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Daily Updates

Friday 10th July

Good morning Year 6 home-learners! Mr Purdie here with your daily update. Today, I spent almost the entire day ringing my new class! It was quite interesting to hear how all those Year 5s have been getting on, and to learn a little bit about them. I hope that you enjoyed talking to your new Year 7 teachers too - soon you'll be the top year in the school! That comes with new challenges and responsibilities, which I'm sure you'll rise to wonderfully. 


Now let's see what the Year 6s in school have been getting up to!


Group 2 have been doing some fun PE lessons despite the weather!

Group 3 have been completing some work on their choice of job preferences for the future. Some lovely artwork there. 

Group 4 have been doing some transition work describing themselves for their new teachers. 


Thursday 9th July

Hi Year 6, Miss Ackroyd here. This will be my last update before we break up for the summer holidays! I can’t believe this school year is almost over already. It’s gone so fast. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have. It hasn’t always been easy and it’s definitely been unusual, but most of it has been positive.

Have you got much planned over the summer holidays? I’m hoping to go to Cornwall for a week and then Scotland for a few days (as long as the Prime Minister says it’s safe to do so), have a few days out and spend some time with family and friends, albeit from a distance of 1m+.

Before I go, I would like to congratulate the following children: Abi in CA and Peyton in HM for doing AR quizzes and getting 100%. Henry in MP for getting 85% and Fern and Eva W in HM for both getting 70%. Well done all of you.

If I don’t accidentally bump into you over the summer holidays have a restful break and keep safe. Thank you for making my first Year teaching at Westacre so enjoyable.

Miss Ackroyd

Wednesday 8th July


Good morning Year 6 home-learners! It's Mr Purdie here with you daily update. Here in the Purdie household, we are struggling to keep up with all the changes our young son Jamie is going through! I don't know if any of you have any very young siblings, or perhaps you remember a younger sibling when they were under a year old. Jamie (Jam Jam to us) is nine months old, and can't wait to walk - we spend a lot of our time supporting him by his arms as he rushes around the house on his stumpy legs, bashing into things. We were very happy when parks opened again, as we have taken Jamie to have his first try on some baby swings. He seemed to like it!


Science by Miss Bennett - Marvin and Milo

MIss Bennett has an important Science announcement for you! over the summer holidays, please try out some Marvin and Milo home experiments. They are from the Institute of Physics, and are perfect for any budding scientists. All 146 experiments are conducted using household items, and should be easy to carry out for anyone! Here's an example one to try:

Tuesday 7th July

Good morning Year 6, it's Miss Ackroyd here. I hope you had a good weekend. What did you get up to? I had a mized weekend. On Friday I went for a walk, but it started to rain so I came home again :-( On Saturday I went for a 5k run. I time myself when I run and try and beat my time from the week before. This Saturday I managed to beat last week's time and all the previous weeks up until 21st March! (I was clearly fitter before lockdown!) I then watched the football and we conceeded in the 95th minute :-( But on Sunday I went to get my hair cut :-) It was a surreal experience. I had to have my temperature taken and I had to wear a mask. I couldn't take a jacket or a bag in with me - just my phone, purse and a bottle of water. The hair dresser had to wear a mask, gloves and a visor. I feel so much better now I have had my hair cut. I felt scruffy before. I feel much smarter now. I've added a before and after photo. I hope you agree I look tidier now!


Before I go I need to let you know who won the TTRS battles...

In third place we have Y7 with 945

In second place Y6 with 3774

And congratulations to Year 5 - the winners with 5398!

Keep up the good work next year Year 5!


Stay safe

Miss Ackroyd

Good morning Year 6s. It's Mrs Page here. I haven't been on here for a while as I am back in school full time now, but I'm very excited to be writing to you again today. 


I have really enjoyed keeping up to date with the work you have been completing at home. The children who are in school at the moment are also working really well. You all make me extremely proud - I am lucky to have you in my year group. 


I have been thinking lots over the weekend about today - your Virtual Transition day. I feel so many different emotions. I am EXCITED for you to find out more about your new class and teacher. I am AMAZED at how resilient you have all been during this difficult time. I am a little SAD that our time together is coming to an end. I am HAPPY that although you may not get to meet your teacher face to face before September, Mr Cotton and the Year 7 team have put together lots of excellent information to make for a smooth transition. But most of all, I am PROUD of everything that you have achieved in Year 6. 


So, today is the day to show the Year 7 members of staff how AMAZING you are!


Head over to Year 7 section to find videos, photos and tasks to keep you busy today. 

There won't be any other home learning documents uploaded today, so you can focus on putting 100% effort in to the tasks given by your new teachers.


Show them the best version of you! ~ Mrs Page