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Express Yourself 2021

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smiley Tuesday 2nd February 2021 smiley



This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and we are focusing on this very important topic in school. Attached are three short videos that Mrs Doolin shared on Monday. The last video clip is really good and features a group of children discussing how they like to relax and unwind – definitely worth a watch!


Talking about how you feel is very important and listening is equally so! Remember, if someone wants to talk you don’t have to have the answers for them. Let them know that you are there to listen and support. Can you go for a walk with them? Can you get them a drink? All of these are kind reactions to a friend in need.

smiley Friday 29th January 2021 smiley


We have come to the end of week three- it has been a great week. We hope that your remote learning is going well. The Pastoral Team have been helping a number of children to set up timetables for home. Many have said that this has really helped them to focus on their day and to establish a routine. If you think that you would like one, give it a try this weekend. If you need any help, e-mail us




Going to bed at a regular time, is also important to you and your wellbeing. Here are some tips to help you sleep well:


-          Turn off screens at least 45 minutes before you go to bed

-          Have a warm bath

-          Dim your lights

-          Read a story or listen to calming music


Did you know that poor sleep can contribute to weight gain and low mood.


How much sleep do I need? Children aged 6 to 12 years old need 9 – 12 hours, Teenagers 13 – 18 years old need 8 to 10 hours


Are you getting enough sleep, at the right time of the day?!





As you may remember from last week's post. This weekend is RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch. Follow the link below and have a look at how you can get involved. If you would like to send us photos please email these to our pastoral email address.




Next week is Children's Mental Health week. This year it is focusing on expressing yourself for who you are! Mrs Doolin has sent a letter home today explaining how every Wednesday will now be 'Wellbeing Wednesday' and from 12pm we will all come away from our screens. The letter also has a list of suggested activities for you to do at home- have a look and see what you might enjoy doing!

We will also be recongising this in school with the key worker children. 


Click the link to find out more



Stay safe and take time to look after yourself, 


The Pastoral Team



smiley Friday 22nd January 2021 smiley


We have come to the end of week three! This week we started Wellbeing Activities which you will find in your year Wellbeing Teams group. Each day we have uploaded a different activity:


Monday: Yoga with Mrs Brownlee

Tuesday: Miss Allan’s Lego Challenge

Wednesday: Mrs Singh’s Calming Activities

Thursday: Mrs Reynolds’ Guided Relaxation

Friday: Mrs Reynolds’ Story Time


It has been lovely to see so many of you enjoying these different activities and sending in photographs. We have received lots of photos from Miss Allan’s Lego Challenge. Those of you that didn’t have any lego, drew pictures and there was even a hamma bead llama sent in. We will upload the photos to our website soon.


We have spoken to lots of children this week about how important it is to keep a routine. We have spent time talking to children individually and putting together a timetable to structure their school day. Let us know if this is something you would like to do by emailing us at]

It is important to remember to add in your breaks and time for getting some fresh air outside. Don’t forget to have some time in the day away from the screen doing different activities like colouring, drawing, exercise, playing board games or card games with family and reading. Talk to your friends to see what they are doing alongside school work.


Next weekend from Friday 29th– Sunday 31st January is RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. You simply spend an hour counting the birds that visit your garden or park, then send your results to the RSPB. We will be adding resources for this on our weekly update next Friday so keep a look out!




If you would like to read more about this in preparation for next week click the link below.



Stay safe and take time to look after yourself,

The Pastoral Team 





smiley Friday 15th January 2021 smiley


We find ourselves at the end of week two of remote learning, lots of you are developing a new routine and are finding things a little easier. We have spoken to a number of you who have said how helpful it is to develop a daily routine and the difference this makes to your wellbeing and focusing on your school work. 

If you are finding it tricky to keep organised and follow a routine here are our tips. 

1. Set an alarm for the same time each school day

2. Make sure you have breakfast

3. Get dressed and ready for the day

4. If possible work in a different room to your bedroom

5. Try and get outside if you can or exercise at home

6. Spend some time away from the screen


The pastoral team have been working on some wellbeing sessions that you will be able to access through Teams. There will be a different activity for you everyday- look out for more details on Monday! Spending just ten minutes a day focusing on your wellbeing, as you would normally do in school, can really benefit you mood and focus for the day. Let us know how you get on!


Remember that your teachers are here to support you through Teams and The Pastoral Team can also be contacted through our email address:


Stay safe and take care, 

The Pastoral Team smiley


smiley Tuesday 5th January 2021 smiley


I'm sure by now that you will have heard the news from the Prime Minister that we find ourselves back in a national lockdown. Some of you might find this rather scary, some of you might feel anxious and some of you might feel okay with this. No matter what you are feeling, it's fine to feel these different feelings. What we would like to do is make sure you feel supported during this time until we are back together again in school. 


On a weekly basis, The Pastoral Team will be updating this page with updates from around school and also providing you with tips and suggestions for things that you can do during lockdown. These could include creative ideas for things that you could make or do at home, they could also be strategies that you might want to try if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. 


Remember that your teachers are here to support you through Teams and The Pastoral Team can also be contacted through our email address:


Don't forget to click on the different icons and explore the Westacre Wellbeing section of the website:


Stay safe and take time to look after yourself,

The Pastoral Team 

smiley Friday 23rd October 2020 smiley


I can't believe we are now about to start half term! What a term it has been with all of the children adjusting to all the new changes to school. It's lovely to see all the children settle into their new classes and really getting to know their teachers.

The Pastoral Team have a new member of staff, Miss Allan, who joined us mid-September and is working in year 6.

A little about Miss Allan:

She recently purchased her first new car and will be taking it out for a spin over half term. She enjoys photography and has a pet Cockapoo named Harvey.


It has been lovely to see the children playing with the new games equipment during break and lunch time. The Westacre Wellbeing Club started this term with year 5's. They have enjoyed learning about mindfulness, emotions and calming techniques. They said it has been "a perfect way to end the day" and "somewhere nice to relax". We look forward to the year 6's joining us next term. 


As a team we have started lots of different groups such as Art Therapy, Lego Therapy and we have also been teaching children some brain science and what happens when we are faced with stressful situations. The year 5 children have been learning about friendships and what makes a good friend, the children have enjoyed learning about this and some have said this week that they are making new friends outside of their class. 


The Pastoral Team are looking forward to having a well earned rest over half term and we hope the children do too!


If you would like some activities to do over half term at home or outdoors please click the link below


Sensory Scavenger Hunt Activity: