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Daily Updates

Thursday 7th May

Good morning Year 6! Mrs Ardis here for your daily update! Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine, that appears to have returned. I am hoping that the sunshine stays. I don't know about you but I feel so much happier when it is out. Hoping you are managing to keep busy and looking after each other. My daughter and I have now read the first four Harry Potter books. Looking forward to have some extra time this weekend to start the fifth book. Hoping that it will be as good as the first four.


I have been looking at the AR scores for this last week. Lovely to see that people are keeping up with their reading. As I have mentioned before, it is so valuable to keep up your reading.

In 6BP, well done to Chloe, who has read and completed a quiz on a book!

Well done to Lucas and Ruby, who have both read and completed two quizzes!

Well done to Drew, who has read and taken quizzes on four books!

In 6CA, well done to Sophie, who has read and taken a quiz on a book!

Well done to Lewis and Oliver, who have both read and taken two quizzes!

In 6HM, well done to Archy, Fern, Jack and Lola, who have all read and taken a quiz on a book!

Well done to Dominic, who has read and taken quizzes on two books!

In 6MP, well done to Evie, who has read and taken a quiz on a book!

Well done to Morgan, who has read and taken two quizzes!

In 6RA, well done to Rosie, who has read and taken a quiz on a book!


Below you will find Mr Purdie telling his VE Day war stories: describing the background to VE Day, and some of his Grandad's prison escape stories from the Second World War. Enjoy!


Hope you are ready for your VE celebrations and are able to enjoy your longer weekend. Don't forget to keep sending those photos in.


Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Ardis


Mr Purdie's VE Day War Stories

Hi there Year 6, please take the time to listen to my VE Day war stories! You'll hear me describing the background to VE Day, and some of my Grandad's prison escape stories from the Second World War.

Wednesday 6th May



Morning Year 6, this is Mr Purdie with your morning update. Don't forget that VE Day is on Friday, which is the 75th Anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. It's a Bank Holiday too, so we don;t expect you to be doing too much work, but you can if you want to!


Please remember that MyMaths tasks are still being set each week, and we are checking who is logging in and completing the work set. The tasks match to what you would have been doing in Maths lessons in class, so it's important you complete the tasks so that you keep up to date with your maths learning. 


I wanted to give a shout-out to those students who have been consistently logging on and having a go at almost everything, even if they are finding it tricky:


Rhys Bridson

Lucy Core

Edward Beavan

Rebecca Johnson

Eva McKay

Haydn Greensall

Aleisha Layton

Leo White

Mollie Weston

Zach Thomas

Charlotte Tromans

Leo Leverett-Hawes

Ruby Pugh

Natalia Wierzchowska

Archy Pugh

Eva Wylie


Keep up the brilliant work!

Times Tables Rockstars House Battle results!


The final results are in:


1st: Bannister, 30 687

2nd: Turing, 23 046

3rd: Attenborough, 22 416

4th: Bronte, 18 107



Congratulations to Bannister for winning! These standings will be used by Mr Barber to add housepoints to your yearly totals. Thanks for participating, and look out for a new competition soon!

Hello from your TA...


Hello Year 6! I''ve been trying to shake off all the chocolate I ate over Easter by hoola-hooping! It's not as easy as using the normal hoola-hoops we have at school - this one is weighted which means it's heavier! Despite it taking me a while to get into a good rhythm it was still a good excuse to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Hope you have all been looking after yourselves and been getting out in your gardens if you can - fresh air is so good for the mind! I would just personally like to say to 6RAr how much I miss them! It is certainly too quiet at my house and feels very strange not having my name called over and over again from a table of children. I'm really enjoying seeing the photos and shoutouts from children on the year 6 daily update - keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine and being met with your smiley faces ready for a normal day at Westacre. 


Take care, look after each other and remember to be kind 🙂 

Miss Colledge! 

Tuesday 5th May


Good morning Year 6. Hope you are all well? Are you looking forward to Bank Holiday Friday? I am! Do you have anything special planned? On the street where some of my friends live the people are putting bunting on their houses and they're all going to have picnics on their front lawns! If times were different, my family and I would have got together for afternoon tea (we like afternoon tea and use it as an excuse to celebrate many an occasion!) Instead we are going to have afternoon tea in our homes but video call one another so that we are still celebrating together.


Before I tell you all about the current TTRS data, Miss Starkey has put another yoga video on the well-being page for you.  You'll notice that she has a helper in the video as the moves are partner based. If you have someone at home who would like to do the session with you that's great. If you don't, don't worry. Miss Starkey will explain how to do the moves on your own too so you can still join in.

So, onto Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS)...


Congratulations to the following children who have played most recently...


In BP we have Chloe, Lucas Harding and Drew.

In CA we have Oliver, Libby and Georgia.

In MP we have Charlotte, Beau and James.

In RA we have Rhys, Erin and Edward.

And in HM we have Logan, Fern and Carter.


Well done everyone.


Stay safe.


Miss Ackroyd



Monday 4th May

Good Morning Year 6-Mrs Adey here!


It's the start of another week and we are all missing you. We know you are working very hard and we are so very proud of you all but we would still love to be in our school and be able to hear your voices and see the smiles on your faces. Keep being the smart and kind children you are and be very proud of yourselves! Keep sending in photos of your work so we can pop them on our website. 


Today would have been a bank holiday but it has been moved to Friday 8th May so we can all celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day. You will be learning lots more about this over the week so you have lots to look forward to. 


Below are some photos show you what your year 6 teachers have been doing over the weekend. 


Mrs G Morgan's little boy has been creating some delicious pizzas for the family. 


Over the last week, Mrs Humphries' little girl has been practising riding her bike  and can now ride by herself without stablisers!


Mrs Ardis and her daughter have also been busy in the kitchen baking some mouth-watering cookies-yummy!


Mrs P Morgan and her daughter, Cayce, have been very creative and designed a joint piece of artwork.  


Mr Purdie has finished building Jamie's new cot bed and very beautiful it looks too!


Miss Ackroyd has been baking again-this time she's made some very tasty looking banana bread. 


And me and Mrs Page have both been enjoying taking in nature on our daily walks.







Have a look at what the year 6 staff have been up to at the weekend.

Calling All Artists!


If you are a keen artist,  have a look at the competition information below for Islands in the Sky. 

J2e Questionnaire


Please have a look in the shared files on your J2e account. There is a questionnaire for you to fill in.




REMEMBER TO SHARE THIS WEEK'S MATHS HOMEWORK ABOUT ANGLES WITH YOUR MATHS TEACHER TOO. If you need any guidance to help you share this or your work, check out Mrs Radburn's video. 

Mrs Hennessey's Well Being Challenge


Follow the link below to the Westacre Well Being pages and have a go at Mrs Hennessey's challenge! 




Hello from your TA...


Hi Year 6! During lockdown my family and I have been keeping busy by painting a mural of sunflowers onto our new improved shed, painting recycled tiles and making healthy summer smoothie bowls! 

I’m missing seeing your lovely smiley faces in the morning and really hope to see you very soon!

Mrs Eaton