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Meet the Year 6 Team

Welcome to Year 6 


Welcome to Year 6! The team are really looking forward to working with you this year. 

Meet the teachers:

Meet the teachers: 1 6BP - Mrs Page. Head of Year 6
Meet the teachers: 2 6RA - Mrs Adey
Meet the teachers: 3 6MP - Mr Purdie
Meet the teachers: 4 6CA - Miss Ackroyd
Meet the teachers: 5 6HM: Mrs Morgan
Meet the teachers: 6 6HM: Mrs Humphries
Meet the teachers: 7 Mrs Ardis

Meet the teaching assistants:

Meet the teaching assistants: 1 Mrs McCullough
Meet the teaching assistants: 2 Mrs Howard
Meet the teaching assistants: 3 Miss Colledge
Meet the teaching assistants: 4 Mrs Newall
Meet the teaching assistants: 5 Miss Payne
Meet the teaching assistants: 6 Mrs Sinnasamy

In Year 6 we are working towards the Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) in May, which is a culmination of your child’s learning in English and Maths throughout Key Stage 2. Throughout the year we will keep you informed, in various ways, about what's expected of your children with regard to the SATs and how best to support them. 


There are a number of opportunities for you to come into school this term. The first of which is the 'Welcome to Year 6' afternoon on Thursday 12th September from 1.30-2.45pm, where you will have the opportunity to work with your children in their day-to-day learning environment - we very much look forward to meeting you. 


As soon as the new school year begins, we will be updating all sections of the Year 6 area of the website with useful information for pupils and parents.


The Year 6 Team