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Healthy School Ambassadors

Introducing the Westacre Healthy Catch House Competition for January 2020! Our Healthy School Ambassadors have been working hard monitoring the snacks that we eat at break-time. The results were extremely positive with lots of children opting for healthy, nutritious snacks. Throughout January, there is a house competition where children will receive a 'Healthy Catch' sticker if a member of staff catches them with a healthy snack. The house with the most healthy catches will be the winner!

This is the Powerpoint that the Healthy School Ambassadors used to introduce January's 'Healthy Catch House Competition' to the whole school.

We recently held a meeting in 'The Hub' where we discussed our plans for getting Westacre healthy in 2020. Snack monitoring, healthy catch competitions and 'Fitness February' were just a few of the things on our agenda...
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The Healthy School Ambassadors delivered an assembly to the whole school, teaching them about the differences between natural and added sugars, and the potential of too much added sugar in our diet. We also looked at how much added sugar can be found in common food and drinks.

This is the PowerPoint that the Healthy School Ambassadors delivered to the whole school.

Introducing our Healthy School Ambassadors for the new academic year:


Year 5 - Gracie Cross (5CD), Rhys Bodily (5RM), Thomas Connor (5JR), Ila Stacey (5MK), Jessica Coleman (5AU).


Year 6 - Addison Rowe (6CA), Claire Brownlee (6RA), Annabelle Burton (6MP), Fern Callow (6TS), Lucy Core (6BP).


Year 7 - Jacob Reid (7LB), Eleanor Moseley (7FH), Lewin Thomas Meredith (7RM), Daisy Evans (7PC), Freya Kelly (7DB).