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Daily Updates

While we're not at school, we still want to keep in touch. Visit this section at 9am each day (Monday to Friday) for an update from one of the class teachers in Year 6. 

Good morning Year 6!

Your morning update is brought to you by Mrs Ardis. On a Friday, I will have the fabulous job of checking in on your home reading by looking at AR scores. I am thrilled to report that there are some amazing children who have not only read books but they have also completed the AR test.


Well done to children in 6HM: Charlotte and Rebecca, who have completed one test each so far this week!

Well done to children in 6RA: Zach T, Claire and Alex P, who have completed one test each this week!

Well done to Evie, who has completed one test, and to Adam in 6MP, who has completed not one but three tests!

Well done to Sophie in 6CA, who has completed 3 tests this week!


Looking forward to looking at the results next week!


I am thoroughly enjoying reading Harry Potter to my own child at home. Please feel free to share any book reviews, as I will be looking for my next book to read soon.


Don't forget that it is Spelling Test day today. Find someone in your home that could test you on this weeks spellings. Good luck all!




Mrs Howard would like to say, "Yes - well done Alex, great understanding of the problem."

Keep up the good work! Have a fabulous weekend! Stay safe!

Mrs Ardis  laugh

Thursday 26th March


Morning everyone, Mr Purdie here with your morning update, focusing on how you're all getting on with your MyMaths tasks! Remember, you only have until Saturday to log on and complete them. On Saturday I will set a new batch of 5 tasks for you to have a go at. 


Top scorers in each maths set:

6BP: Rosie B

6CA: Eva G

6HM: Finley C

6MP: Zach T

6RAd: Leo L

6RAr: Eva W


Number of children who have logged on and completed at least one task in each set:

6BP: 15/26

6CA: 7/26

6HM: 10/27

6MP: 24/32

6RAd: 9/27

6RAr: 2/13


Thanks to those children who are keeping their maths brains sharp by completing MyMaths activities!


Now for some of the other things you've been getting up to...


  • Zac T has been working in the mornings, but enjoying the sunshine and exercising in the afternoon. He is missing school and all his friends a lot! 
  • Harry CS has been doing the Mrs Howard maths challenge, he was very close to the right answer... And Mrs Howard's reply: "You were so close - the difference in the weight was for 12 sweets (not 18), so each sweet weighs 15g. "
  • Lucas B has been doing the Jo Wicks workout.
  • Rhys E has been studying climate in a geography session.
  • As you can see below, Kaicey has sent us some pictures of the work she's been doing. Great job, keep it up!

Wednesday 25th March


Morning everyone,


Miss Ackroyd here (otherwise known as Zarah Echo). Hope you are all well and adjusting to the current situation.  Every Wednesday I shall be checking to see how you’ve been getting on with your times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars (TTRS).  Mr Purdie has refreshed your accounts and so he has asked me to ask you to do 10 studio games in order to update your baseline score and set a new rock status. 


So far only children from BP, CA & HM have logged into TTRS this week. 


Congratulations to Chloe Cull (or should I say Pink Haynes) in BP who is top scorer with 12 points.


Georgia Wylie (aka Queen Slate) and Mollie Weston (also known as Bianca Stokes) are the top scorers in CA with 22 and 23 points respectively.


Finley Checketts (alias Bruce Iero) and Charlotte Tromans (who also goes by the name of Tori Finch) are top scorers in HM with 22 and 24 points.  


Home Learning shout-outs

Thank you for sending in your poem Rhys E.  It was great!

Well done to Alex P (and his siblings!) for all the work you have been doing.



If you can, please keep sending us work or photos of what you’ve been up to via the school office. We miss you guys!


On the subject of’s tasks include English work set by Mrs Adey, Maths set by Mrs Ardis and some Geography from Mr Purdie. Enjoy!


Hope to see you soon.


Stay safe


Miss Ackroyd

Good morning Year 6!


Mrs Adey here (sorry to jump in on Miss Ackroyd's day) but just wanted to make sure you all knew about David Walliams' FREE audio books which are being released every day at 11am on his website! 

Just click here to see what the story is today.


Daily Storytime at 11am!!

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning Year 6, Mrs Page here. So how was everyone's first day at home yesterday? We hope you managed to put into place the timetable we discussed at school last week and are staying in and keeping safe. 

We have absolutely loved hearing about all of your learning at home. The photos, emails and messages on twitter have really cheered us up - so keep them coming in. 

Each day, from today, we will upload a few tasks to continue your learning independently at home. These can be found here, in the 'Other home learning' section of the Year Group's page. There will always be at least one English task, one Maths task and one Wider Curriculum task for you to choose from. All that we ask, as ever, is that you try your best. 

We all know how much Mrs Howard LOVES maths! Each day, she is setting a Maths challenge for you, with the answers to the challenge available the next day. We know in Year 6 that we have lots of AMAZING mathematicians, who will really enjoy these challenges each day. They will be a little tricky at times, but a brilliant way to practise one our 6Rs - resilience! Please send in your answers and workings out as we would love to see. 


Keep making us proud and stay safe!

Mrs Page smiley

Home Learning Shout-Outs!

  • Lily G has been really busy making a delicious looking cake!
  • Harry M, Adam P, Sophie P and Ellie-Mai M have been keeping fit by joining in with the Joe Wicks workout
  • Harry CS is being responsible and keeping fit by making sure the dog has been walked
  • Adam P has been teaching his family the South African game - stick fighting
  • Dylan R has been super organised and shared with up his home school planner


brought to you by Mrs A


Good morning Year 6!

We hope you've all had a good weekend.

Have a look at what your teachers have been getting up to over the weekend!

We would love to see what you've been doing too, so email any pictures into the school office for the attention of Year 6 teachers. 

Weekend of 21st and 22nd March 2020

Dexter has been a very good cat and bought Mrs Page a Mother's Day card-what a clever chap! 

Miss Ackroyd has been busy baking a delicious cake. 

Mr Purdie has been having fun in his garden and so have Mrs Humphries' children.

Mrs Ardis and Mrs G Morgan have been busy making rainbows to put in their windows for children to spot on walks and me and Mrs P Morgan have been walking our woofers. 

Work for Monday 23rd March

Your tasks today are in the pack of work you were given last week-if you haven't got one you can find it by clicking here.

There are a selection of activities to work through including some past SATs papers to keep your knowledge fresh. Remember all that you've been taught and impress yourself and your parents. I bet you will be able to teach them something new today!



Stay safe and remember our 6Rs!








Let's See Who's Celebrating Their Birthday This Week!

We'd like to wish these children a very happy birthday ...

Rosie B 23rd March

Taylor W 29th March


It would be lovely for you to email the office with what you have done on your special day, we would love to share it on here for your friends to see.