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Daily Updates

Essays, Forces and Basketball


Louie has spent the day completing his horror essay and it is clear that has retained all the features that were taught. Alongside this he explored forces in his Science work and then somehow had enough energy for a game of basketball. Well done Louie and well done to all of you again after another fantastic week of home learning.


Help for sharing work with your teacher on J2E

Still image for this video
Here’s a little help video for sharing your work via J2E. A few families were still unsure so have a peek for a refresher! We love seeing your work come in and giving you feedback to celebrate your efforts.

Fantastic Friday!


Hi all, Mrs McDiarmid here. It looks like you’ve had another busy week. I’ve had a busy few weeks myself since I last posted. My little girl, Isla, turned 2 over the Easter holidays and we made the most of the good weather with teddy bear hunts in the garden and walks in the sunshine. It was hard not seeing our loved ones on such a special day to us, but we had each other and had a great day regardless and I hope you’ll feel the same if you have a birthday during this time.

Like you, we’ve been baking again. We made Isla a salted caramel chocolate birthday cake and a rhubarb meringue pie. The pie had some sticking issues (stuck to the base- I blame Mr McD’s greasing) so was tasty but not necessarily a looker. It wouldn’t get far on Bake off!



Many of you have been reading at home. The National Literacy Trust has created the ‘Book of Hopes’, which is a free collection of stories and illustrations from 100s of well known authors and illustrators. Give it a look:


Also there is a new School Library tab on the Pupil drop down menu of the school website, which contains a link to the School Library page. Check that out too!

Weekend challenge

This is a mad time we are living through and many years from now, future generations will ask you about what it was like to live in ‘lockdown’. With that in mind (and to pass the time with a 2 year old!) we’ve been making things to remind us of this time when it’s all over.

I made salt dough and all the McDiarmids put their handprints on one big piece. 

Salt dough recipe:

1 cup plain flour

1/2 cup salt

1/2 cup water


Mix together and once you’ve made your shapes bake in the oven on a low heat for about 3 hours (or when it’s dried out). After that you can paint it.


We also drew round our hands in different coloured pieces of paper and glued them on top of each other.


So my task for you this weekend us to make something to remember the ‘lockdown’ in the future. It could be something arty like me, or a poem or a photo, or a story... anything you like. Email us or take a photo and put it on Twitter.


Au revoir!

Beautiful music, bacon bites and work, work, work!


Another day, another plethora of e-mails to get excited about:

  • Harry M has been in the kitchen again, this time creating some ham and cheese muffins with a little difference. Harry added his own stamp with a touch of sweetcorn.
  • Vinnie has worked hard on his music work- what a dream line up Vinnie- you are a man of taste!
  • Theo S has worked incredibly hard, doing a wonderful job of his Ethics, Maths and English tasks- superb attitude to learning Theo
  • Zach has also been cooking, making some truly mouth-watering puff pastry bacon snacks- they look amazing Zach
  • And finally, it was great for Sophie to give us a reminder of her musical talents by practising her piano playing and singing at home- it was very much enjoyed by myself and family.



Still image for this video

Thursday 30th April

Mrs Hennessey here with your daily update. The last day of April – hasn’t it flown by?! There’s been a lot of time to reflect on how we are coping with not being at school and time to think about habits that we can carry on once normal life has resumed. I wanted to share a poem my youngest daughter wrote:

I will …

Spend time together as a family.

Play in the garden when it’s sunny.


I will …

Look out for birds and feed them some seeds.

Enter more drawing competitions to keep me busy.


I will …

Eat at the dinner table with my family.

Every Sunday, bake something yummy.


I thought this summed up our time as a family perfectly. I have also enjoyed having the time to dive into reading. Like many of you, I struggle to read every day but once I get into a book, I can’t put it down.

Following our work on Phillip Pullman, I read his Dark Material trilogy. Thank you to Mrs McDiarmid for recommending it. It was one of those series that kept me wanting to find out more yet I didn’t want to get to the end as it would all be over! I am now going to order The Book of Dust to continue my adventures.


Are there any other books you would recommend for me and the year group? What have you been reading this month? Maybe you could create a book review for us to share. I wonder what you top 10 ultimate book list would be? Send any suggestions to or share your ideas with me on J2e.



My Maths Shout Outs:

These are all the children who have worked hard to complete their My Maths tasks this week:

  • 7FH – Lee Coleman, Vinnie Paxton
  • 7DB - Leah Blake, Lexi Smith, Millie Howcroft, Darcey Newman, Amy Meredith
  • 7PC - Charlie Blackwell, Macey-Jane Semini
  • 7LM - Jacob Hird, Oliver Hoare
  • 7LB - Kelsey DF, George N and Georgia H, Alex R for their amazing fractions work.
  • 7RM - Will Lowe- who’s had a go at every task! Amazing!

Each week, work is set for your Maths group, so if you haven’t had chance to go on yet have a look. You can complete any outstanding work as well. These tasks are usually quite useful to explain what you have been doing each week.

Times Tables Rockstars:

Please click on the pdf to see which class won the battle this week and to discover our top scorers. It was great to see so many more of you take on the challenge.

A very busy day in Year 7


I've been over the moon to hear from so many of you today, there is so much to celebrate:

  • Louie has been cooking again making Mrs Johnston's ham and cheese muffins.
  • Haruka has also got involved with Mrs Johnston's recipes, combining the ham and cheese recipe from this week with the fresh lemonade from last week. She also practised some engineering, making her own rocket from the video added Monday- super work Haruka.
  • Daisy has completed a fantastic amount of work, creating a brilliant acrostic, researching William Morris and starting her work on the British Empire
  • Georgia has also been impressing with her work ethic, creating four pages of work in her English and Guided Reading sessions.

We also received a fantastic tweet from Accelerated Reader that were so impressed with the amount of shout outs from Mrs Bennett this morning- well done year 7!

Times tables, persuasive writing and ribs...lots of ribs!


Russell had a very busy and productive day yesterday, he was up super early determined to make the family dinner of slow cooked BBQ ribs after sourcing the recipe himself. He created the marinade and slow cooked the ribs for 9 hours before adding more marinade and roasting them, along with red onion, sliced new potatoes and corn on the cob. It looks amazing Russell and I'm sure your family enjoyed every mouthful.

Whilst it was slow cooking he also managed to complete his J2E English persuasive writing and some times tables rock stars!  Brilliant work Russell- my mouth is watering!

Mrs Bennett's Wonderful Wednesday 


Good morning year 7. Well what amazing weather we have had. I hope you have all been outside enjoying the sunshine in your gardens or during your daily walk/exercise. 

Sadly, as I write this I am looking out of the window and it is actually raining! At the risk of sounding like a true farmer (I will say it anyway), 'the ground does need the rain.' The only thing I wish is that it would rain at night when we are all asleep!

This week has been a week of catching up with friends and family (obviously via the powers of technology). I have spoken to friends from near and far, checking in with them and making sure they are okay. These strange and unusual times are testing for everyone and I know it was really nice to actually see faces as we spoke. As much as I love Mr Bennett, we were both grateful to speak to other friends and family too. After all, there is only so much of a conversation you can have with a sausage dog. 


A particular highlight this week was our Skype from our 6 year old niece all the way from Canada. Miss Phoebe is a ray of sunshine and she certainly brightens up any day with her huge smile and complete rendition of Disney Moana (whether you want it or not) YOU'RE WELCOME!

Whilst on the phone, she also shared some of her beautiful craft projects that she (and her not so helpful but ever eager) two year old little brother have been creating.


From dream catchers to bead necklaces she has been busy creating masterpieces, I'm sure if you need some advice for your BST projects she would be only to happy to advise! These projects got me thinking, particularly when she shared the beautiful rainbows that she had placed in her living room window to 'make the neighbours feel happy' as she put it. This just shows that these powerful rainbows have been created by young people all over the world!


Therefore, inspired by the lovely Phoebe I have two challenges for you this week:


1. Phone/ Skype/face-time (with adult permission) someone you care about. Either a family member or friend and check in with them. Maybe you could share your best piece of home learning or have a virtual drink and cake with them. 


2. Create a piece of artwork or craft project that would make someone smile. A picture, a necklace, a dream catcher anything you like. Let your imagination run wild.smiley

Remember to share your ideas with the school office so that we can all see your 'make someone smile' arts and crafts. 


Today is the deadline to share your J2e English Task with your English teacher. If you need some guidance scroll back through these updates and have a read of Jarrett G 7LB's excellent example. Your English teachers are really looking forwards to reading your responses and leaving feedback for you all. 



Take care Year 7 and remember to check the website each day for new Home Learning tasks.


Mrs Bennett 



With this in mind may I also take this opportunity to sign post you to this excellent website that gives advice on Covid-19. It contains lots of useful information for all. More details on the Pastoral area of your website.


You're Welcome!

Phoebe's creations

AR Shout Outs.


This week our shout outs go to all those pupils who currently have an average percentage of 85% or more.


A special well done to 7PC and 7LB who have the most pupils with an average of 85% or above (Mrs Bennett is currently doing a celebratory dance around her llving room).


Keep up the good work and lets see how many more of you can get a shout out next week.


Well done to the following individuals: 


Charlie B

Amelia B

Theo C

Megan C

Leah H

Lilia H

Jacob H 

Jude M

Kayleigh R

Tobias R

Theodore S

Connor W

Josh W



Leah B

Jessica B

Morgan C

Hannah C

Alfie C

Freya E

Caitlin F

Jarrett G

Chloe L

Amy M

Vinnie P

Theo P

Jacob R

Daisy T



Tegan C

Kelsey D-F

Jess E

IsabellE E-H

Harry G

Darcey N



Jess C

Lee C

Sophie D

Kevin F

Freya K

Evie L

Katherine M

Haruka M

William R

James T

Lillie-Rose W



Connor C

Chelsea- Leigh

Oliver H

Beth J

Georgia H

Matthew O

Maddison P

Macey Jane S

Shaylah S

Grace W

Will's bravery


Will Picken has contacted the school to tell us he is wanting to help others in these difficult times by offering to 'brave the shave'. Will be shaving all his hair off for charity- well done Will, a fantastic show of helping others. if you would like to sponsor Will, the link is below.


I’m taking part in Brave the Shave to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Please support me and check out my shave page.

J2e example homework


Yesterday, I asked for Jarrett to send me his persuasive writing that he was completing as part of the J2e homework this week (due tomorrow and sent to ENGLISH teachers). Now I knew Jarrett was a very talented reader but WOW...simply WOW!


Please take time to read:


Mobile Phones wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life. Only recently has the fear of being without your phone become more relevant and prominent in people's everyday life. In the Garden of Eden, the apple was symbolic of knowledge, which possibly inspired Steve Jobs the name of his product, the all knowing Apple Iphone. Anything you don't know the answer to? Google it. Anytime you're lost? Ask the Apple of all knowledge for directions. Anybody you need to speak to? At the press of a button everyone you could possibly want to speak to is right at your fingertips.


On a long journey to visit your Nan in Bristol, the sense of foreboding despair when reaching into your bag, you find your pocket-brain has been neglected, abandoned and lonely on the bedroom windowsill. That exact feeling of helplessness and anxiousness is what defines nomophobia, the fear of being without your phone, without data or connection. No less would this be felt in today current climate. This inability to communicate with the outside world would cripple the individual to a level of powerlessness, similar to that of being under the power of a tyrannical king, without compassion or empathy to the needs of their kingdom.

Without our memories, we'd be lost in the seemingly endless loop of time that would envelop us in dread and insecurity. Lost would the memories of cheering with your friends as your home basketball team won the cup final. Lost would the memories of your last day of middle school, taking photo's to last a lifetime. Being unable to relive those memories would bring grief and isolation, similar to that of loosing a loved one. A young person's Alzheimers.


Cowering in the safety of the sofa, phone in hand, dismissing your family that have travelled forty days and forty nights to have another monotonous, politics laden, Sunday, family dinner that you have zero interest in being involved in. Without your guardian angel protecting you from the realm of boredom, you would be forced to endure the inadequate and shameful realisation that you barely know your relatives hair colour or even how much you dislike their regional accent. Prepared to do anything to escape the tedium of these aliens, you're feeling more hysterical as you find your phone has been lost in the cosmos of the sock pile, never to be found until you're forced to come face to face with chores.


Arachnophobia, Acrophobia, Agoraphobia amongst many others pale in comparison to nomophobia. The predator of teens usual life, the murderer of normality, there is no debate, question or challenge to this statement: Nomophobia, the Beelzebub of modern life. 


Mrs Dixon and Mrs Bird’s Terrific Tuesday!


Good morning Year 7 – I hope you are all keeping safe and well.


What beautiful weather we have had over the weekend – hopefully you have been able to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and benefit from the sights and sounds that nature provides us with!


As a family, we have been spending more time in the garden and have stopped to take notice of the plants and trees blooming and the birds and insects we have all around us. My children have particularly enjoyed looking for creepy crawlies under stones and trying to spot the frogs in our (very green) pond!


We have been curious about some of the plants we have found and it’s prompted us to try and find out if they are weeds (and need digging out) or are beautiful flowers about to burst into colour.


There are lots of websites and apps out there to help you do this and below is just one:


My challenge to you is to spend some time either in the garden or when out on a walk, looking more carefully at the nature around you. Perhaps you have spotted a butterfly that you’ve not seen before or an unusual bug! Use the site above to see if you can identify the wildlife around you. Feel free to send us pictures of what you have found or a message about your new discoveries!


Jarrett needs no persuasion to write


Great to hear, and see, Jarrett working so hard on his persuasive writing today. It would be great to read what you have been writing Jarrett, feel free to send it into the office. This is the sort of dedication that Jarrett and many of you working at home are showing; this independent working and resilience will give great success in your future careers- well done!


Working from Home

I would love more challenges to come my way. Remember to send any videos to Mrs Hennessey.

Racing Rockets WCC

Jacob is currently looking at a space topic at school and part of it was to make a rocket and see how far it can fly. We made these and managed a distance of 7.2m. Can your rocket beat it?

Further guidance for this challenge can be viewed at the end of the video, or use this link to ...

Free newspaper


Big thanks to Mrs. Page who has found a copy of a free newspaper online. Please enjoy finding out about the world! The paper offers latest news regarding our current lockdown along with some heart-warming/ hilarious stories form over the world. I would love to know which story you enjoyed the most or what you thought of the newspaper. Please e-mail the office with your thoughts.

Wow what a great start to Monday


It was great to open my e-mails yesterday and see this amazing design sat in my inbox. It is work form an up-and-coming artist from Worcestershire, Theo Stacey and was produced in response to last weeks Computing homework. Well done Theo, I know Mrs Radburn would be amazed. A career in graphic design awaits Theo (and I should know, I have a Fine Arts degree!). 

Monday 27th April

Hello everyone, Mr McMullen here! Hope you are doing well and keeping busy. Well done to everyone that contributed to the Westacre Team Challenge last week, if you have not yet seen it yet, you can find it on the photo gallery page of the website.


This challenge got me practising different tricks (that I haven't done for a very long while) in the garden with a tennis ball. I managed to successfully kick the ball up and then catch it on the back of my neck. I would be interested to see what tricks you guys come up with? The trick doesn't have to be using a ball, be creative and send in any videos of tricks that you can do in the garden. Make sure you are safe of course!


A big thank you to those of you who are logging onto the MyMaths and completing the tasks that have been set. As always, make sure you follow the online lesson and then complete the homework task after it. Even though some tasks may show that they are overdue, you can still complete them. Tasks have been set on angles to complete over the next two weeks.


Maths riddle

When Ashley was 15, her mother was 37. Now, her mother is twice her age. How old is Ashley?