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Daily Updates

Good morning Year 7, and welcome to your final daily update from Mr Cotton. Today is your  67th, and final, day of home-learning.


If you are keen for some extra challenges in the next two days, some extra work can be found here:


I am currently sat in my living room trying to decide what to write to you all: do I apologise because you didn't see the end of year 7? Do I express sadness for the time we have lost? Do I repeat the pride we have in each and everyone of you for this year and what you have achieved? 


I have come to the conclusion I will do none of these: no one could do anything to alter the situation so apologies and sadness can be saved for things to be regretful for; In terms of the pride we have in you, there will be a Leaver's service dedicated to this being released at 10am this morning so that can all be done then. 


So what to write...




Thank you for being yourselves.

Thank you for being kind to each other.

Thank you for valuing what we have tried to do for you this year.

Thank you for keeping us entertained.

Thank you for your hard work.

Thank you for always rising to the challenge.

Thank you for looking after your families.

Thank you for packing a year of memories into the seven months we were in school.

Thank you for making Westacre a fantastic place to teach.

Thank you.


Enjoy your summers and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Mr Cotton and the Year 7 team.





Good morning year 7!

Mrs Bennett here, bringing you my last update of the year. cryingAlthough I am sad that our year has been cut short and I have not had chance to say goodbye to you in person, (and the safari Park trip couldn't go ahead) I am thankful for the time we spent together and for the fond memories we share. You will go down in history as the year 7 group to be home schooled for the whole of the summer term! 

I am not going to set you a challenge today, all I ask is that you stay safe and enjoy our very first Virtual Leavers Assembly. Please log in at 10am, find a comfy sport somewhere at home and feel proud as you watch the memories unfold throughout the video.

Lastly, take some time before the end of the week to say a huge thank you to your parents/carers for all their hard work and support through these strange times. They have been your teachers for the past term as well as your parent/carer and provider. I know that they will appreciate your gratitude and as my mum always taught me 'manners cost nothing but go a very long way.'

Goodbye year 7, take care and enjoy a well earned summer break.

Best of luck in your next adventures.

Mrs Bennett smiley

Good morning year 7s, it is Mr Cotton again, the second day in a row!


I spent yesterday in school with my best friend in the world, Mrs Underhill, piecing together the last parts of the Leaver's assembly; we can't wait for you to see it. Whilst we were working together, we spoke about some of the things that had happened this year yet we always disagree on dates and details of when things happened. Both Mrs Underhill and I love a quiz so I thought I'd create a quick quiz for you today of events that have happened during your time in year 7 (one for every month you have been a year 7). Good luck, feel free to play against your family.


1. (September 2019) Which activist told the United States Congress, 'I know you are trying but just not hard enough. Sorry.' in this month?


2. (October 2019) Netflix revealed its most popular series of the year were Bird Box and a programme with the initials S.T. this month- what was the other series?


3. (November 2019) Which British driver won the F1 Drivers World Championship this month?


4. (December 2019) Spotify said the most streamed music video, with 2.4 billion streams, was 'Shape of You'. Who sang the song?


5. (January 2020) What event that has changed Britain happened at exactly 11pm on January 31st?


6. (February 2020) A storm led to a record number of flood warnings being issued in England during February- what was the name of the storm? 


7. (March 2020) Which Disney movie, set to be released during March, has been postponed and is now set for release in late August?


8. (April 2020) Which famous tennis tournamnet was cancelled for the first time since WW2 in this month?


9. (May 2020) Climatologists (scientists studying the atmosphere) claimed that there had been a 17% decrease in what since the corona virus outbreak?


10. (June 2020) Liverpool Football Club won the league in this month, how many years had it been since there previous league title triumph?


11. (July 2020) London Zoo released a advert asking for the public to help save the zoo due to the impact of corona virus. To the nearest thousand, how many animals does London zoo care for?


Good luck- answers will be published tomorrow. 


How can this be the last week?


That has been the thought running through my mind all weekend. How could the year have gone so quick? How can this be the week of our Leaver's service? All these questions are going through my head yet, unlike the bizarre circumstances we find ourselves in, these thoughts are not unusual: there has not been a year gone by where we, as staff, haven't questioned where the time has gone. I guess that is because of the relationships we build; we have loved our classes and want to keep them for longer than we are allowed and that is how it should be. 


Though our time was cut short, we have to remember the 2019-20 school year was just a small step in all our journeys. Yes, we should be sad BUT you will go on to bigger and better things. All we hope you do is look back at the time we had together with fondness, remember the events of lockdown and how you and your family coped and lastly, move onto your next step in education and continue to do your best to fulfill your potential.


In school, we have been making final arrangements for your Leaver's assembly (Wednesday 15th at 10am) and we are really looking forward to sharing this time with you albeit from different homes. I, myself, will be finding a peaceful space in my house (if one does exist) to sit down and reflect on the year that is passed. 


At this point in my updates, I usually give you something to complete yet today it will be a thinking task. We have the awards that will be announced at the Leaver's assembly but I would like you to think about who you think deserves a trophy. These could be funny or serious. For example, I would give Mrs Johnston a medal for services to cooking and for myself I'd award a medal for services to ham sandwiches!!!! If you have an idea for an award please feel free to send them to the office- I'd love to hear them.


Mr Cotton