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Healthy Living Week 2022

Healthy Living Week


For the Year 7s who are not going to Snowdon, this week is healthy living week and we will be taking part in lots of different activities. Watch this space to see what we get up to.

Malvern Hills walk

To finish off the week, we ventured out to Malvern Hills for a walk. The weather was perfect and the walk was very enjoyable, being the highlight of the week for a lot of the pupils. We had picnics, explored the Giant's cave and took in the views that surrounded us.

It's been a brilliant healthy living week!

Mrs Page kindly gave up some of her time to take each Year 7 group for a zumba session. This high energy activity really got the students moving and enjoying themselves. 

Year 7 were able to take part in some tennis based activities, building skills of maintaining a rally with a partner, working together as a team and being precise with a racket. 

Miss Starkey led us in some entertaining team building activities. We found that when the staff got involved it became highly competitive and noisy!

Mr Sankey ran some kick football sessions, which took the core principles of rounders and applied it to a football based game. 

The pupils in Year 7 got the chance to play handball, working in teams, developing their communication skills. 

We were able to go down to Droitwich Spa Leisure Centre for a gym session this week. The pupils had the chance to try out lots of different equipment in the cardio room, and most have said this was one of their favourite activities. 

Thanks to Mrs Kirkby and Mrs Furby, Year 7 were all able to have a go in forest school this week. They could choose to build a den, conduct a bug hunt or carry out a nature scavenger hut. There was lots of reasoning, resourcefulness and resilience shown by all in these sessions. 

We had the chance to work on our new age curling skills. The teams became very competitive and we apologise to Mr Purdie's class, who were unfortunate enough to be the class below and no doubt heard the celebrations above!

Mr Sankey and Mr Atherton kindly taught Year 7 some cricket skills and everyone had a go at a game of quick cricket. It got quite competitive when Mrs Murray and Miss Stewart got involved. 

We used Tinker CAD to create our own food stalls. It was great to see how many pupils remembered their learning from Year 6 on how to use this program and it's very impressive to see their designs!


Thanks to a generous donation from Waitrose and Partners Droitwich, we were able to make some fruit smoothies. We could choose which fruit would be included and talked different chopping techniques. 

The Great Vegan Debate

We tried a vegan and a meat sausage roll, then conducted some research to see the pros and cons of going vegan. From this research, we held debates about whether we should all try to become vegan. 

We looked at a variety of food poems by Joshua Seigal and had a go at performing them. Then we wrote some of our own humorous food-based poems.

We explored different food names in French and presented our learning inspired by the classic children's book of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'.