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Meet the Year 7 Team

The year 7 staff are really looking forward to the start of the year following the success of the transition day in July. We are looking forward to hearing the adventures the Summer holidays have delivered and finding out more about the individuals we have in our classes/ sets.


I am delighted to confirm the Year 7 staff this year will be:

  • Mr Cotton Head of year and 7PC 
  • Mrs Bennett 7LB
  • Mrs Dixon/ Mrs Bird 7DB
  • Mrs Hennessey 7FH
  • Mrs Radburn/ Mrs McDiarmid 7RM


They will be expertly supported by our wonderful Teaching Assistants:

  • Mrs Allerton
  • Mrs Johnston
  • Mrs Newell
  • Mrs Darby


The children will now be studying the KS3 curriculum and there will be changes to the timetables from previous years. The children will now have 4 English lessons a week, two French lessons and Science will be taught more frequently in the laboratory allowing the children to investigate processes such as distillation and chromatography. 


As  in previous years, each child will be given a Learning Journal on their first day back. As staff, we really value any messages/ feedback we are given, please use this as the first point of communication. We are also looking for a real push on reading and unpicking texts this year. We have been informed by the high school that this will be invaluable for their transition at the end of the year. Could we please ask that parents sign the diary to indicate when their child reads in order to allow us to celebrate their success in school and maximise their achievements- I cannot explain just how beneficial this support from home is in the child's education. 


Over the first weeks we have several opportunities for Year 7 parents to come and see their children at work. The Welcome Afternoon (Friday 13th Sept. 13:30 - 14:45) will also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have regarding your child's final year in Westacre.


I hope all year 7s have enjoy their summer and come back with the same enthusiasm, energy and motivation they showed so fantastically on transfer day. I also look forward to meeting as many parents as possible on the 13th Sept. 


As soon as the new school year begins, we will be updating all sections of the Year 7 area of the website with useful information for pupils and parents.


Mr Cotton (Head of Year 7)