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Healthy School Ambassadors

Autumn Term 


Over the last couple of months of the Autumn term, our HSA's have been 'catching' children making healthy choices with their break time snacks. If spotted with a healthy snack, our HSA's have rewarded their peers with a 'healthy catch' sticker!



Meeting - 5.11.2020


Today we shared our findings from our monitoring. In year groups, the HSA's did a fantastic job in deciding which break time snacks were what we wanted to see (healthy) and which snacks we didn't want to see (unhealthy). We discussed that eating 'nothing' was unhealthy, as we wanted to encourage children to eat 1 of their 5 a day, and to eat a snack that would give them long lasting energy for the morning. The HSA's have held a short session with their classes, educating their peers about which break time snacks we consider to be healthy. Over the next couple of weeks, the HSA's will hand out 'Healthy Catch' stickers to any children they catch eating a healthy snack at break time. We look forward to sharing some photos of our healthy catches later on this month.



Meeting - 22.10.20


Today, we discussed how we are going to monitor healthy snacks at break time, how we will educate children in our class about what we consider 'healthy', and how we would reward healthy choices. The HSA's were first tasked with getting their classes to write down what they typically eat for a snack at break time. We look forward to discussing our findings in our next meeting.

Meeting - 12.10.20


In today's meeting, the Healthy School Ambassadors were introduced to their role and responsibilities. We discussed that we were going to focus on promoting 3 key areas of school: Healthy eating, exercise and wellbeing. The HSA's have been tasked with coming up with ways to promote these areas before next weeks meeting, where we will share our ideas and decide on our first initiative.

Healthy School Ambassadors 2020/21


We are pleased to introduce our Healthy School Ambassadors for this academic year.


Year 5:

- Charlotte Wright (5AU)

- Beth Lowe (5JR)

- Phoebe Hall (5RM)

- Liam Maycroft (5MK)

- Jasmine Fry (5CD)



Year 6:

- Hayden Smith (6MP)

- Scarlet Swevels (6BP)

- Balint Karisz (6CA)

- Devon Austin (6RA)

- Elliot Fitzhugh (6GE)



Year 7: 

- Lexi Tidbury (7FH)

- Fern Callow (7LM)

- Natalia Wierzchowska (7BD)

- Abigail Plant (7PC)

- Kimberley Elt (7LM)

Healthy School Ambassadors


Hello, Mr Dinsley here to tell you what being a Healthy School Ambassador is all about!

As Healthy School Ambassadors we…

  • Have a representative for each class so each year group is fairly represented.
  • Wear a badge in school so we are easily identified.
  • Meet regularly to share our ideas, discuss action plans and how we are progressing with them.
  • Take notes about what we have discussed and deliver sessions to our class mates, telling them about our ideas and asking for their feedback.
  • Participate in whole school assemblies, promoting clear and consistent messages about how to live a healthy lifestyle.
  • Monitor break-time snacks, offering feedback to influence change.
  • Promote healthy pack lunches with a reward system to encourage children to make healthy choices.


We intend to…

  • Lead and promote healthy eating at Westacre.
  • Play a role in promoting the well-being of the school population.
  • Encourage pupils to be physically active.
  • Share with everyone the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Increase our knowledge and understanding of what it means to be healthy.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then please fill out the application below: