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Daily Updates

Friday 3rd April

Hello Year 6!

It's Mrs Ardis with your daily update (I've been patiently waiting all week for this moment.)  Firstly, I would like to begin by saying how proud I am of each and every one of you for working so hard at home. With an eight year old at home myself, I know this is not an easy task. I have loved looking at your work and the photos that you have sent in.  Please keep sending them in!


Home Learning Shout-Outs!

* Ruby P, Rosie B, Fern, Addison, Alex, Carter and Mrs Page's fantastic artwork, what an effective piece of artwork.

* Grace D for helping her brother at home.

* Fern for your delicious baking, if only Mrs A could try one.

* Addison and Alex for creating their family tree timeline.

* Rosie B for practising her French - weather.

* Grace D for planning the Doctor's Reunion.

* Fern for writing for an audience - people who might be interested in caring for animals.

* Addison for his April Fools - if only it was true.

* Lucas H's story writing.

* Addison and Rosie's problem solving completing Maths tasks.


Wow! Amazing to see so many children working hard at home.

Next, I have the wonderful job at looking at your AR scores for this week.

A huge well done to lots of you who have been busy reading and taking AR tests this week:

Well done to Evie D and Drew H (6BP) who have both read two books and passed their tests with a score of 90% or more!

Well done to Sophie P and Georgia W (6CA) who have both read and taken a test each, both with very good/amazing passes!

Well done to Fern, Finley, Charlotte, Lola and Eva (6HM) who have all read one book and passed their tests!

Well done to Morgan (6MP) who has not read one book but FOUR and taken quizzes, passing them all!

Well done to Jack (6RA) who has read and taken a test scoring an amazing 100%!


Reading is so beneficial for so many reasons. Please keep it up! I will also be checking in the holidays your AR scores. What a perfect time to read/enjoy as many books as you can. I'm not sure what I'm more excited about at home: coming to the end of the first Harry Potter book or that we have the second Harry Potter to read as well as the new David Walliams book Slime. I know we will be busy reading.


I have been informed that the producers of the West End production of The Wind in the Willows will stream the show online for free. This is a fabulous opportunity for you to watch a show at your leisure and from the comfort of your own home. Please follow the link below


Regarding English, you'll be pleased to be reminded that it is Friday, which means that it is spelling test day. I hope you have been practising.


You may notice that  you have a new holiday homework task to complete. Please look out for your Easter Homework task and remember to visit our Westacre's Wellbeing page. I am looking forward to trying some new recipes in the next couple of weeks.


Finally, I am hoping you have all managed to find an item of clothing, that is your house colour, to wear for today in celebration of another fantastic term. Obviously, a huge well done to Attenborough for winning this term. However, we thought it would be good for us to paint our own rainbow and all take part. Please send in your photos of you proudly wearing your house colours. #Chasetherainbow


We all look forward to seeing you all, as soon as possible!

Have a fabulous Easter break!

Stay safe! 

Mrs Ardis :) 

Thursday 2nd April


Good morning Year 6, it's Mr Purdie here with your daily update. 


I hope you've all been enjoying having a go at all the work we've been creating for you; it's certainly been a pleasure to see pictures of your completed work coming in. 


An extra reminder that Miss Colledge would like you all to hear: please send in any photos on the theme of 'Wellbeing'. It would be fantastic to see the ways in which you have all been looking after your physical and mental health!


In addition, Miss Colledge has also put some recipes for you to try at home on the Wellbeing page - starters are currently up, with mains and desserts to follow soon!



Congratulations to the following children for all the hard work they are clearly putting in on their ratio and proportion MyMaths tasks this week:


- Abi P

- Bethany C

- Peyton J

- Matthew H

- Drew H

- Ruby P

- Eva W


Remember, these tasks will be live and active for you until Saturday, when 5 more tasks will be set for the following weekend. If you haven't yet had a go at the ratio and proportion tasks, please do!


Home Learning Shout-outs

Harry M enjoyed creating his family tree, and found it especially useful to talk to his grandparents for extra info. Well done Harry! 

A special shout-out to Charlotte T, who has been working through the home-learning pack and scored 40/40 for the first time on her Arithmetic! I'm now expecting that to be matched by two 35/35s for the Reasoning and Problem Solving papers... good luck Charlotte!

Attached below are some pictures of work you've sent in to us... a special mention to Addison R, who sent us lots of work from the previous week. So here it is!


Today's work

A reminder that today's home-learning work is up on the neighbouring website page. Remember to send us any photos of work you complete!

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Year 6! It’s Mrs. Morgan (6HM) wishing you a wonderful day today! I hope that you are all enjoying the tasks we are setting - it certainly looks that way from the work you are posting for us to see!
We are lucky that the weather has been sunny, giving us a chance to take a walk or play in the garden. To that end, I would like to set you a little garden challenge that combines with this week’s topic of “communication!”


We often use our 5 senses to help with communication, so here is your challenge:
Pop into your garden or close outside space and jot down:

1)    3 different things that you can HEAR
2)    5 different things that you can SEE
3)    3 different textures you can TOUCH
4)    1 thing you can SMELL
We would love to hear or see the results!


Answers to Mrs Humphries riddles from yesterday:

1. Sponge

2. Dozens

3. Are you asleep yet?

Home Learning Shout Outs

(and a message from Mrs Page)


Good morning Year 6 - you have a double whammy today as it's Mrs Page here. I couldn't stay away any longer from leaving you another message. I just wanted to say as your Head of Year, how proud I am of you all working so hard at home. My favourite part of the day is when an email pings into my inbox and I get to see photos of you and your work: it really does brighten up my day. So please, keep them coming! 


While I am here, just a reminder about wearing your house colours on Friday! Attenborough had the most points this term (yippppeeeeeee!) but we are encouraging all children to wear their house colours to really brighten up the day. Now, I wish we were all in school on Friday because I have something AMAZING that I wanted to show you all! Even though we won't be in, I can still show you as Mr Barber will upload a photo of it on Friday.  


And finally, below are the photos of some children learning at home. Along with these photos, Harry CS also prepared and read out his Fairtrade argument to his family. I can imagine he was very persuasive in his arguement.


Stay safe, 


Mrs Page (and Dexter!)

Double whammy?! Make that a triple whammy - it's Miss Ackroyd here!

Just a quick update on how you're all getting on with TTRS.


Congratulations to Lucas B in BP who is now a breakthrough artist.

Well done to Isabelle and Steph in CA who are both now headliners. 

Callum and Abi are both rock stars and Harry CS and Harry S are rock legends!

Over in MP we have a support act in the shape of Morgan H and three headliners in Kaicey, James H and Grace D.

We also have a rock star in Leo W!

In RA Jack O is a wannabe and we have three rock stars in Harry M, Danny J and Joe M.

Alex P has risen up the ranks to a rock legend!

And finally, in HM Finley C is now a headliner and Sam H and Fern C are both rockstars!

Congratulations everyone.

Keep up the good work.

Stay safe

Miss Ackroyd


Tuesday 31st March


Good morning Year 6, it’s Mrs Humphries saying good morning to you today.  It feels like absolutely ages since I have seen all of your smiling faces walking up the year 6 staircase however I’ve been keeping up to date with all of the hard work and fun you have been having whilst at home: the photos and messages really are a highlight of my day.


I thought I would throw something a little different your way today to really get your brains whirring – can anyone work out the answers to my riddles? 


Riddle 1: What is full of holes but still holds water?


Riddle 2: A word I know, six letters it contains, remove one letter and 12 remains, what is it?


Riddle 3: What question can you never answer yes to?


I'll make sure that the answers are posted on Wednesday mornings update.


 Home Learning Shout-Outs!

  • Adam and Sophie completing the Mrs A art challenge making animal models out of toilet roll tubes
  • Caitlin Horton sent in a photo of her working hard on her maths challenge
  • Erin completing Mrs Page’s maths homework
  • Lola Winnall’s amazing self-portrait

Lola Winnall's self portraitErin working hard on Mrs Page's maths challenges

Lola Winnall's self-portrait                    Caitlin working hard on Mrs Page's maths problems


Look after yourselves and your families

Mrs Humphries


  Good morning Year 6, 

   Today, I have the exciting job of beginning your week with your daily update. The Year 6 teachers and I, hope you have had a lovely weekend and you have had a chance to relax ahead of another busy week of home schooling. 

 Mrs G Morgan.


 So each day, just like week 1, your teachers will set you Maths and English work and then a variety of 'other tasks' which could be from any area of our creative curriculum. 

We would love to see what you have been doing each day, so please send us a message to either or post on twitter. 





  Lots of news for this week:


 Firstly: This week is 'Communications Week'


Therefore you may find that you have tasks that include drama, discussions and a debate! 

Also, as it is communications week, there is no better time to remind you to TALK! Talk about how you're feeling! You may be feeling sad or even a little lonely as you're not spending time with your friends, but see if you can find a way to talk to them, via Skype,video calls or even ask your parents or carers if you can give them a telephone call. 



This nicely leads me into letting you know that on Wednesday, I will introduce you to a new Science inventor of the month. There is, maybe, a clue who it is in my last paragraph, can you guess?




Also in the news for this week, Mr Purdie would like me to let you know that in support of your Ratio MyMaths tasks for this week, please first have a look at the lessons and resources provided on the White Rose website - they'll really help you out!



Also very exciting news from the Pastoral team: 

They have been working on the website this week doing some work around wellbeing. They are now doing a weekly blog which will be for YOU to access. Take a look at some photos about the pastoral team AND find out what the pastoral team have been doing to stay feeling fit and healthy.

You can find it on the pupil tab - Westacre Wellbeing -weekly updates.

They would also like YOU to send photos of ways that you are finding to feel relaxed and happy in these strange circumstances! 



 Finally, Mrs Phillips, has sent me the AR reports from last week. 


A big shout out and well done to:

Sophie P in 6CA for taking AND passing 3 tests

Charlotte T and Rebecca J in 6HM for taking AND passing a test each

Evie M and Adam P in 6MP for taking AND passing a test each

Claire B, Zac T and Alex P in 6RA for taking AND passing a test.

WOW! A huge shout out to Drew H in 6BP who has not only taken but passed 7 tests with an average score of 94.3%! 


AND another announcement from Mrs Phillips:

There is NOW a LIBRARY PAGE on our school website (you'll find it under curriculum - English at the moment).

Mrs Phillips will be mentioning who has been taking quizzes on there too. 


Also, Mrs Phillips' dog 'Piglet' is very clever as she has decided she wants to take part so she is now a virtual librarian! She will be setting challenges for YOU to earn 'Piglet Paw Points' 

Please take a look for her weekly challenge!


I think that's got you all up to date with NEWS at Westacre,


Mrs G Morgan


Well Being Monday



 Well being Monday:


 Let's begin with what we have been up to over the last few days: 

 Miss Ackroyd has been keeping in touch with her family by face-timing them. 

 I, Mrs G Morgan, was clapping at 8pm with my little boy, to acknowledge the tremendous work that our NHS are doing at the moment 

 Mrs Adey was looking through her bag and found a lovely drawing from Georgia S, she has put it on her fridge door and it reminds her of her 'Bee' class.

 Mrs Humphries has been teaching her daughter some fantastic hockey skills. In a few years, she may be playing for county!

Mrs P Morgan has been growing some leeks; she has made a delicious leek risotto. 

Mrs Page has been teaching Zumba classes to her family and lots of your teachers have been joining along too!

Mrs Ardis has been very busy multi-tasking ;she has been creating lots of super work for you to do whilst home schooling her daughter.

Mr Purdie has been spending time with his beautiful baby boy. He has been teaching him how to also work from home.



Well Being Monday

Home Schooling Shout Out!

Home Learning Shout Outs-

Monday 30th March 2020


  Massive Well Done to:

 Eva G - wellbeing time. She finished this jigsaw on Friday! Mrs Page loves the cats

 Harry M - did really well on Mrs Adey's maths test and got 36 out of 40

 Logan G for doing jobs around the house including peeling carrots.


 Please take a look at the photos of their achievements.


 If you would like your work to be shown on the next Daily Update, please send photos to or tag us @westacremiddle 


Eva has been busy completing a jigsaw-Mrs Page loves the cats! Harry is still excelling in his maths and Lily is is being very thoughtful and kind.



   This week we want to wish a VERY BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to:


  Beau R on Tuesday 31st March

  Bailee-May B on Friday 3rd April


  We hope you both have a lovely day, please send us a message to to let us know what you have been doing to celebrate.