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Daily Updates

Apple Pies are Trending in Year 7


Following the mouth watering pictures of Hannah making an apple pie earlier in the week, Jacob Hird was the latest to get involved with the trend that is sweeping year 7- great work Jacob. Yet the questions remain, who will be next to bake and whose will be the best?

Bug Hotels, Star gazing and Onions!


It is clearly been another busy day for our year 7s: Lewin has been working really hard on making a bug hotel, during his school work down time.  As well as this he has also been planting some onions.


Jarrett has also been busy, being able to spot Venus and the moon. Clearly the lack of cars on the road and reduced gases/ pollution in the air is having a positive impact for star gazers!

Mrs McDiarmid’s Fantastic Friday


Bonjour everyone. What a strange week it’s been. It’s been lovely seeing what you’ve been up to this week. I’ve been kept busy with my 1 year old little girl Isla. Just like you we have drawn a rainbow 🌈, been playing in the garden in the beautiful sunshine and just like Stan and Hannah we’ve also been baking. Isla made her first ever cake this week- a very delicious lemon drizzle cake! Bake off here we come! Although we may have competition from some of you!


Friday challenge 

Isla and I enjoy building towers and this week we’ve built a tower out of Isla’s mega blocks which was bigger than her at 129cm!

My challenge is to beat my tower height! Using anything you have at home: books, blocks, toys, pillows etc. build a tower as high as mine if not higher. Can you build one that is as tall as you? (Be mindful of where you’re building in case it falls over- gardens are a good idea and don’t use anything breakable like plates!)


1. Record your measurements in cm and take photos and send them to us if you can.

2. Can you convert these to feet and inches?

3. Where do feet and inches come from?

Ready, steady... build!

My tower

Muffins and Craft


Stan has been busy over the week working alongside his brother (or against his brother) to make birthday cards and muffins. It is great to see Stan working alongside his brother- if you have been doing joint-sibling projects, it would be great to see them so please send pictures/ a paragraph explaining to the office e-mail. Great work Stan- a career as a chef awaits of you want it!


Apple pies!


Great to see Hannah has been working alongside her mother making a tasty treat for all the family. An excellent base and I'm sure a delicious end product. Having this time is a great opportunity to practise something new and cooking skills will always come in handy in the future. Great work Hannah!

Pets need to learn as well!


It is great to see Ellie Moseley is ensuring her rabbit also gets a good education; I was left wondering what the furry little creature was researching on google? Maybe home delivery on order of carrots? Hopefully he will find someone willing to delivery or else he will be left hopping mad!!!!


 Ellie also took time for a PE lesson where she was practising her trampolining and gymnastics skills- I know a certain teacher who would love a go on the trampoline next!


Well done Ellie!


Still image for this video

Thursday 26th March

Good morning year 7! We are nearly at the end of our first week at home. How has it been for you?

Mrs Hennessey has been very busy at the Hennessey Home School teaching year 4 and year 7! I have to say the girls are loving it even though they are finding some of the work challenging. The dog is also enjoying us being at home although she often prefers to sunbathe on the decking!


Today I want you to reflect on who has helped you over this week. Can you find a way to show them how thankful you are? Write a letter, draw a picture or just the words "Thank you" can mean so much. 

Think about who is helping out in the community and how you can thank them. Maybe you could research the careers of key workers. Our girls shouted thank you to our post lady as she delivered our letters.

We are also very thankful to our Daddy/Husband who you all met on careers day. He is currently working at Worcester Royal Hospital looking after patients on the respiratory ward and taking it in turns to look after the Coronavirus patients who come in. He wanted to reassure you that although it is scary they are all protected and working together to help them. 


Tonight at 8pm there is a national initiative to #clapforourcarers. If you are allowed, you are asked to clap from a window or doorstep to show your appreciation for all the hard work and dedication involved in beating the virus. I would love to see any photos or videos of you doing this. We can all join in together. 

Gardening and Rocking Out!


Great to hear about more of Year 7s adventures outside of school. Tobias has been out enjoying the sunshine, perfecting his gardening skills whist Georgia has been busy boosting her score on Times Table Rockstars- well done both, keep up the great work.

Accelerated Reading

Remember you can take a quiz at home once you have completed a book. Well done to the following children who have completed a quiz this week:

* Jarrett Griffiths

* Lily Hall

* Chloe Lostitch

* Daisy Evans

* Aaron Griffiths




Good morning year 7.  Mrs Bennett here. I hope you are all staying safe and working your way through your home learning packs. Its been amazing seeing your pictures so please keep them coming. Today is 25th March (just letting you know in case you have not written the date in your exercise books today).


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being in school with Mrs Riddleston and Mrs Darby. Although it was one of the strangest days I have ever had in school I must post a special mention to William M (year 7), Freddie J (Year 6) and Becky P (year 5) for all being completely amazing all day.  They all worked really hard on their home learning packs, demonstrated their artistic flair, played some Pop Le Crosse in the sunshine and created the most beautiful chalk rainbow on the year 5 playground. Well done to all of you. Westacre were very proud of you today. 

On this Wednesday morning I thought I would tell you what life is like in the Bennett household at the moment.


As most of you know, Mrs Bennett lives on a farm with her husband and 4 sausage dogs. Life on the farm can be very busy and at the moment the days and nights often roll into one as we are lambing. 


Lambing involves checking the sheep every two hours (yes even through the night) to see if they are okay and in case they need some help. I guess you could call me the midwife for sheep! We have to make sure that the sheep have hay and water and that they are able to take their first steps to find their mother. This job is very busy and tiring but trust me Mrs Bennett and I would not change it for the world (even when we need match sticks to keep our eyes open).




Today I thought I would link my challenge to careers in farming. So let's test your knowledge of livestock and see if farming is the job for you?


Don't forget you can ask someone at home to help you or even use google if you are really unsure. 


5 farming questions:


1. What is a female sheep called?

2. What is the gestation period of a sheep?

3. What is the maximum number of lambs that one of Mrs Bennett's sheep has had this year? 

4. How many pints of milk does an average size lamb drink each day? (convert this into Litres).

5. How many hours does the average sheep farmer work every week?


Answers revealed next week.


Scroll down to see some pictures of the lambs on Mrs Bennett's farm.





Cuteness Overload!

I would love to see some of your fur babies who are keeping you company at home today. Remember you can take a photograph and send it to the school office so we can share it on the website. Let's see you cute pet pictures.


See you all soon,

Mrs Bennett and the lambs 

Kites and Wedges


I thought I could smell something in the air in my back garden today and my sense of smell, especially when it comes to food, never lets me down. Well done Sophie for making some tasty potato wedges and putting to use all the skills you have been using in recent DT lessons. Elsewhere Jarrett has been busy again, this time making a kite out of recycled materials- well done both, it's great to here what you have been doing.


Times Tables Rockstars


Well done to Miller, Kayleigh, Jude, Ava, Theo C, Daisy E, Jacob H, and especially to Harry M who is leading the pack with a huge 2870 points. Brilliant work Harry yet be warned Elizabeth is on your tail with 1950. Who can take Harry's crown? Come on PC show me what you can do!

Great to see Jess Bodilly hard at it on the online learning pages- well done Jess! Please keep the pictures and updates coming into the school office, year 7 staff are overjoyed with your attitudes to independent learning- excellent RESPONSIBILITY.

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Bird’s Terrific Tuesday Task

Firstly, we would both like to say we feel very lucky to teach in a year group and school where children have been so passionate about their home learning. We are so proud of your levels of commitment to your education and your community - keep making a difference year 7!

Yesterday, we had a go at making the longest play-doh worm we could without breaking it out of one whole container of play-doh. The best attempt was 177cm. No mixing colours!
1) Can you beat us?
2) Can you convert your measurement to mm, m, km, inches, feet, miles (without using a calculator, Alexa or Google - nice try). If you’re not sure on the conversions, look them up, but don’t ask Google to convert them for you.

Additionally, then we thought, how much does play-doh weigh? The package doesn’t say, so we used the scales which displayed 110g.

3) Can you convert this measurement into kg, lb and oz?

4) Can you find as many different ways of splitting this amount of play-doh equally e.g. half would be 55g. What would split 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 ways be?

5) Can you actually split your play-doh and measure out the correct value to get them to precise, equal weights?


My Maths

Well done to Emily Snookes, Emily Chatfield and Macey-Jane Semini for a terrific start in their My Maths work. Super use of independent skills,  RESPONSIBILITY and RESILIENCE.

Keeping Active

Still image for this video
It's great to hear about so many of you keeping active. I hope Harry G and Jarrett were able to keep up with Joe Wicks this morning. Her is a clip of Louie enjoying his PE lesson today.
It's great to hear how busy Jarrett has been, sending letters out to care homes to let the residents know we are thinking of them, watching the life cycle of frogs and of course perfecting his basketball skills in any spare minutes of the day- Well done Jarrett!

Mr Cotton's Monday Memory Challenge


There are 12 British Monarchs (kings or queens):

Can you memorise them in the correct order?

( this may help) 

Once you think you have them, see if you can teach someone else.

Monday 23rd March 2020

Lessons in the Cotton household began early this morning, 6:15am to be precise, when Jacob decided he wanted a DT lesson! We cooked pancakes and I managed to get a bite at one point. I played the role of mixer, cooker, washer up whilst Alfie and Jacob played the role of tasters! I was really happy that I had had so much practise and picked up pointers from the last few weeks of cooking in DT lessons. 


I would love to see some of your creations at home today- remember, you can take a picture of what you have cooked/baked and send it to the school office so we can share it on the website.

While we're not at school, we still want to keep in touch. Visit this section at each day (Monday to Friday) for an update from one of the class teachers in Year 7.