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Monday Mile

Monday lunchtimes on the top field - please wear trainers

Starting again in the summer term. Year 7 volunteers needed!

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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With cross-country competitions taking place, it would be an ideal opportunity for all year groups to come and practise and improve their running stamina. Remember to bring your trainers.
We had a great launch to Monday Mile with a mixture of year 5 and 6 taking on the challenge. Remember, each week you can earn an R for completing the Monday Mile - 5 times round the top field. If it is muddy, you will need your trainers.
It has been great to see so many year 5 runners improve over the past few weeks. They are building up their stamina and resilience each time they run. It would be great to see more year 6 and 7 children take this opportunity to keep fit.
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