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I am currently sat in my office just trawling through all the amazing photos of your home learning from the last fortnight and, as your head of year, I thought I'd take this opportunity to tell you all how incredibly proud of you both myself and the Year 7 team are. What you have achieved and the maturity you have shown over the last two weeks just shows what a credit to Westacre you are.


We will now break for Easter but are looking forward to receiving your j2e Easter homework after the holidays. We hope lots of you continue with you Timestable Rockstar games while enjoying lots of reading time too (and don't forget to quiz!). 


May I take this opportunity to wish you all a happy Easter; enjoy time with your families, eat chocolate and make sure you get on with your brothers and sisters. Again, thank you for all you have done over the last few weeks, you have kept smiles on all of our faces. 


Look out for our next update and new tasks to get stuck into on Monday April 20th 


Mr Cotton. 

Faye's cakes


This will probably be hanging outside a shop in Droitwich High Street in the future. Straight after her NHS cake, Faye was back in the kitchen this time making a Faye Victoria Sponge with Jam and Buttercream. Looks amazing again Faye- well done!


Lord of the Flies, assault courses and fractions


Great to hear from Theo S about how he has been keeping busy. Theo has been working hard on his fractions work, is listening to Lord of the Flies on an audio book and sketching how he sees the settings and characters, has built an assault course in his garden and competes against his brother daily. He has also created a very informative poster about plastics in the oceans. Thank you Theo, I have learnt a lot from your work



Trial bikes, eggy bread and Carol Vorderman


Great to hear from Grace W who has been making a birthday card for her cousin, has made eggy bread for lunch (using Mrs Johnston's recipe) and joined a Carol Vorderman maths lesson. She even received a retweet from Carol herself after mt Barber put it on the school's Twitter account! Harry Guest has been using a whisk to make something choclatey for his DT lesson whilst Kayleigh Rich has been doing some exercise in the back garden however no standard exercises; she has been practising her trial bike skills and it looks like it is working. Practise makes perfect and that's why she is the best in her age group in the country. 



#chasetherainbow non-uniform day


Today all of you are invited to wear the colour of your house to help Westacre join the #chasetherainbow movement. Of course if anyone has anything to wear with a range of rainbow colours, or rainbow themed, that too will be great! Please send any photos to the office so we can collate them into something special.



Easter Homework


If you are eagle-eyed and have already trawled our pupil pages, you will have noticed a new folder named Easter Homework. In here you will find a task that has been set by staff for you complete over Easter and share with us through J2e. It is all about our topic of Nature Versus Humanity and is a chance for you to share your final thoughts. We can't wait to see what you can produce. 


Mrs McDiarmid’s Fantastic Friday

Bonjour everyone. I hope you’ve all had a great week. Looking at your photos baking is still going strong in the year group! Daisy those Yorkshire puddings look amazing. I’ve been baking too with my daughter Isla. This week we have made amoretti biscuits and a strawberry and rhubarb crumble cake using rhubarb from our garden. It was a delicious combination of cake and crumble!

Easter Yoga

Miss Starkey has uploaded a yoga lesson for you to try over Easter. In the McDiarmid household we’ve been doing Joe Wicks daily PE lessons and family yoga, which has really helped our mood. There is a lot of scientific research showing the benefits of exercise, so give it a go and take a photo if you can! 

Friday challenge

This week there has been a focus on communication. Isla and I have been drawing rainbows 🌈  on our patio and today everyone is wearing their house colours as part of our support to #ChaseTheRainbow. 
So, my challenge to you is find out what rainbow is in at least 3 other languages and let us know what you’ve found via email or tweet. Who can find the most translations for rainbow?

Also here is British sign language for the song over the rainbow for you to try. Remember language isn’t just verbal, it is actions too.

Ready, steady.... rainbow!


Posting Letters, maths and Toad in the Hole


Wow Daisy- you have been busy! Daisy has spent time baking, making banana cake, lemon drizzle cakes, Easter nest cakes,banana pancakes and even toad in the hole. She has written a letter to The Priory Nursing Home (where her Nan used to live) to ask if the residents are all okay and is hoping for a a reply back. Not to mention she has kept up with her Maths and English work. Well done Daisy- you really are a credit to Westacre

Myths and My Maths


Thank you Grace for sending in your myth of Peer Glynt and his adventures- a really good read and a pleasing piece of writing that echoes pride. 


Summer G also has a lot to be proud of in terms of her My Maths, constantly getting high percentages (many often 100%) through retrying the games and learning from her mistakes- super work Summer.


Dancing robots and getting beaten by mum


Tobias has been busy learning about finances for the future, unfortunately he still has a little way to go after been soundly beaten by his mum at Monopoly. Jarrett on the other hand had been enjoying some coding time and his video of a dancing robot on Twitter is a must see- thank you for the entertainment Jarrett.




Those of you who have been enjoying reading Harry Potter and The Philospher's Stone, or are just die hard Potterheads, should consider a visit to a new Harry Potter hub where you can learn and read more about your favourite wizard (thanks Jacob H's mum for the link). 


Thursday 2nd April


Good morning year 7. Not long until the Easter holidays! I can see that you have been really busy and creative this week. I love seeing all the updates on here and on Twitter to see what you've been getting up to. 


This week we have focused on communication. I wonder how many different ways you have achieved this over the last week? Jessica has learnt how to email her friends and family and looks shocked every time she gets a reply! She also had a zoom meeting with her class where they read Harry Potter together. Chloe's football team are currently making videos to share with the club. We've also joined in with the rainbow initiative and the girls chose to display it in their bedroom window. I must admit it, it was lovely spotting rainbows on my drive to work yesterday. 


My challenge for you today is to have a go at creating a word or message using semaphore. This is a telegraphy system to convey information from a distance using visual signs such as flags. You could use two tea-towels or create your own flags. Send your messages to the offices. This could also be a great way to communicate with any friends who may live opposite. 


Miss Colledge would also like you to send her any pictures showing the ways you have stayed calm and relaxed at home. I have started a diamond painting and although it takes a long time and a lot of patience, I am happy with the results so far. I also love to have my Lily dog cuddles. I'll look forward to seeing the ways you stay relaxed. 

Carrot Cakes and Peace Signs


Love the Peace design as part of the PSHE task Faye- very creative- and a tasty looking NHS carrot cake shows how talented you are. Great work!


The great Westacre Bake-Off


Seems the baking/ cooking bug is spreading across the whole year group. Stan is back with his delicious looking loaf whilst Louie has been making use of Mrs Johnston's recipes by knocking up a batch of eggy bread for all. Tune in for future Masterchefs as I'm sure they we a Westacre winner soon!



Meanwhile Grace W has been busy completing this masterpiece- WOW!

Life in School

Sally has had the pleasure of spending the day with Mrs Hennessey. She has worked really hard this morning and wanted to share her work about The Hall of the Mountain King. 

Lap dogs, Pancakes and Press Ups


Good to see Faye has got a helping hand (or paw) with her myth writing this morning. Well done Will for his mixture of pancakes and press ups today- your PE mats look a lot comfier than the mats in school!



Floury Dogs, Jacob's potato and mouth watering food


I really enjoyed the image of the floury dog that landed in my e-mails today- not sure if the dog was involved or has been set up by Lily H to surprise her mum (he does look very innocent). Jacob's potato has finally arrived in my inbox and it was definitely worth the wait. What can be said about Leah's photos of her cooking talents, goodness me Leah, they look amazing and have tempted me into an early lunch!



Mrs Hennessey's Maths group:

Great to see Lee, Kevin and Matthew logging on to My Maths. Keep working on those times tables. 

April the first spirit


Great to see the tweet from Sophie D's mum regarding her April Fools' Day pranks. The fake glasses are genius and the bucket of paper on door is a personal favourite. Not being in school today gave me a lucky escape I think!


Myth writing, online interviews and baked potatoes.


What a mix of activities we are seeing in year 7 at the moment: Grace Winter  has been busy writing her myth / legend, w'd like to see this Grace please type and send in once complete; Jacob Hird has been designing potato characters and creating a performance with younger sister for the Matt Lucas #FeedNHS Basked potato movement, I'd love to see your character Jacob and Harry Guest has been conducting an online zoom interview for one of the Careers tasks (with an awful lot of concentration), again I'd love to see this Harry. Well done all!


Mrs Bennett's Wednesday update.


Good morning year 7! Well we have had some lovely weather over the weekend and I am very pleased to report that ALMOST all of the lambs on my farm have now been born (normal sleeping hours will soon be resumed). We have also spent the weekend sorting out our fields and fencing so still busy as ever on the farm!


Firstly, I must start by saying how impressed all of the year 7 team are with your amazing attitude to home learning. We know it is not easy and we so look forwards to seeing what you have all been up to so please keep sending your updates and photographs into the school office. Well done to those who have accessed AR, Timestables Rockstars and MyMaths, we would now like to see everyone involved by the end of the week! I am particularly impressed (obviously) with your efforts in Science and am hoping that when we return to school Mrs Newell and I can put some of your work up in the Science Lab for everyone to enjoy. 


Answers to Mrs Bennett's farming questions are:

1. The name of a female sheep is a ewe

2.The gestation period of a sheep is 152 days (approx 5 months)

3. The maximum number of lambs one of Mrs Bennett's ewes has had this year is 3.

4. An average lamb drinks 8 pints of milk a day

5. A ewe's mouth is special because they only have teeth on their lower jaw. Their upper jaw is simply a hard pad.


Well done to all of you who took part and if you got 4 or more right, love animals and being outside (in all weathers) then farming may just be the career for you!!


Today is the 1st April and our value of the month is Justice. In our country to ensure justice is done we follow the rule of the law. This helps make a safe, happy and secure environment for everyone to live and work in.

Think about the rules you are following at the moment to support this rule?

Have a think about why these rules are so important.


Please take time to attempt the justice task in the home learning section.


The first of April also brings times of joy as it is April Fools' Day. For those of you who like to play a little prank today is the day. All I would say is, please make it something  that will make someone at home smile! Maybe tell a joke or do a funny dance. 

Here is my little joke which you may wish to share with someone you know. 


What did the big flower say to the little flower?


Hi Bud!


As Mentioned earlier in the week, this week is communication week. A fantastic opportunity to practise your spoken language and an excuse to have a debate with your family or those at home. Mr Bennett and I decided to have a debate of our own and the topic was 'Why Mrs Bennett needs another sausage dog'. For those of you who do not already know the total number of sausage dogs Mrs Bennett already has stands at 4 but i'm sure you will agree that I could easily have more. 

My debate defence to support my case included these three (i'm sure you will agree) highly valid points.


1. Mrs Bennett needs a sausage dog in every colour!

2. Sausage dogs are only small and four of them technically only take up the same space as your one German Shepard.

3. Roxy, Frankie, Teddy and Cookie really want another little friend!


As you can imagine these points didn't get me very far so I'm looking forwards to hearing what communication skills you have been practising this week. Any suggestions of how I could 'up my debating game' gratefully received. 


Mrs Bennett's weekly challenge: 

I do however, have an exciting Science communication challenge to launch this week so please check this out below. This task will allow you to be creative and practise your debating skills (more successfully than me I'm sure).



Roxy, Cookie and Teddy

Enjoy your tasks year 7 and see you all soon.

Happy sciencing!

Mrs Bennett

Forces at work


We were very impressed with Georgia's sketch and annotations regarding the forces acting on a moving vehicle. A great example to share with the rest of the year group Georgia- thank you.


If you can't get to the gym, bring the gym to you!


After the baking, craft and sketching, Stan still seems to have energy to burn. It seems like he has been there for a while the way the dog is looking at the camera- I think he may be waiting for a turn. Super work Stan!


Drums, cooking and perspective


Thank you all for your photos and news being sent to the office. Great to see Kevin working hard, both at the computer and at the hob- great work Kevin. Lily has been perfecting her landscape drawing and has clearly grasped the technique of adding perspective- super stuff Lily. Vinnie has been practising his drumming technique and has already developed a super fan- Elvis the dog! Keep up the good work Vinnie- very impressed!



Let's get cooking


Mrs Johnston has been over the moon with seeing how many of you have got involved in the kitchen, building on the skills that were taught to you over the past half term. She would like to keep this going and has decided to upload a recipe each week to go on the website. This week, Mrs Johnston's eggy bread recipe is ready to be made and can be accessed in the Home Learning Section of the Year 7 page. Let's see the final product by making sure you send pictures of your cooking to the office. 


Maths Challenges


Good to hear that Jacob Hird is working hard on the white rose fractions task whilst the rest of his family did their work on their laptop, even younger sister got involved and was testing her Maths. Well done Jacob (and family)!

Mrs Dixon and Mrs Bird’s Tuesday Update


Hello Year 7 – we hope you are all keeping well and continuing to work on your home learning where you can. Remember that it is also important to take part in a wide range of activities that help you to feel good such as exercise, arts and crafts, listening to music and reading.

This week is Communication Week and whilst we are all spending much more time together at home, it is the perfect opportunity to engage in different types of communication with our families and friends.

We have video called our family members and enjoyed seeing and speaking to them even if it is virtually. How are you keeping in contact with your loved ones?


Today – your challenge is to try and engage in some non-verbal communication (which means without talking!)

Try out these games with the people around you (or through online video calling to relatives and friends).

1. Charades – the aim is to act out words or phrases without speaking. Think of an object, name of film, book etc and act out the words to your audience. Their job is to try and guess correctly. Below is a link with some ideas and cards you can print off if you’re having trouble

thinking of some ideas.


2. Pictionary – the aim is for one person to draw a picture without using any letters, numbers or words and their partner has to guess what word they are trying to draw. To make it fair, you can use the link below to generate a random word which you have to draw.


There are lots of other games at home you might have been playing already and we would love to see or hear about them so feel free to send in your photos or stories!


Have fun and stay safe!

Bikes and Guitars


A huge well done to Harry for being our first to create a musical instrument form everyday objects, I'm sure Jimmy Hendrix himself would have been honoured to have such a fine instrument. It's also great to see that your exercise regime is still functioning keeping yourself ready for the football season to resume. Keep it up Harry- you are doing us proud.


Superb Perspective


One word to describe this work Stan...WOW. And I should know, many of you may not know this...but I have a degree in Fine Art!

WOW - AMAZING! I love it! Well done Stanley! My jaw hit the floor when I saw this - Mrs Bird.


Tomato Soup, Harry Potter and The Hall of the Mountain King


Stan has been busy again, managing to continue his career as a budding chef by knocking up a tomato soup, whilst catching up on the latest chapter of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. And just to ensure his attention doesn't drift, here he is starting his English work about The Hall of the Mountain King- very impressed Stan!


New Pastoral page up and running


The Pastoral team have been working hard on the website to bring you an extra section on wellbeing. When you visit the page, you will see a weekly blog alongside photos of the pastoral team keeping fit and healthy. They are also inviting you to send in your photos of how you are keeping yourselves relaxed and happy at home. It would be fantastic to see some of your photos coming in and being uploaded. To visit the page go to: pupil tab - westacre wellbeing -weekly updates.



AR champions

Well done to Maddison W-L, George N, Chloe L, Lily H, Jarrett G, Aaron G and Daisy E for being up and running with their AR quizzes taken at home. Remember, once you have finished your book, even if it is one from home, see if it is on the AR scheme and get quizzing. Year 7 staff would like to celebrate more names next week please.



Timestable Rockstars

Well done to all of you who have continued perfecting your timetables this week. Top scorers across the classes are as follows:


Aaron CA 2580 pts

Katie M 1453 pts

Mille H 1240 pts


Kai M 4860 pts

Harry G 4051 pts

Sophie T 2276 pts


Daisy T 33596 pts

Tom S 2408 pts

Jarrett G 1970 pts


Harry M 22120 pts

Elizabeth H 6250 pts

Summer G 5756 pts


Georgia H 23490 pts

Lewin T-M 4270 pts

Louie H 2340 pts


Mr McMullen Daily Update - Monday 30th March


I hope you are all keeping well! I decided to start my day off by cycling around the local park. I cycled one lap as fast as I could and then cycled the next lap at a steady speed making sure I gave myself some recovery time. I repeated this for 45 minutes - it was a great workout!



This type of training is called interval training and is used by many athletes to develop their fitness! Another way you can try interval training at home is to download the Couch to 5k app. This helps you gradually build your fitness levels to the point where you can run 5 kilometres. See the timetables below to give you an idea!

Maths challenge

If each lap in the park measured a distance of 613m and I completed 27 laps, what would be the total distance I travelled?


a) ________ km

b) ________ m

c) ________ cm

d) ________ miles   (To turn kilometres into miles we divide by 8 and multiply by 5)