrate earning the most house points during the first term of the school year. Which house was this?


6. In December, you enjoyed your school Christmas dinner. Which three members of staff joined the normal kitchen staff to serve your dinner? 

Mrs Evans, Mr Barber, Mrs Doolin

7. In December, our Christmas assembly saw the house leaders and children in each year group take part in three special Christmas-themed challenges (Bronte were the overall winners!). What were the three tasks? 

Decorate a present, create a paper chain, create a festive t-shirt

8. In December, many of you took part in our annual Christmas variety performance. What was the name of the show? 

Westacre World Christmas

9. In January, we all enjoyed our latest whole school theatre trip to The Rep in Birmingham. What was the production we saw this year?

Peter Pan

10. In January, Year 6 children wrote to different world embassies. We were really excited to receive a visit to Westacre from one particular Embassy – which country’s embassy was this?

South Africa

11. In February, our Year 7 Basketball team won another two Junior NBA matches. What colour vests do the team wear?


12. In March, Year 5 enjoyed a visit from the History Man. What era of history did he help the children learn about?


13. In March, Mrs Evans wrote to you all as school closed for lockdown. The letter reminded you about an assembly she delivered earlier in the year about a type of animal that sometimes needs a push from its Mum. Which animal was it?


14. In April, our whole school community came together to create a special video to play our part in the Chase The Rainbow movement. What did we all do?

Wear house colours

15. In May, our whole school community came together to help create a special school video to help commemorate the 75th anniversary of what?

VE Day


How did you get on?  Were there any questions which just completely stumped you, or did you know the answer like the back of your hand?  Well done to all of you who had a go at Mr Barber’s challenging Twitter quiz.


With the weather now definitely showing that we are well and truly in the summer season (except for maybe today!), I’m sure that we have all been spending much more time outdoors than normal.  Over the last few weeks, I have been exploring the lanes and fields near my house more than I have ever done before with my family.  And now that we are allowed to travel a little further to places where you can still socially distance easily, we have also visited woods which we never even knew existed which are right on our doorstep – I would certainly recommend Shrawley Woods, especially if you fancy a paddle in a stream!


It is easy when you are out on walks to miss some of the wonderful elements of nature as you stroll through a field or wood.  Therefore, I would like to challenge you to have a go at my ‘Summer Spots’ challenge.  Can you find all of these items over the next week whilst you are out and about?  Maybe you could challenge members of your family or friends to see who can find them all first.


It has been lovely writing your daily update and I hope that you all have a lovely week.  As always, we look forward to seeing you take on your home learning opportunities with pride and resilience.