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Daily Updates

Friday 24th April

Mrs Radburn’s Daily Update!


I just love seeing and hearing what everyone is up to!  Please keep all these updates flooding in!

I’d like to point you all in the direction of the Wellbeing Page where you can see our Pastoral Blog and meet a new member of staff – Mrs Reynolds – who has joined the pastoral team this term.


In between work, many people are finding time for hobbies, perhaps a new one or one they have long forgotten or one they simply have more time for at the moment.  I know many members of staff are back in the kitchen baking; behind their needle and thread cross stitching or even at their electric drums drumming! Personally, I have been at my sewing machine making clothes for the little people in my life!



Weekend Challenge


My challenge to you this weekend is to make or do something that achieves these two goals:

  1. Makes you happy
  2.  Gives you a proud feeling when you finish or complete it – that “Wow! Look what I just did. I can’t wait to show/tell someone!” feeling.

Again with all our work and challenges keep sending them in to us to see and celebrate.

J2e Home Learning Due Wednesday 29th April 


Well done to everyone who submitted their Easter homework via J2e this week, some of the results were incredible and showed how much you learnt from our Nature versus Humanity topic. 


This week we are asking you to send another piece of work in to your English teachers to look at. It focuses on the Horror unit you have started to look at this week and asks what is the scariest thing in the world? We really look forward to your responses.


Please look in today's Home Learning Tasks to see the full task and WAGOLL.

Lego, lemonade, cooking galore and brain teasers

It seems to have been a busy day in year 7. Miller has been practising his watercolours and making choc-chip cookies. Harry has been creative in the kitchen again, making a batch of banana flapjacks that his brother seemed to appreciate. Faye has been using Mrs Johnston's recipes to make up some lemonade, along wit this she has been helping prepare the family meals. Tobias has been working hard on an unbelievable Lego battle scene that really put my mini figure line to shame (Jacob really wants to have your creation Tobias). And finally, unbelievably Sophie D managed to crack all of Mrs Bennett's brain teasers! Personally, the first one is still a mystery to me! Fantastic work all of you!

Goldilocks and the Three Koalas

Great to hear and see that Jarrett has been working hard on his Maths and English. As well as this, I'm sure Mrs McDiarmid would be over the moon with his French/ Australian adaption of a classic fairy tale: Goldilocks and the Three Koala!

Thursday 23rd April

A job for Sports Leaders!

As you have seen from Matthew's amazing PE lesson, you guys can be brilliant coaches. Mr Barber would like us to update the Pupil Voice section of the website. It would be great if you could set some mini sports challenges for the rest of the school to try out. Please email the office and direct your challenges to Mrs Hennessey so that I can add them onto the website. I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with. It would also be great to see other members of staff take part in these challenges as well. 

Good morning and happy St George's day. Mrs Hennessey here with your daily update.

St George's Day in England remembers St George, England's patron saint. The anniversary of his death, which is on April 23, is seen as England's national day. According to legend, he was a soldier in the Roman army who killed a dragon and saved a princess.

He can be seen as a hero which leads me onto today's task. Every Thursday, the UK clap for our heroes at 8pm to show our support and gratitude. Every week, our close seems to get louder and louder and it's lovely to see neighbours on the doorstep joining together as one. 


My girls have decorated the front of the house with rainbow stars and rocks of hope. I would love for you to share with us any rainbows you have created yourself so that next week we could create a collage of rainbows. 

My Maths Shout Outs:

Each week we will check who has completed work on My Maths. Well done to the following children:

* 7LB Maths group - Kelsey DF, George N, Georgia H, Callum C for regularly completing work. 

* 7PC Maths group - Summer G, Macey S, Emily C, Emily S, Charlie B and Kayleigh R have been brilliant and completed an awful lot of the tasks. On occasions, when not getting right, Summer has had multiple attempts- RESILIENCE.

* 7DB Maths group - Leah B, Ava CB, Millie H, Amy M, Lexi for regularly accessing My Maths - well done!

* 7LM Maths group - Matthew Oliver and Amelia Burton from my maths class for their 'Budget' homework.

* 7RM Maths group - Will L - Consistently completed tasks. 

* 7FH Maths group - Lee C and Vinnie P for completing all tasks. 

Time Tables Rockstars Update

Please take a look at the shout outs for Times Tables Rockstars including information about new class battles. It would be great to see you all have a go at the battle this week. 

Building on from our learning in school


A special mention to Daisy M who has been working exceptionally hard on her literacy. The Year 7 staff love to see the images of the work you have completed, especially when it builds on what we have learnt this year. Whether it be knocking up delicious pancakes that were taught in DT or telling us what you learnt in the Nature Versus Humanity topic via the J2e Homework, we are always impressed with what you are achieving. Here, Daisy has shown a real grasp of how to annotate and explain the authorial choices made- well done Daisy, keep up the hard work!

Macaroni cheese, planting seeds and dog Maths!


There will be no surprises when i tell you year 7 have been cooking again. Haruka has been busy making a vegetable soup, macaroni cheese, and chicken salad for her family's dinner whilst Will has been knocking up American- style pancakes and eggy bread- he clearly needs it after all that exercise. Great to see Will also using his Gardening Club knowledge (and seeds) to make the world a greener place. Vinnie has also been working hard, completing his Maths homework carefully, taking time to paws at each question!

Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesday 


Good morning year 7, I hope you have all had a lovely Easter holiday and managed to enjoy some sunshine and chocolates. 


Firstly, the year 7 team would like to say a massive well done to everyone who sent us their Humanity v's Nature homework on J2e. We have been very impressed with the effort you have put in, so a huge thank you to those of you who took the time to complete these pieces. Please check out your J2e account for teacher feedback.


This week we will be looking through your MyMaths work to see who is doing well and managing to get online. We would love to see every member of our maths class logging on and showing us their best Mathematical skills. 


Don't forget - if you have forgotten/lost your password you can always ask an adult to give the school office a quick call and they will be happy to pass details on to you. 


Come on 7LB Maths lets show everyone else how its done!

As we have been off for a few weeks now I think it is really important to keep our brains active. Over the Easter holidays (as well as eating chocolate) Mr Bennett and I have been completing these daily Brain Teasers every morning before we go outside to feed all the animals. 


1. Have a go and see how many you can get right.

2. Ask someone at home and see if they can beat your score.

3. Phone a friend and test their morning brains too!


Cooking and Drama Club activities


It's great to see so many of you cooking, staff really want to keep the momentum so if you're looking for a recipe follow the link below to find to try something different.


Drama club staff are also hoping to keep you creative by testing your acting skills- I am sure your families would love a performance of you talents. Open the link below to find out more.


Home made chicken nuggets, muffins and craft


Wow, they just look amazing! Georgia has been making home made chicken nuggets and potato wedges for her DT homework and has fed her whole family

The chicken nuggets were coated in crushed cornflakes to make them crunchy and she added Parmesan cheese to the crumbs to make the nuggets extra tasty
She explained they would make a great lunchtime snack and I definitely agree.


In the meantime, Millie has been baking in the kitchen making some delicious looking cakes. As well as this, she has been very creative with the other tasks set- well done Millie.


And just to keep the food theme going, Jarrett has been busy making his own granola bars. Maybe 'Griffiths Granola Bars' might be a name to consider? 


Prawn cocktail anyone?

A new term and a new recipe for Stan. This time it was creating a rather perfect looking prawn salad, look out for Stan's fine cuisine coming to a high street near you soon.

Mrs Dixon’s and Mrs Bird’s ‘Think-Outside-The-Box Tuesday


How lovely it has been to read, watch and look at all the wonderful things you’ve been up to over Easter. We are missing you all!


Our first challenge is about thinking outside the box. You must finish the drawing BUT it’s not a heart!

How many different combinations can you think of?





Secondly, there is a similar ‘imagination workout’ for those of you who love to draw or problem solve.



Don’t forget to head over to our well-being page for ideas on how to keep your mind and body healthy at home! 

Miss Starkey's made a special video for us to all join in with and this can be found at 

Stay safe year seven!




Westacre Middle School's Online Yoga - Video 2

With this video we are exploring all things linked to balance, and it's not just about standing on one foot! We're looking at different parts of the body we ...

Salah impressions, chicken cous cous and lots and lots and lots of work


It great to hear that the first day back after Easter has picked up where it left off. Lillie Rose Willetts has been working her socks of producing a fantastic piece of writing. Harry Millwood has been busy being creative in the kitchen, making a delicious looking chicken cous cous salad before doing his best Mo Salah impression. It is lead to believe that Harry has challenged Mr Cotton to repeat the trick, I wonder if he will rise to the challenge? Finally, Theo Stacey has been working exceptionally hard on his Maths and English. Well done to you all!


Harry 4.mp4

Still image for this video

Accelerated Reader Shout outs!



As we enter your last term at Westacre sad, I feel it is important to recognise the amazing achievements that have happened in year 7 so far. 

Like many classes in year 7, 7LB know only too well that this is a weekly occurrence, where we shout out to those who are consistently reading and taking quizzes. It is usually followed by a victory dance (and the craziest face you can pull) so I'm sure if your name is on the list below you will enjoy a living room dance with whoever is at home! 

Here are the top readers in each year 7 class at the moment: 




Chloe L- 40 BOOKS

Vinnie P- 34 BOOKS

Sally S-J 28 BOOKS

Matthew W- 20 BOOKS

Lily H- 18 BOOKS

Caitlin F - 13 BOOKS



Alec T- 26 BOOKS

Kelsey D-F- 24 BOOKS

Andrew E- 18 BOOKS

Emily S- 16 BOOKS

Kian T- 15 BOOKS

Sophie T- 14 BOOKS



Charlie B- 32 BOOKS

Zuzanna K- 32 BOOKS

Jacob H- 20 BOOKS

Jasmine S- 20 BOOKS

Miller S- 19 BOOKS

Brandon B- 19 BOOKS

Daisy E- 19 BOOKS



Junior M- 23 BOOKS

Jack B- 21 BOOKS

Lucy W- 19 BOOKS

Logan P- 18 BOOKS

Millie H- 15 BOOKS

Maddison W-L 15 BOOKS



Jason-Lea T- 56 BOOKS

Jess W- 26 BOOKS

Grace W- 22 BOOKS

William L- 21 BOOKS

Joseph C-20 BOOKS

Georgia H- 19 BOOKS




Please remember, AR is not all about how many books you read. It is really important to read but also to take care when answering the questions as this assesses your reading comprehension (understanding) of the text.


Over this coming term I will be regularly checking you AR scores and shouting out to those of you who are showing an extra special effort with your reading. Remember it is not all about the number of books you read. At Westacre we aim to achieve an average score of 85% or above so you may find yourself in the shout outs for showing a high average score.


Mrs Bennett's Top Tip

You can read any books you like but remember to check and see if the book is on the AR system and then you can take a quiz on it too! 


See you all soon, 

Happy 'AR ing' 

Mrs Bennett 

Mr Cotton's Easter Update


It is great to be back writing to you all for what would be the first day of your last term in Westacre. I hope you have all thoroughly enjoyed your Easter holidays and I look forward to seeing/ hearing what you have all been up to. 


As you are aware, I am not a huge fan of chocolate however I have really enjoyed time with my boys who have certainly kept me occupied. Easter has been centred around a new fascination with den building in the Cotton house. So far, I have built dens in the conservatory, underneath beds, in my car boot, in the garage and, perhaps the one that gave me the most pride, a teepee style den in the garden- unfortunately, only the cat seemed to enjoy it (see pictures). 


Jacob also decided he wanted to line up all his Lego figures which I agreed to. However, I was unaware how many he has acquired, it turns out he has 307 minifigures that all needed to be fitted with accessories!!! It was quite an achievement that took 4 and a half hours to complete and lasted all of 6 minutes before Alfie and Jacob decided they wanted to play a version of Lego  minifigure skittles!!!


We have also been embracing nature, taking our daily walk around the fields and discovering new footpaths and beautiful spots to sit and take a moment. As part of this we have planted strawberries, which we are hoping will avoid being dug up by the cats, and made a bird table which has had nothing visit it for a fortnight yet has just had a pigeon land on it: a very exciting times in the Cotton household.



New term, new topic: Rise and Fall


We have now come to and end of the Spring topic of Humanity versus Nature and all the year 7 staff are looking forward to reading your homeworks to see your final thoughts on the subject.


For the Summer term we will be looking at the Rise and Fall of the British Empire. We often see Britain as a welcoming, supportive, fair country that has done a lot of good for the world however some of the events from British history may not put us in such a favourable light. The topic will look at the pros and cons of the British Empire's expansion across the world and it still effects the lives we live today. 

Mr Cotton's challenge

It is time to test your memories. There is a tray of random items below, time 2 minutes to look at the tray and memorise the items. After the 2 minutes is up, wait for 30 seconds and then name as many items from the tray as possible. How many can you remember? 


Extra challenge:

Leave it an hour/ 3 hours/ a day, how many items can you still recall?