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Daily Updates and Shoutouts

Just a quick message to Mrs Ardis' Maths group to let you know that I have put lots of tasks on MyMaths for you to complete. It is not expected that you will complete them all, especially if you are completing other tasks set and playing on Times Table Rock Stars. Don't forget you can also search for tasks that will talk you through the learning as well as a task to complete. Keep up the good work!

Friday 24th April


Good morning Year 6, it's Mrs Page here. I hope you have enjoyed the first week 'back' to school after the Easter Holidays. I don't know about you, but I think this week has flown by!


Your home learning for today is in the usual place. We loved reading your Easter Homework on J2e. Do check back on there to see what your teachers have said. So from today, we will ask for one of the pieces of learning each week to be uploaded onto J2e for your teacher to comment on. It will always be 'set' on a Friday. This week we would like you to share your English home learning with us. It is all explained on the task sheet how to do this. I have also attached the J2e user guide again to help you with uploading it if you are not sure. Please share this work with your English teacher by Wednesday 29th April. They will then feedback to you on there, before new work is set on Friday again. If you have any questions, please contact the office.


As time goes on, and we spend more time at home, it's really important to continue to look after ourselves both physically and mentally. Being in a good routine can really help! Every morning I write a little timetable of what I am going to do as it can change from day to day. I make sure it has a mix of work tasks, relaxing tasks and exercise tasks. And you all know me well enough to know that I also schedule in lots of eating tasks too! smiley Have you tried this yet? If not, why don't you give it a go? 


We would love to hear what your favourite relaxing or exercise tasks are that you complete around home learning? If I'm not working, you will usually find me either working out, going for my daily walk or cross stitching. Now I can't play netball with my friends, I have started working out over FaceTime with them instead! I have also been leading some Zumba sessions for my nieces and nephews over the internet too! It's really fun and keeps me fit. To relax, I have started to cross stitch again. So far I have made a butterfly, a Spring card and a unicorn. I turned the unicorn into a 'hair accessory holder'. It's a gift for Mrs Humphries' daughter (I hope she likes it). 


Mrs Ardis likes to relax by baking and dancing in the kitchen with her daughter! Mrs P Morgan and Miss Ackroyd both like to relax by gardening. Mrs Morgan has created a fabulous flower bed and Miss Ackroyd can't wait to plant a new tree. Mrs G Morgan makes learning super fun for her son at home. He has been on number hunts and shape hunts recently. 


As always, please continue to send in what you have been up to. We love seeing all the photos.


Relax and enjoy the weekend...


Mrs Page ... and of course Dexter (who still hasn't mastered the cat flap)!



Good morning Year 6!

Mrs Ardis here again. We have made it to the weekend! You have worked so hard, you can have two days off, starting tomorrow.  I have the fabulous job of celebrating your hard work. 

Well done Ruby and Archy, who have not only made a cake for their dog's birthday, they have written the recipe in French! Très bien!

Well done Nathan, who has been exceptionally busy completing the English, Ethics, Maths and Art tasks!

Well done to Finley K for completing his Art, spellings, Ethics and French learning tasks!

Well done to Kaicey, who has made a fish pie, an animation in Scratch as well as researched the national anthem of Madagascar.

Well done all! Keep up the good work and sending your photos in! Lots for us to celebrate.Would be lovely to see even more faces and work next week.

Thursday 23rd April


Good morning Year 6! Mrs Ardis is here to give you your daily update, to include some information about AR.


However, I would firstly like to begin by saying how incredibly proud we are of you. As you will see, we have planned lots of work for you. Please complete as much as you can, but stay calm about any work you may not have time to complete. Your well-being is incredibly important. Keep smiling!


Ok, back to AR. I have had a look at the data from the 21st March up until 23rd April. As I feedback regarding your reading over the holidays, I thought I would look at word count as a class as well as individually.

In 1st place...  6BP who have collectively read 1,370,860 words and read 33 books.

In 2nd place...  6HM who have collectively read 622,620 words  and read 15 books.

In 3rd place...  6MP who have collectively read 496,591 words and read 15 books.

In 4th place...  6CA who have collectively read 419,933 words and read 19 books.

In 5th place... 6RA who have collectively read 242,262 words and read 20 books.


I would like to do a special mention to Drew  (6BP), who has read an amazing 1,091,171 words since 21st March. This takes his total number of words read since September up to 4,093,588! 

Charlotte T (6HM)  has read 390,943 words since 21st March. Taking her total number of words read to 1,426,668 since September! 

Alex P (6RA) has read 1,363,383 words since September!

Ruby P (6BP) has read 146,549 words since 21st March. Taking her total number of words read to 1,173,148 since September!


We are aware that some of you may be reading but haven't taken a quiz. Remember to log into AR and search for books when you have read them. Check the front cover matches and that it is the same version of the book.


Remember to keep sending your work into school, read regularly and stay safe!

Have a fabulous sunny Thursday!

Mrs Ardis

P.S. I have just realised that not only is it St.George's Day but it's also Shakespeare's birthday. Happy St.George's Day!

Thursday 23rd April Shout -Outs!


It's lovely to see how much effort lots of you are putting into your learning at home. It always bring a smile to your teacher's face when they see your hard work. We are extremely proud of you and you deserve to feel very proud of yourselves!


Well done to:


Archy P for his fantastic area work in maths.

Nathan W for his super English work based around doors including a fabulous poem. 

Zac T for his English writing. His door lead him to the best day of his life!

Mollie W has been very busy baking some delicious cakes for her family-yum!

Fin C for completing 22 MyMaths tasks, scoring over 80% in 19 of those!

Peyton J for completing 20 MyMaths tasks and achieving 14 of those over 80%.

Leo W, Aleisha L and Tyler H who attempted 17 MyMaths tasks. 

Leo L-H who has completed 16 MyMaths tasks.

Fern C, Charlotte T and Jack O'D for completing 3 AR tests successfully.

Adam and Sophie Parkinson were out last night satellite spotting!

And finally, well done to Addison R, Evie D and Harry S who send it a whole array of home-learning. Superb resilience.

TTR House Battle Update

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning Year 6, Mr Purdie here with your daily update and some info about MyMaths and Times Tables Rockstars.


I hope you and your families are doing well, and finding lots of time to get out in your gardens and enjoy your walks at the  moment, as the weather has been lovely! You can tell lots more people have had time at home than usual, as everyone's front gardens are looking wonderful and well-tended. Spring (and in particular late April/ early May) is a great time of year for plants, and if you wanted to try your hand at some nature photography using your smart phone, we'd love to see the results. Spring coming into full bloom is another timely reminder that, no matter what is going on with humanity, the natural world keeps on growing and living regardless. 



Thank you to everyone who has been accessing and working hard on the MyMaths problems I have set this week. Remember, new work runs from Saturday to Saturday, and usually comprises about 5 separate tasks. I'd like to pick out the following people for the effort/ achievement:


- Abi Plant

- Addison Rowe

- Rebecca Johnson

- Grace Dean

- Finley Checketts

- Charlotte Tromans

- Fern Callow

- Kyle Bradley

- Archy Pugh

- Eva Wylie


Oxford Owl free e-books

If you're looking for some extra reading, try this link:


Simply follow the 'register' link , complete the registration form and you will get an email sent through which enables you to complete the registration process. Then parents can login and access free e-books and audiobooks.


Times Tables Rockstars House Battle


Bannister currently winning, Turing have moved past Attenborough into second place. come on Bronte, we need to pick it up!


Wednesday shout-outs...


As always, there is some wonderful work being sent into us which shows just how well many of you have adjusted to learning whilst at home.


Today's round-up includes work from:

Archy P - some wonderful art work and a magic-themed story

Ruby P - a great piece of geography work and a wonderful painting

Harry S - Harry has been busy going on an epic 10.98km walk, choosing to create his own project about bees over Easter, cycling and doing work-outs with Joe Wicks to keep fit and healthy

Caitlin H - making beautiful rainbows to tie around lamposts as part of her art work and to cheer everyone up!

Alex P - a rather creepy sloth-based door has been created

Addison R - working his way through DT, Maths and English

James H - more magic themed writing, but this time in the form of a poem


It's particularly lovely to have some new names creeping into the shout-outs today.  If you haven't yet sent any work in, why not aim to by the end of this week!

Jack’s Drawing

Jack has created an excellent drawing at school today - amazing. Well done Jack!

Tuesday 21st April


     Happy Tuesday morning Year 6!  I am so excited to be able to say a big fat hello to you all today and am absolutely loving seeing all of the hard work which you are completing whilst at home and can't wait to see how well you all rise to Mr Purdie's Timestables Rockstar Challenge.

     I think over the last few weeks we have all been reminded that life is all about balance, and with that in mind I have the pleasure of letting you know that Miss Starkey has produced a wonderful second yoga video for you to try out - I’m certainly going to give it a go with my kids although I’m sure that they’ll put me to shame!   

 You can find Miss Starkey's video at .  If you head over the the Westacre Well-Being page you can also find lots of other ideas of how to keep both your body and mind healthy.


     Those of you who know me well, know how much I love sport and especially playing hockey, obviously at the moment this isn’t possible – the social distancing rules would make for a very strange game!  To help fill the gap I’ve been setting myself a goal each week to try something new: last week I even dug out a small vegetable patch and planted some peas, beans, carrots and sweetcorn. 

     Something else which I enjoy doing is baking, but I have always found making bread a little tricky.  At the weekend I stumbled across a recipe for some delicious sourdough bread where you have to ‘feed’ the mixture for a week before you can actually use it to make a loaf…a little bit like making a little yeasty monster in your kitchen.  So today I will be attempting to start to feed my mini monster - wish me luck!  If anyone would like to give this a go too then I’ve popped the recipe below (you only need flour and water to get started).

Have a lovely Tuesday everyone :-) 

Mrs Humphries

Times Tables Rockstars Update 21.4.20


Morning Year 6, Mr Purdie here with an update on personal TTR achievement, and how the scores have changed for the House Battle!


Firstly, you will see that I have picked out a Top 5 for each class based on 'Coins Earned' from the 23rd March. Some of you must have been playing a few sessions every day to amass such totals already, so well done! If you don't see your name on the Top 5 lists, well, what are you reading this for? Get on to TTR and complete some sessions!!


Secondly, you will see the House Battle scores as they currently stand. Looks like Bannister are winning at the moment. If you are reading this and you are Bronte, please get on TTR and help out your House!


Tuesday's Shoutouts


Good morning Year 6, Mrs Page here. I hope you all had a super break over Easter and ate lots of chocolate: I know I did. The Easter holiday has also given me time to try and teach Dexter to use the cat flap, so I don't have to keep the patio door open when he wants to go in the garden. I can confirm it's not going well... he can go out the flap, but can't get back in! I'm not sure who is showing more resilience at the moment, me or Dexter? I shall update you on his progress when I speak to you next. 

We have loved reading your homework on J2e - so thank you to everyone who has uploaded their work there. You should notice that your teacher has now commented on your homework, so please take a look. We will be setting more regular pieces of home learning on J2e in the coming week, but more information will follow. 

For now, we have some photos to share of Adam and Sophie P and the activities they completed over Easter.

Rosie B has been working hard on her maths yesterday. 

Evie and Grace D are working hard together also. 

Zac T has been completing Mrs Howard's maths challenge. 


Please keep the photos coming in, or uploading your work to J2e, we really do love to see it all. 

Good morning year 6!

We hope you had a good Easter with your family at home. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing some photos of what you've been up to so please keep sending them into the school office-we really do miss hearing about all your achievements and activities.


Welcome to the summer term 2020!

It's not quite how we had envisaged it but we are all sat at our computers everyday working hard to plan work for you to keep you learning. Our topic this term is 'Survival'-quite apt in the current situation-so check in everyday and see what challenges you've been set. 

Please send in any photos of your work to the school office. It really does bring a smile to our faces to see what you've been doing and makes us feel incredibly proud of the young people you are. You are all certainly showing Westacre's 6 Rs!


Have a look below at some of the things your teachers have been up to over the Easter period. We've been keeping busy in lots of different ways from baking to colouring in. I'm sure by now, you'll even begin to recognise some of our pets. 


We hope you are all safe and well. 

Take care from Mrs Adey

Here are just a few of the things your year 6 teachers have been up to over Easter.

Morning Year 6,

Miss Ackroyd here.

Hope you all had a good Easter break.

Weren't we lucky with the weather!

I would like to shout out to Addison - paticularly for his Easter work, Finley G for his Easter work, Harry M for his Art, Zac and his sister Verity for the cards they made for Captain Tom and Zac T - partcularly for his D.T.

Please keep sending in photos of what you have been up to.

We really enjoy receiving them.

Miss you all. 

Stay safe.

Miss Ackroyd

Good morning Year 6!

Mrs Ardis has decided to sneak on the website as well, as I have been looking at all those children who have been reading over the holidays. I know I have. I am proud to say that I have now read the first three Harry Potter books.

A huge well done to the following children...

6BP - Daniella who has read and taken 1 quiz, Chloe and Finley who both read and taken 2 quizzes. Furthermore, Drew and Ruby who have both read and taken 7 quizzes!  Absolutely amazing!

6CA - Harry S who has read and taken 1 quiz, Harry C-S who has read and taken 2 quizzes, Oliver who has read and taken 3 quizzes and Amy who has read who has read and taken 4 quizzes, with an average of 97.5%!

6HM - Fern and Jack who have both read and taken 2 quizzes!

6MP - Henry, Finley and James who have all read and taken 2 quizzes!

6RA - Ella who has read and taken 1 quiz, Eva who has read and taken 2 quizzes, Zac T who has read and taken 3 quizzes and Rosie who has read and taken 4 quizzes.

Very proud of everyone who has been reading. Remember to look up a quiz of all books you read to see whether there is an AR quiz.

Keep reading!

Take a Look At Who Is Celebrating Their Birthday This Week!


We would like to wish very Happy Birthdays to ...

Tuesday 21st-Kayden

Thursday 23rd-Aleisha

Saturday 25th-Kristal and Jamie R


We hope you all enjoy your special day!


Times Tables Rockstars House Competition!


My, it is getting crowded on this Monday updates page! Mr Purdie here, to briefly announce that a TTR House competition is underway today until 3rd May!


All you need to do is log on and play as many Studio or Session games as possible. Updates on the Battle progression will be put here each day. 


Don't forget, you need to start TTR with a Gig in order to set your Baseline level of difficulty. 



TTR House Battle, 20.4.20