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Daily Updates and Shoutouts

Help video for sharing work with your teacher on J2E

Still image for this video
Here’s a little help video for sharing your work via J2E. A few families were still unsure so have a peek for a refresher! We love seeing your work come in and giving you feedback to celebrate your efforts.

TTR House Competition Update

Friday 1st May

Good morning Year 6 from Mrs. P. Morgan (6HM). I hope you are all very well and keeping active and busy! I have been so impressed with the work that so many of you have been sending in. I know I speak for all the Year 6 staff in saying how proud of you we all are. It really does brighten our day to see the effort you put into your work. Look out for the final instalment in the DT project next Tuesday!

As we move into May, our Value of the Month is changing to “Forgiveness”. At this challenging time, spending so much time with the same people can sometimes become difficult. Perhaps we have said things we didn’t mean or somebody has snapped at us. Well forgiveness works in two ways: firstly, we have the power to forgive others and not hold a grudge against them. If we forgive others, it releases us from playing things over in our minds and stops us getting too angry and upset. Tell the person you forgive them. Secondly, we can ask for forgiveness. This helps us all, as it releases the guilt we might be feeling for being mean to someone we love and it helps the other person see how much you really care. Keep this in mind, as we journey through the next few weeks.


Mrs. Murray has some reading news: there is a new school library tab on the pupil drop down menu on the website, which contains a link to the school library page. Please click on the following link for lots of reading inspiration:


You can find your previous English homework marked in your folders. This week, Mr. Purdie has created some maths homework for you to share on J2E. Please make sure you share your homework with YOUR MATHS TEACHER BY WEDNESDAY NEXT WEEK 6TH MAY. There is a helpful video above

Finally we wanted to show you what we have been up to this week! There are a couple of lovely rainbow windows / gates that Miss. Adey has spotted and enjoyed on her daily dog walks. There is a set of jigsaws that my daughter and I have been busy completing on the wetter days! Mrs. Page has been busy baking some delicious looking cookies!

Hello from your TA...


Hello Year 6. I hope you are all well, and looking after each other at home. I really enjoy looking at the website first thing in the morning to have a look at all the photos that have been sent in, and reading the daily updates from the teachers. 

I've been really enjoying creating a Maths problem of the day everyday for you. Selecting a challenge that uses your problem solving skills and brings together lots of different skills that you have already learnt. Although some of them may seem a little tricky, there is always a hint at the end to help you through how to start answering the problem. 

When I've not been busy creating maths problems and helping my two with their home learning,  I've been busy having a long-overdue sort out in the house. As many of you know, I'm also Akela (cub leader) for a scout group in Worcester. The last few weeks we have been holding virtual (on-line) meetings, where the cubs join us on video conference in our virtual hut and we look at all the badge work they've been doing at home and have a few games. Last Thursday was St George's Day. St George is very important in scouting as not only is he the patron Saint of England, he is also the patron Saint of scouting. Normally we would be parading through Worcester to the Cathedral to celebrate, but we were unable to do that this year. So last week we held a virtual meeting with a quiz about St George (those in school last Thursday also  had an opportunity to have a go at the quiz, which was good fun). At our scout meeting it was also a time to reaffirm our scouting promise. 

When it was a little sunnier, I've also taken the opportunity to camp out in the garden with Matthew. The first time we camped we spent the night sleeping on the trampoline. We were lucky it didn't rain, as I'm not sure the tarp covering us was very water tight! It was a particularly cold night and I had to wear my woolly hat all night to keep warm, and I borrowed my husband's really thick sleeping bag. I didn't get a lot of sleep, but it was really peaceful lying out under the stars. Perhaps when the weather dries up again, you could try camping out too. If you don't want to camp out, then maybe you could make a den and sleep in that one night. 

Last week, I also realised how important it is to take some time getting some exercise and how good it makes you feel. The first few weeks we were home, I was always finding lots of other things to do, and not doing any exercise, or taking some time for me. With the grateful help of a friend's encouragement, I've now started going for a 30-min walk everyday, although some days it's almost dusk by the time I go out! On Wednesday, I spotted a group of ducklings on the canal. Remember, to always do some daily exercise, and if you're not that motivated then ask a friend to virtually exercise with you and share with each other what you've been doing.


Hoping to see you all in school soon. Mrs Howard

Friday's Shout-outs


Thanks to Adam and Sophie Parkinson for the work that they have sent in on Survuval Shelters, some portal stories and their completed Maths!


Thanks to Georgia Wylie for her maths as well!


Thank you to Nathan Welch for sending us a fantastic portal story too, well done!


Thanks to James Hale for this amazing rainbow collage of photos, that's stunning. 


And lastly a great big thank you to everyone who has been completing and sharing their homework via J2E. Remember that one piece of work each week should be completed on J2E and shared with the teacher who teaches you that subject. 

Thursday 30th April


   Good Morning year 6, it is Mrs G Morgan here to give you your daily update. 

 I hope you are well and looking after yourself and being kind to your brothers/sisters. Remember, they're probably finding this new change in life strange and frustrating too. So try and find ways to laugh together, play together and most importantly, love each other. (That is what I tell my children, when they all suddenly want to play with the same toy!)

Oh and yes, that's my children taking all the toys out the boxes, so they can sit in the boxes -rather than playing with the toys. frown


 Now, news to share:


 This week, Mr Purdie was interviewed by the pastoral team. Please have a read of his interview. It can now be found on the wellbeing page. 

Also, you will find previous interviews with Mrs Doolin and Mrs Murray on there, please have a read if you have not had chance yet. 



 I am also going to share with you all the superstar AR readers. I have had a look at the last two school weeks so since the Easter holidays and these children have taken Quizzes: 

So massive well done to:



Drew H -1 quiz 100%

Daniella H -1 quiz 100%

Ruby P -1 quiz 100%



Oliver C -1 quiz 90%

Tyler H -1 quiz 100%

Harry S -2 quizzes 100% 

Georgia W- 1 quiz 100%



Dominic A -13 quizzes!! 88.5%

Fern C -1 quiz 90%

Finley C- 1 quiz 90%

Theo G -2 quizzes

Peyton J- 1 quiz 100%

Lola W -1 quiz 90%



Rosie B -1 quiz 100%

Zac B-1 quiz 90%

Madison S - 3 quizzes 96.7%

Lexi T 3 quizzes 



Annabelle B -2 quizzes 90%

Riley D- 1 quiz 100%

Morgan H -4 quizzes

Evie M -1 quiz 100%

Adam P -2 quizzes

Dylan R -3 quizzes

Ania W -1 quiz

Charlotte W -1 quiz 100%


 That is fantastic reading year 6. laugh


And for the competitive children (and teachers)


 Here are our top quiz takers:

 1st: Dominic A (6HM) 13 quizzes in 2 weeks!

2nd: Morgan H (6MP) 4 quizzes 


 Here is how many children took quizzes in each class:

1st with 8 children taking quizzes... 6MP!

2nd with 6 children is 6HM

Joint 3rd with 4 children is 6RA and 6CA

And oh no! In last place with only 3 children completing quizzes it is 6BP.


Children in 6BP, can you beat 6MP next week?


 I will leave you to now read more shout outs below.

 Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, 

 Mrs G Morgan


A big shout-out to ...


* Addison for his fabulous portal story and his angles work. 


* Archy P has also been working hard on his maths and story writing. 


* Dylan R has a written a suspense story entitled Bob and The Mystery Portal.


* Eva has been working hard on her DT shelter project and designed a wigwam!


* Jack O'D has completed Mrs Howard's problem of the day.


* Rosie B has been working on angles and grid references-she's the person to go to for directions!




Thursday's Daily Shout-outs

Hello from your TA..


Hello year 6, I am missing seeing all of your smiley faces every day, but have been loving seeing what you’re all getting up to at home. Keep up all the hard work, you’re doing brilliantly! I have been keeping busy since we’ve been off-  my fiancé and I have given our garden a little makeover, been on lots of doggy walks in the sunshine and I’ve had fun doing some sequin art. Lots of you know how much I love a flamingo and now I have one in sequin form! Look after yourselves and your families, I hope to see you all soon.

Miss Payne





Wednesday 29th April


Good morning Year 6. Mrs Page here again with a quick hello and a MyMaths update. The weather has turned this week, so we may be spending a little bit more time indoors. Keeping to a good routine will help with our moods. Dexter is not happy with the weather as it means he can't go in the garden! As you all know he is mainly a house cat, but when the weather is nice he does venture out into the garden. This also means the cat-flap training is put on hold! 


On to MyMaths... I wanted to congratulate the following children who have accessed MyMaths over the past week.


6BP: Georgia W, Michael T, Addison R, Abigail P, Sophie P, Erin K, Molly Rose, Finley G, Evie D, Lucy C, Rosie B and Edward B.

6CA: Bethany C, Chloe C, Rebecca J, Callum L, Eva M, Adam P and Kayden R.

6HM: Finley C, Oliver C, Grace D, Lexi-Le F, Haydn G, Tyler H, Peyton J and Leo W.

6MP: Joseph B, Zach B, Annabelle B, Harry C, Fern C, James H, Drew H, Daniel H, Matthew H, Morgan H, Amelia L, Alex P, Zach T, Charlotte T, Haydn W, Lola W and Mollie W.

6RA: Kyle B, Libby G, Justin H, Leo L, Ruby P, Nathan W and Natalia W.

6RAr: Archy P and Eva W.


Keep up the good work!

Mrs Page

Hello from your TA...


Hello you lovely lot! I hope you're all OK, doing as much work as you possibly can and staying safe. I have really enjoyed seeing all of the pictures posted on the website and on Twitter of you guys, makes me realise how much I miss you all! I've included some photos to show what I have been up to: lots of walks, home-learning with my children and relaxing in the garden. Can you spot me in the sunglasses photo? Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we'll be together again! Take care, and stay safe.

Mrs McCullough.



Morning everyone,

Miss Ackroyd here again. I think it might actually have stopped raining! Still no sunshine though :-( Never mind. We won't let that dampen our spirits. 

I would like to congratulate the following children on their hardwork:

Fin K for his English work and for working hard on Third Space.

Jack O'D for his Maths work.

Kaicey for her English and Maths as well as becoming a big Sister! Congratulations!

Harry S for his English and Maths work.

Nathan for his English work and Zac T for his D.T.

Please keep sending in photos of either the work you have done, or photos of what you have been up to.

Miss you all.

Stay safe.

Miss Ackroyd


Tuesday 28th April

Morning guys,

Miss Ackroyd here.

It's raining! We've had such lovely weather for the last few weeks, this weather seems really alien! Oh well, at least it means I don't have to water the garden and the ducks will appreciate it!

Hope you are all OK?

I went into school yesterday for the first time since school closed. It was so quiet without you all! I hope it's not too long before we get to go back.

Until then, I have been working as my alias Zarah Echo and checking on how you have been getting on with TTRS.

Congratulations to the following children in BP for all their hard work - Mary-Jane, Lucas and Chloe.

Well done to Harry S, Addison, Harry CS, Abi, Callum, Isabelle, Steph and Tyler in my class.

Congratulations to Joe, Haydn, Adam, Leo, Gracie, James, Kaicey and Morgan in MP.

Well done to Zac B, Alex, Joe, Harry, Danny, Lily and Jack in RA.

And finally congratulations to Fern, Finley, Charlotte, Sam and Harvey in HM.

In terms of the house competition...

Bannister are still in the lead with 21, 263.

Turning have 13, 618

Attenborough have 9,593 (come on Attenborough!)

And Bronte have 7,832.


Hope you all have a good day (despite the weather)

Stay safe

Miss Ackroyd



Hello from your TA...


Each day this week, we have a special hello from one of your TAs. Who will it be today?


Hello year 6, Mrs Sinnassamy here, I have been very impressed with all your hard work that you have been doing and some of you even found time to take part in the Westacre Team Challenge. What an impressive team we are!

I thought I'd share with some of the things that I have been getting up to. As the weather has been so sunny I have been outside a lot and busy creating a new wildlife area at the bottom of my garden. I made a bug hotel first of all, then dug a hole and put a bowl in it to make a mini pond. There has already been a frog jump in to investigate, (if you decide to make one yourself, it's important to put some big stones near the top so that the frogs can get out!) There has been a pigeon come to drink from it and so many buzzing bees around too.

I am going to plant some sunflower seeds this week and I thought it might be fun to have a Year 6 Tallest Sunflower Competition. Are you up for the challenge?

Take care all of you, stay safe and well, and I look forward to seeing you all very soon and your sunflowers too!

Mrs Sinnassamy 



Good morning Year 6! Mrs Ardis here with your daily 'shout-outs'. It really is a pleasure to look through the photos you have sent in of your home learning.

Well done to Ania, who has been very busy completing Art and English tasks! Amazing creativity!

Well done to Eva and Georgia who have both sent in an array of work including a poster of their family, a shelter design and some English.

Well done Archy and Ruby who have both been busy creating and writing about their dens. Fabulous, clear work from you both! 

Well done all! Really lovely to see your home learning! Please keep sending photos in. It's not the same as us being able to see you all but it certainly puts a smile on our faces every morning.

Thank you!

Mrs  Ardis


Monday 27th April


Good morning Year 6, at the start of our fourth week of learning from home. Hasn't the time flown by? I expect you're getting used to the new 'normal' now! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed some more excellent weather; here in Bromsgrove the Purdies were certainly making the most of as much time in the garden as we could get away with. 


I expect you've been wondering what all your other Year 6 teachers have been getting up to as well! Well, you can check out the photos below...


- Mrs P Morgan has been making some home-made plum jam, and had a massive lasagne for Sunday dinner with lots of cheese. Looks great!

- Mrs Page is proud of her gardening skills this weekend. Her blueberry bush has begun to flower, and her sunflowers are just starting to grow! If any of you have grown sunflowers before, you'll know that they grow very fast through the summer, and by August they could be over 7 feet tall! Wow!

- Mrs Ardis is also nurturing her home allotment, and is keeping a close eye on her peas, salad lettuce, broad beans and carrots. Very nice raised beds planking too!

- Miss Ackroyd has been doing some baking, and created a lovely Victoria Sponge. Look at all that jam and cream!

- Mrs Humphries and her children have been baking some chocolate, raisin and nut cookies. Keep stirring that young man!

- Mrs G Morgan has cooked up some cracking Chelsea buns. Very tasty!

- Mrs Adey has also been baking-she's made some delicious-looking cupcakes.  To walk off all those calories, she been taking her dogs for walks along the river. As you can see, they love having a paddle to cool off. 


- Lastly, I have been pruning and prepping my carnivorous plants ready for their summer growth. You can see one of my two Venus Fly Traps here, which has some small heads growing at the moment. Later in summer it should grow heads that are twice as big, easily catching and digesting small spiders, flies and even wasps. You can often find Venus Fly Traps for sale in garden centres, and even though they require careful care, they do very well outside in my garden all year, and are now six years old! The other plant is a sarracenia hybrid that I also got in a garden centre. It grows its flowers first, so that insects that pollinate it don't then get trapped by the long pitfall traps that will grow soon after. The flowers sort of look like eyeballs on long stems at the moment! 


Do any of you have any weird and wonderful plants? I'd especially love to see pictures of carnivorous plants from anyone else who grows them.


Other things to remember today: don't forget to share your J2E English homework with your English teacher when you've finished. Complete your new MyMaths tasks that have been set, and keep contributing to Times Table Rockstars for the House Battle!


Have a great day!


Mr Purdie 

House Battle current standings



Good morning Year 6, Mrs Page here. I have had a wonderful time looking at all of your home learning that you have sent in. You all seem to be super busy on your first week back - well done. yes


  • The photo collages were popular last week, and we have work sent in from Eva W, Georgia W, Ruby P and Archy P. They look beautiful. 
  • Eva and Georgia also sent in their portraits of their Gran and Grandpa - they look very detailed girls, well done. 
  • Harry send in a 3D model of his door, which opened up to all of his lego people. This is very creative Harry, well done.
  • Charlotte T also sent in video clips of explaining the origins of April Fool's day and reciting her Door poem. They were fabulous! (Unfortunately I am having trouble loading them on here, but we loved watching them).
  • Over on Twitter, we saw Adam and Sophie P creating a PE assault course as well as Haydn G and Fin K baking. They each made cupcakes and brownies - yum!


And finally, I just want to say a big well done to everyone who is completing any sort of learning at home. We know that lots of you are, but just not sending it all in, which is absolutely fine! Keep working hard and making us proud, like you always do. 

Happy Birthday to the following children who have a birthday this week:


Kayte J, Morgan H and Peyton J