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Gardening Club

Welcome to Westacre Gardening Club!


Gardening Club is on Tuesday lunchtime - 12.30 until 1.00. 


Gardening club is an exciting opportunity for anyone who enjoys being outside and would like to learn more about gardening.  We have two raised beds in school and two small gardens at the front of school which we plant and maintain.  In the past we have grown potatoes, garlic, beans, onions and strawberries.  We try and produce a variety of fruit and vegetables.


 Its also the time for us to get together to discuss and share ideas about our own gardens - that may be a few pots on a windowsill, some beautiful houseplants or our own garden at home.  We will help you look after them.


Come along to gardening where we have fun, be healthy and realise how wonderful nature is!


Mrs MacPherson and Mrs Allerton


Meet Mrs Allerton

Hello Gardeners...this weeks activity is making Cress Heads!  These are really easy to grow as long as you make sure they have light and water.  You can use soil, paper tissue or cotton wool! Can you experiment with them? Where did they grow the best?

They can grow to about 6 inches tall and then you can add them to your salads! Yum!

Make a Bee Hotel

Good Morning Gardeners...we are hoping that you have been able to see the results in your garden of your hard work! We have had lots of sunshine and some rain which are ideal growing conditions.  

This week our challenge is to make a bee hotel! These are a great way to attract pollinators to your garden - they are places for solitary bees to make their nest.  They need to be positioned in full sun, at least a metre of the ground with no vegetation in front of it which would obscure the entrance to the tunnels.

Have fun!

Mrs MacPherson and Mrs Allerton




Hello Gardeners...we hope that you have all been enjoying your garden!  There has been rain this week which is what gardens should really see your seeds and vegetables start to take off!

This weeks activity is a flower and plant hunt which you can do in your own garden and on your daily exercise.  How many can you find?

Mrs Allerton and Mrs MacPherson

Hello Gardeners...Have any of you planted the seeds/boxes we gave you just before school closed?


Mrs Allerton has sent in a Mini-Beast challenge many can you spot?

Bird Feeders

Have a go at making this easy bird feeder.  Once you have finished put it somewhere in your garden where you can watch the birds.  Make a chart of who comes to your feeder..are you lucky enough to see a Robin or a Thrush?

Take and photo and show us if you can!