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smiley Friday 23rd October 2020 smiley


I can't believe we are now about to start half term! What a term it has been with all of the children adjusting to all the new changes to school. It's lovely to see all the children settle into their new classes and really getting to know their teachers.

The Pastoral Team have a new member of staff, Miss Allan, who joined us mid-September and is working in year 6.

A little about Miss Allan:

She recently purchased her first new car and will be taking it out for a spin over half term. She enjoys photography and has a pet Cockapoo named Harvey.


It has been lovely to see the children playing with the new games equipment during break and lunch time. The Westacre Wellbeing Club started this term with year 5's. They have enjoyed learning about mindfulness, emotions and calming techniques. They said it has been "a perfect way to end the day" and "somewhere nice to relax". We look forward to the year 6's joining us next term. 


As a team we have started lots of different groups such as Art Therapy, Lego Therapy and we have also been teaching children some brain science and what happens when we are faced with stressful situations. The year 5 children have been learning about friendships and what makes a good friend, the children have enjoyed learning about this and some have said this week that they are making new friends outside of their class. 


The Pastoral Team are looking forward to having a well earned rest over half term and we hope the children do too!


If you would like some activities to do over half term at home or outdoors please click the link below


Sensory Scavenger Hunt Activity:







smiley Friday 17th July 2020 smiley


Good morning Westacre! Today is the last day of term, what a year it has been. The Pastoral Team have just watched Mrs E's End of Year video, and they cannot believe it has been 17 weeks!

Click the link below to check this out:


What are The Pastoral Team doing over the summer holidays?


Mrs Singh is planning to visit her new twin nephews for the very first time over the summer break. She will also be going on short trips away with her husband and will be doing some art too!


Mrs Brownlee will be having a family break in Portugal and will be relaxing with her family in the garden. She has recently chosen a new book to read over the summer break which she is looking forward to!


Mrs Reynolds will be enjoying a family break in France. She is also looking forward to spending some time in the garden and is very excited that the rugby is back in August!


The Pastoral Team would like to say a BIG thank you to Miss Colledge for her time at Westacre and they wish her the very best of luck in her exciting new adventure to become a teacher! She will be missed by the Westacre family!


The Pastoral room has recently had a makeover. Take a sneaky peek...



Have a lovely summer, stay safe and have lots of fun smiley We look forward to welcoming you back in September and seeing you all again! 


smiley Wednesday 1st July 2020 smiley


smiley Friday 19th June 2020 smiley




Good morning Westacre! Happy Friday to you all, we hope that you are all safe and well. We are really enjoying getting back into a routine and returning to some sort of normality. Although everyone would have had a different experience during the country's lockdown, it is important to recognise that despite the tough days, there will have been times that have made us smile. Just like Mrs Doolin said in the Daily Update on Monday, even just the thought of a memory can make us smile! Todays action on the Action For Happiness calendar is 'create a list of fun memories that you feel grateful for'.. have a go and see if you catch yourself smiling whilst writing them down. The pastoral team have made their own list of fond memories...
Miss Colledge:
  1. My university graduation - my proudest achievement to date and still - when I see how proud my Mum and Dad look in the photo that's in their sitting room - it really makes me smile.
  2. Being a bridesmaid for my best friend! I went all the way through university with both the Bride and Groom and it was incredibly special to walk down the aisle with her.
  3. My most recent memory has to be watching the sunset on the Malvern Hills during lockdown. This was particularly special as if you looked out on one side of the hills you could watch the sunset and then if you turned round, you could see a thunder and lightening storm in the distance.
Mrs Singh:
  1. Having a picnic lunch outside in the sun with my husband and our cat, Bilī during the lockdown. She follows us everywhere we go!
  2. Something I always remember from when I was younger was going on holidays and doing diving competitions in the swimming pool with my brother and sister. My mum and dad would be the judges and would score us out of 10!
  3. One of my favourite memories is visiting the Golden Temple in India for the first time. It is my favourite place in the world and is very relaxing. Whenever I feel a little worried or anxious I imagine walking bare foot on the marble at the Golden Temple.
Mrs Reynolds:
  1. My favourite memory from lockdown is the VE day celebrations. It was lovely to sit outside my house and have  different conversations with my neighbours.
  2. One of my earliest memories that I am grateful for, is going on holiday to the Isle of Wight with my grandparents. I have lovely memories of sitting on the beach and paddling in the sea with my grandad.
  3. A more recent memory also involves the beach! I have lovely memories of celebrating my birthday in a beach hut at Wells beach in Norfolk. It was a lovely day with my family and the best part was watching the seals swimming in the sea. I felt incredibly lucky to sit and watch them and it made me feel very happy.


Mrs Brownlee:

  1. My most fun memory of lockdown has been our street party on VE day. We all sat outside on our deckchairs and chatted to each from a distance. We had fresh jam doughnuts and a Victoria sponge that one of our lovely neighbours had made. The children played in the street and kept us entertained. We had music playing and there was lots of fun and laughter.
  2. One of my earliest childhood memories is going cockling with my Dad, sister and grandad in Southend on sea. We used to put on our wellies and raincoats and wait till the tide had gone out and then walk out to the sandbanks to find our catch of the day. Then we would go home and cook up the cockles and mussels and eat them with lots of salt and vinegar.
  3. What makes me happy is being surrounded by the ones I love whether that’s at home or out somewhere.

Please let us know your fondest memories that make you smile by emailing our school office: smiley

Also this week, we are excited to bring you an interview with... 
Mrs Underhill! 

How are you finding being at home?


"At first, I found it very unsettling- I'm a person who likes routine and found it hard to deal with no structure. Now, I'm into the swing of things: I'm still at the laptop at 9am, and keep to regular breaks. My boys are both with me, but don't normally surface til lunchtime (at the earliest!) so we try and spend some time together in the afternoon/ evening- walking or working in the garden. We've  had Ed's 16th birthday during this time, which I found hard not to share with our family ,but he still enjoyed it."


What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?


"I really miss seeing my friends at work- the staff! - so I do enjoy logging on to the daily update pages and reading what they've been up to. My first cup of tea is ALWAYS a highlight in my day!"


What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?


"My (almost!) daily walks have been a highlight and have given me some mental wellbeing- watching the crops growing and plants changing. I started listening to podcasts in the first week of lockdown, and I've really enjoyed taking that 30 minutes breather. I've listened to ones about quilting (sewing) and films, my favourite author; Agatha Christie, and words."


Tell me something that has made you smile today?


"I heard one of my favourite songs on the radio this morning (yes, I'm very "old school" and listen to the radio all day!) and got a funny text from one of my best friends, so that was a double smiley moment!"


What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?


"I miss you! Seeing all the amazing photographs and work coming in every day has confirmed to me what a fantastic group of talented, hard working and caring children we are privileged to work with. Your resilience has really shone through and you should be so proud of yourselves. It's also made me thankful for my amazing "work buddies" and the support we give each too! Virtual hugs all round!"




The Pastoral Team would like to wish you all an enjoyable and relaxing weekend - hopefully the rain will hold off for any outdoor meetings that you have planned! 


smiley Thursday 11th June 2020 smiley


Hello everybody! We hope you are all safe and well. This week we bring you an interview with...


Mr McMullen! 


How are you finding being at home?


"Whilst being at home it has been fun to learn new skills (from Youtube of course!), from how to do maintenance on my motorbike to even building a garden shelter - its been a learning experience! Although it can be a bit difficult at times as I do usually like to visit family and friends, I find its really important to try and stay busy. Whether its doing school work, finding projects to do around the house or even going out for a ride on my motorbike, it makes me feel much better! I love also visiting our school website and looking at the Twitter page - its great to see all the wonderful work and the different activities you have all been up to!"


What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?


"Usually when I wake up, I like to think of three objectives that I want to achieve that day (a little bit like the 'daily objectives' in video games some of you have told me about!). I then go about my day to try and achieve these and then hopefully this allows me to have a productive day! So yeah, I guess I look forward to setting myself little challenges each morning!"


What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?


"When the weather is nice of a morning, I like to make myself a cuppa and sit in the garden for a few minutes, closing my eyes and listening to the birds. I find that music is a great tool to help you feel calm and relaxed - call me old but I do love a bit of Smooth FM (download the app and you will be relaxed in no time!)." 


Tell me something that has made you smile today?


"Something that made me smile today was hearing how happy my mum was on the phone after opening the birthday presents I sent to her. It was a necklace with the initials of me, my older brother and my younger sister and a lavender spa set (I was nearly tempted to keep this for myself!)"


What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?


"I know things are a bit rubbish at the moment but keep smiling and keep yourselves busy! I cannot wait to see all of you! Take care."







smiley Monday 8th June 2020 smiley 


This week is Carers Week! Take a look at the powerpoint below to find out what it's all about. We are very proud of the young carers that we have here at Westacre. 

With your support we can show young carers that they are not alone

This is "With your support we can show young carers that they are not alone" by The Children's Society on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos...

smiley Friday 5th June 2020 smiley


Hello everyone!


The Pastoral team are back in school this week, with the Year 6 children. School looks different! Desks are 2 metres apart, there are arrows on the floor pointing in the direction we need to walk and we are all remembering to wash our hands and use the sanitiser. We had a really good first day back, talking about our lockdown experiences and getting to know everyone. We are now settled back into lessons and the Guided Reading book this week is an excellent mystery story. It has caused a lot of discussion and the suspense is building!

There was a lesson on the June monthly value which is ‘Thankfulness’. In our discussions in class we were thankful for different things such as, our family, food and clothes. What are you thankful for?


We hope you all have a good week, keep in touch and let us know what well- being activities you are doing at home.

Look after yourselves and stay safe.




smiley Thursday 4th June 2020 smiley


Hi everyone, we still find it so nice to hear all about what other teachers have been up to, despite some of us being back to school. Therefore, we're carrying on with our interview and this week it's...


This weeks interview with... 

Mr Cotton!


How was your half term?


"Amazing, though we have hardly left the house, we seemed to have had so much fun. I have started building a cubby house for my boys which kept me really occupied and we had some lovely walks around the fields near our house.


We also taught Jacob (6 years old) how to ride his bike and he hasn't stopped since. I took him for a 'quick' bike ride on the Thursday of half term and it ended up taking just under two hours. Every time I asked if we should stop, he just wanted to keep going! In the end we cycled just over 7 miles! I fell asleep at half 6 that night yet Jacob still had energy left."


How are you finding being at home?


"Mixed feelings really. I do miss my class a great deal and really hope I can see them as soon as possible; there have been several moments, especially when I am working on the laptop, I have thought back to moments in the classroom this year where we were all happy and enjoying each other’s company


I have really enjoyed time with my family and have loved spending the time with my boys. It will seem strange, as they are my own children, but I feel I know them even better than I did before lock down. We have planted strawberries together, had film nights, built a ridiculous amount of Lego and begun to make a Venus Flytrap out of papier mache. 


One of the hardest things I have found is trying to reduce the amount of snacking I’ve been doing, my wife is baking quite a lot and for my birthday I got a present through the post which was entitled ‘Man Versus Sweets’- I’m sure you can guess what was in the box."


What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?




But after that, the same as everyday really, just wondering what the day will bring. I love walking across the landing and waking the boys up (that is if they haven’t invaded my bed during the night) and getting a good morning hug from them both."


What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?


"Because we have been teaching Jacob how to ride a bike, I have got involved as well. Long bike rides have really helped me relax even more than usual. I have also been reading a lot. Our new topic in year 7 is about the British Empire and I’ve really enjoyed finding our even more about it than I previously knew. The sun has also allowed me to be out in the garden a lot- I love the sun and always feel calm when I’m outside."


Tell me something that has made you smile today?


"I was up very early today. At around 4am this morning Jacob arrived at our bedroom door and just stood like a statue. He sometimes sleepwalks so I wasn’t overly shocked. I got out of bed to guide him back to his room safely and on the way he was muttering to himself. When I asked him why he was out of bed he said, ‘I’ve just been to Legoland!’. This is only the latest in a long line of interesting sleep walk conversations we have had!


The other thing that has made me smile like it has done for the last week or so, is knowing football is coming back. I cannot wait to watch the mighty Liverpool conquer the Premier League again- come on you Reds!"


What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?


"I hope you are all keeping well and are making the best of a strange situation. Try to remember, there are always positives in this world, you just need to look for them."


Look after each other and yourselves and I hope to see you all soon.


smiley Monday 1st June 2020 smiley


This months Action For Happiness calendar is Joyful June! How many of these actions can you complete this month?


smiley Friday 22nd May 2020 smiley


As a team, we have loved reading both staff and children's acts of kindness this week as part of Mental Health Awareness Week - we've said lots of times on these blog posts just how important it is to be kind. Have you noticed how contagious a smile is?


What have we been up to this week? Well...


As part of Mental Health Awareness Week, Mrs Reynolds and her son decorated some rocks to hide on a long walk they had on Sunday. Harry did most of the work and did a great job! They also found a couple and re-hid them for others to find. They then spent quite a bit of the walk with their heads down, searching for more. She has also been preparing to come back to school on the 1st of June, but actually realised it will be her very first day at Westacre with the children in year 6! She is looking forward to it but needs to find out where her classroom is; please say hello if you see her and ask her if she knows where she is going – she has a really poor sense of direction! It’s half term next week and she will be painting and decorating her living room and also hoping to relax in the garden. Have a lovely week and look forward to seeing some of you on the 1st of June.




Mrs Singh enjoyed spending time outside in the sun and has also finished her weaving she recently started! She has enjoyed going for walks with her husband and has been doing some house decorating. Mrs Singh is looking forward to getting back to school. She hopes everyone is doing well and enjoying the weather. Have a lovely half term! It’s always lovely to be kind to others but we must remember to be kind to ourselves too! Mrs Singh has recently bought herself a new oil diffuser for her house. They have changing lights and release a mist which smells amazing. She is currently using Tea Tree oil which is helping her to relax in the evenings. She has also been regularly checking in with friends, especially those who are living alone during this time and are finding things a little difficult.


On Monday, Miss Colledge went for a lovely picnic by the local river. Again, she enjoyed just sitting and watching the ducks and swans - they always seem to think you've got something for them! This was followed by a relaxing stroll in the sunshine on Tuesday. On Wednesday she did a random act of kindness and left a little treat out for her postie! Sometimes we forget about the unsung heroes of day-to-day life and felt that her postie needed reminding just how appreciated they are in her street. For the rest of the week she, just like Mrs Reynolds, has been getting ready to return to school. She is very much looking forward to going to back and seeing the staff and some of the children, it feels a long time since she's had a conversation with different faces than the ones she lives with! She will also get to properly meet Mrs Reynolds - lots of positives to focus on. She wishes you all well for the weekend and half term.




Mrs Brownlee has had a week full of ups and downs. She has played tennis in the park, been on some lovely evening walks, had some barbeques and even been to the garden centre to buy some new plants for her garden. Unfortunately her dog Jake ate something that he shouldn’t have (possibly plastic) and got really poorly. He wouldn’t eat or drink anything and kept being sick. The Brownlees gave him lots of cuddles and put water in their hands and he managed to drink that. They even carried him to bed that night (he is a Labrador). The family were really worried about him and thought he would have to be taken to the Vet but when everyone got up in the morning he had fully recovered. He is a tough old guy and they love him, so were very thankful.


Claire and Mr Brownlee have been growing vegetables from seeds which are starting to poke through and this weekend they will replant them in their new home. Hope you enjoy looking at it.  Mrs Brownlee is so looking forward to seeing you all again soon! She wishes you to take care, keep your distance and remember to have fun!


This weekend is a bank holiday weekend and it's set to be a scorcher! Make sure you are topping up on your suncream and staying hydrated by drinking lots of water. We hope you have a well-rested and relaxed half-term. 


Stay safe, 


The Pastoral Team smiley




smiley Thursday 20th May 2020 smiley


Hello Westacre, we hope that you have been enjoying this sunshine (with lots of suncream) and have been keeping up the fabulous efforts with your home learning - we do see all the pictures that are sent in! Just dropping in to give you this weeks interview with... 


Mrs Adey!




How are you finding being at home?


"I'm an only child so I am quite happy in my own company.  I only moved into my new house last summer so, whilst we've been at home, I've spent some time decorating my hallway and sorting out my garden. When we are all back together again, I shall tell you a story about why you should never cut a through an old -looking wire when you are decorating! As some of you might have noticed, I do enjoy a good chat so I have been missing the hustle and bustle of school life and having lots of different people to talk to. As much as I love my dogs, their conversation skills require some working on.  However, I do have some fantastic friends who are very kind and I speak to them at least once a day. We have even been taking part in online quizzes-some times more successfully than others!"


What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?


"I am very lucky to live right by Worcester racecourse and the River Severn so every morning I take my dogs to the river  and then in the afternoon we stroll around the racecourse.  Also in my local park, there is now a family of swans-the two parents and 7 cygnets so every morning I also go on a hunt to see how the family is getting on.  The cygnets are growing very quickly but are still fluffy and cute at the moment. If I have any spare bread, I give them a little snack too." 


What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?


"I normally attend Miss Starkey's yoga classes but obviously I can't at the moment so this week I have been using the video she uploaded to  YouTube. Her sessions always make me feel much calmer and  more relaxed and I am guaranteed to get a good nights sleep after. On Monday after work, I went on a 10 mile bike ride. It wasn't relaxing at the time but afterwards I felt much less tense and far more chilled."


Tell me something that has made you smile today?


"Two lovely things happened today-I was very lucky! Firstly, this morning there was a massive thud as my post landed in my hallway. When I went to pick it up, there was a large padded envelope. I wasn't expecting a delivery so I was very curious. I quickly opened it and there inside was a very large bar of chocolate! A very kind friend had been extremely thoughtful when she was out shopping and bought me it for me. It was a lovely surprise and such a kind thing to do. It made me smile and I smiled even more when I had a few pieces after my lunch. The second things that made me smile today was meeting up with a friend to walk-at 2 metres apart- my dogs. It was great to have a chat and find out all about what she had been up to recently. I was very kind of her to offer to meet up with me as I know she's super busy so I really appreciate her spending some of her time with me."


What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?


"As many of you know I do like a good quote so here goes.


And as Dumbledore said..."






smiley Wellbeing pictures! smiley


Sadie in 5MK has been helping herself to feel calm and relaxed by experimenting with different art textures by using a rubbing method. Looks fab Sadie! 



smiley Friday 15th May 2020 smiley


Good morning, Westacre! Happy Friday again – is it really a whole 7 days since our last post? Where did that week go?! It is lovely to see all the pictures of your celebrations over the weekend. We hope you had a safe and enjoyable bank holiday. Here’s what we’ve been up to…


This week Mrs Singh tried a new hobby and bought a loom to make a colourful weaving for her house! She found it very relaxing and mindful and is pleased with how it's looking so far. She also enjoyed going for walks in the sun with her husband. She has been reading a new book and has been playing Uno too!



Mrs Reynolds really enjoyed the VE Day celebrations last week. Her neighbour decorated their house with Union Jack bunting and families came out and sat in their front gardens with lots of cake! Mrs Reynolds said it was a really lovely time and the best bit was talking to her neighbours - from a safe distance- and having some different conversations. 

She made lots of cakes for the celebrations; scones, chocolate cheesecake and a raspberry and white chocolate cake.

Mrs Reynolds has also been doing yoga this week and has been watching Miss Starkey’s brilliant videos to help to relax. She also found a book this week that she had for Christmas, but had forgotten about! It’s the auto biography of Eddie Jones, the England rugby coach and is really interesting so far. Has that ever happened to you? Have you found something that you had forgotten about? Have a good week and keep in touch with us by e mailing the school office.



Mrs Brownlee sends lots of love and virtual hugs to you  all.  She hopes you are all well and looking after yourselves by eating healthily and exercising. Mrs Brownlee has been doing yoga twice a week and is really enjoying it. She has also been on another bike ride, down by the canal which was fun. Mr Brownlee finally got round to putting up Claire’s bird box which she made in year 5. We added a bird feeder to it. So far we have only attracted pigeons! Mr Brownlee has been doing lots of cooking lately so it has been nice for me to have a bit of a break. Tonight he is making his famous paella. Mrs Brownlee will try to remember to take a photo of it before she gobbles it down as it is really very nice!



Like Mrs Brownlee, Miss Colledge hopes you are all safe and well! She has been out in the garden with her hoola hoop trying to work-off a takeaway she had on the weekend - it was yummy. She had a chicken tikka masala! Still carrying on with her daily walks, she has also enjoyed being able to sit down by the river and watch the ducks and swans. Later on in the week, she FINALLY got round to creating a photo album of her summer travels to Italy and Paris! 


(photo taken in August 2019)


Please keep us up to date with what you have been up to - we love seeing them! Don't forget to email smiley

smiley Wellbeing pictures! smiley


A HUGE well done to Luca in 5JR who has been busy creating this gratitude tree! What a lovely idea to keep positive. 





smiley Thursday 14th May 2020 smiley


Hello Westacre! This week we bring you an interview with...


Miss Kelly!


How are you finding being at home?


"It’s been very different to what I am used to, I love going out and seeing people and now I am having to do the total opposite! I am very lucky to live with my family and have the company, which is nice, although I am not sure my family would say the same. I am trying to keep a positive attitude as much as possible and I am looking forward to the future when it will be ok to go outside properly again."


What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?


"I most look forward to going downstairs, having a cuddle with the dogs and then making myself a big cup of tea and eating breakfast ready to get started with my school jobs for the day."


What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?


"I struggle being calm and relaxed as I am not that sort of person and even before Covid-19 came around I found it difficult! Usually, I am dashing about somewhere or going exploring new places and seeing friends and family at the weekends. To stay calm now, I have to tire myself out and go and do some exercise. I have been walking our two lovely dogs with my sisters and trying to do a Joe Wicks workout or go for a run. I definitely feel better after having some fresh air or having done some exercise and I am even finding the hills easier! At the weekend we had a big birthday in my household so I did some baking which was nice to take my mind off the world around us for a little bit."


Tell me something that has made you smile today?


"Today, I went for a walk with my teacher friend and her dog Bruno the Chocolate Labrador (whilst keeping the 2m distance of course). It was so nice to see a different face and have a chat about all things teaching and about how our lives have changed and what we look forward to. Whilst we were out we saw a 15-week old puppy which was so cute. Being away from normality definitely makes you appreciate the smaller things!"


What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?


"This is not, in any way, how I thought my first year at Westacre would be but I am thankful to all those staff and children who have been brilliant. I love seeing all the work you are sending in and seeing how hard and positively you are all working, makes it all seem worthwhile.  You are all doing extremely well and I look forward to seeing everyone again."




smiley Friday 8th May 2020 smiley


Hello Westacre! Happy Friday and happy VE Day (you should all know what this is by now but do take a look at your year group pages if you need a little refresher!) smiley If you or your family/street are having any celebrations we wish you a happy and fun time, although remember it is important to stay safe and keep that 2m distance from anyone that doesn’t live under your roof. 

Let’s see what the Pastoral Team have been up to this week… 

Miss Colledge has had a busy week! On Monday she went for a 5 mile walk and explored places of her home town she never knew existed (and she’s lived there for 24 years!). Her Tuesday was made up when a message from Mrs Darby popped up with a screenshot of the Action for Happiness calendar followed by a picture of her, Miss Colledge and Miss Starkey celebrating Mrs Darby’s special birthday! She really enjoyed being back at school on Wednesday and getting to speak to some of the children raised her spirits immensely - she misses all of you!  Thursday was a day full of boring, adult jobs like washing, tidying and cleaning my car. It seems to go much faster and is much more enjoyable when you have your headphones on and can have a sing-song! 

Mrs Reynolds has been baking again this week - banana bread, doughnut muffins - they were good and a new favourite in her house - malteser cake! It didn’t last long and she has been asked to make it again and is going to try something different tomorrow and make a chocolate orange cheesecake for the VE Day celebrations. 
She is very lucky that a few minutes’ walk from her house, there are lots of bluebells. People have been decorating the pathways with pebbles and hanging pictures from the trees. Evie decided to decorate the end of the front garden with chalk pictures, despite the rain they are still there!

This week Mrs Singh has spent some more time gardening and enjoying the sunshine. Sunflowers are her favourite flowers to grow in her garden. She’s also been watching a few films including Ratatouille! 

Mrs Brownlee sends lots of virtual hugs to you all and hopes that you are all keeping safe and well and looking after each other. What has Mrs Brownlee been up to this week?  She has been getting lots of fresh air by being out in the garden (she spotted her very first pear on her tree!) and going on some lovely walks, seeing all the lovely spring colours. Mrs Brownlee says she has seen some children from school on their daily walks and has chatted to them from a distance which has been great. Tonight she will be outside with her family clapping the NHS.  In her street there are lots of flags up in the windows for VE day which is lovely to see. She has put a photo on of her eating her healthy cheese and tomato sandwich outside, never far from a bottle of water as it’s important to keep hydrated. Mrs Brownlee says she misses you all and is looking forward to seeing all your cheeky faces again!


We wish you all a lovely and safe bank holiday weekend! If you are struggling for good ideas to do with your spare time then take a look at the picture below for 10 ways to get creative! Remember to keep sending us any photos of you looking after yourselves and keeping busy – we really love seeing them! 


smiley Thursday 6th May 2020 smiley


Hi everyone! This week the Pastoral Team have interviewed...

Mrs Bennett 


We're extremely jealous of her adorable sausage dogs! 


How are you finding being at home?


"Being at home has been positive in many ways. I am very lucky to live on a farm so this means that there is always something to do! Lockdown has enable myself (and Mr Bennett) to get lots of jobs done like fencing, hedge cutting, clearing out sheds and general maintenance that we would normally have to do after work and at the weekends so this has been fantastic. The farm has never looked so tidy! We have just finished lambing so we have had lots of time with the very cute lambs and generally being outside enjoying the nice weather when we can."


What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?


"Although we have got lots of jobs done on the farm, I am still at home doing school work so mornings for me are still early. Feeding animals, cleaning them out and getting as many jobs done before breakfast and coming in to get on with my school work. I most look forward to getting up and seeing my lovely sausage dogs faces as they get to spend every day with me instead of a quick walk before I go to work and they go to their ‘Gran’s.’ For those of you that don’t’ know the Daschund breed, they are lively happy little dogs who love nothing more than wagging their tails and sitting on your lap."


What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?


"This week I have taken my dogs for long walks, exploring the beautiful countryside and spent time with my horse Sadie. Spending time with my horse makes me feel relaxed, they are fantastic creatures who will always listen to you. Sadie has the softest muzzle (nose) and is very content when being groomed (brushed), she loves a bit of TLC, but then who doesn’t!"


Tell me something that has made you smile today?


"Today I have had the absolute pleasure of speaking to my lovely niece and nephew and they always make me smile. The wonders of Skype means that I can see them and speak to them all the way in Canada. Phoebe is 6 and Patrick is 2 so there home is full of fun AND NOISE and no matter how you are feeling their little faces always make me smile like a Cheshire cat. Our Skype call, without fail, will involve a complete rendition of Mauwi’s song ‘Your Welcome’ from Moana (whether you want to hear it or not). This is then usually followed by them showing me all of their home schooling work and beautiful arts and crafts they have been creating. I am so proud of them for their continued efforts with home school work and also of my sister who has definitely decided that she will NOT be becoming a teacher anytime soon. My last smile was when we finished with our weekly ‘Mrs Bennett’s story time’, involving me reading them one of my storybooks that I loved as a child. They listened intently and Phoebe finished by saying, “You’re amazing Auntie L because you always do the voices.” Who wouldn’t smile when you get a comment like that?"


What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?


"To everyone at Westacre I would like to say, stay safe and well. Listen to your adults (they are doing their best) and make sure you keep going with your home learning. Keep your pictures, work, photos coming into the school office as every member of staff loves to see what you have been up to. Don’t forget to check out the Science page on our website for regular home science experiments that you can all try at home.

All of your efforts are noticed and I can’t wait to get back to school and see you all.


Take care,

Mrs Bennett and the sausage dogs."


smiley Wednesday 6th May 2020 smiley


A BIG well done (and thank you) to Evie M for sending in a video of her completing Mrs Hennessey's wellbeing challenge! Great work!




Still image for this video

smiley Friday 1st May 2020 smiley

Good morning Westacre! We hope you are all well and managed to keep active during the last week. It seems trickier to find motivation when the weather is miserable but it’s important to keep structure and routine. Force yourself to get up, showered and dressed – even if you don’t have any plans for the day. 
With it being the 1st of May today, you can find this month’s  Action For Happiness Calendar, Meaningful May, below this blog. Take a look at some of the actions you can do each day and send us a photo – we would love to see them! 
So, what have we all been up to this week? 


Mrs Brownlee: 
Hello Westacre, I am missing you all and looking forward to getting back to school as soon as we can. I hope you have been keeping yourselves busy and getting some school work done too! This week, I have been going for power walks around the park. Mr Brownlee even tried to get me to go on a bike ride with him but I’m not very good, a bit wobbly! I have taken part in lots of family quizzes on zoom, we even won last week. I have also been doing some exercising with my eldest son, Simon in the garden, he likes to get me to do lots of squats. We have stood outside every Thursday evening and clapped the NHS and it seems like our neighbours get louder and louder every time we do it. Last week we had pots and pans and someone even broke a wooden spoon. I’ve also been playing Othello with Claire, she tends to beat me, I may need to up-level my skills. We’ve been eating lots of healthy food and I’ve been making lots of yummy pasta dishes and salads. I’ve also been reading some really good books lately and catching up on some movies. We watched the secret life of pets 2 the other day which was lovely and also Madagascar which always makes me laugh. I wonder what books you have been reading and have you caught up on any good movies?
Take care, be safe and I look forward to seeing you all soon
X Mrs Brownlee


Mrs Reynolds:
Hi everyone, it has felt a little different this week for me and I think it’s because of the weather. After a lovely sunny weekend, the rain has arrived. Last weekend, I sat in the sunshine with my children and a large tub of Hamma beads! It’s been years since I used them and it was really good to do. I made a frog, Evie – my daughter – made a rainbow and we have hung them in the tree in our front garden. My son Harry, then spent an afternoon making quite a selection. The Porg was really tricky and I love the Starbucks cup! I have also been baking this week and we finally finished a jigsaw with a little help from Zee the cat!
I hope you are all keeping well, let me know what you have been up to.
Best wishes, Mrs Reynolds

Miss Colledge:
Good morning Westacre! It’s been a bit of a quiet week for me this week. I haven’t been on as many walks as the weather hasn’t been the best, however it goes without saying that I do love the rain, especially when tucked up in my bed! Yesterday afternoon I cosied up on my sofa with some Doritos (cool original – of course!), Dr Pepper and my favourite Star Wars film. It was lovely to just zone out for a while. 


Mrs Singh:
 Hi everyone, I have enjoyed spending time outside in the sunshine that we had at the start of the week. My cat Bilī Ullu and tortoise, Pencils, have also enjoyed the sun. Whilst at home, I have started learning the Punjabi language. I particularly look forward to Wednesday evening when I have lessons with my tutor. I was in school on Thursday and it was a very strange experience – I miss seeing the children!


Don't forget to send us any pictures of what you do to relax - we would love to see them! smiley



smiley This months Action For Happiness calendar is 'Meaningful May'. Take a look at the 31 small gestures you can do, some without even having to move! smiley 



smiley Wellbeing pictures smiley


A big thank you to Mrs Page and Mrs Adey for sending us their photos! Mrs Page has been learning how to cross-stitch and created this lovely butterfly pattern. Mrs Adey has been enjoying long 'woofer walks', enjoying the fresh, bright green leaves! 



smiley Thursday 30th April 2020 smiley


This weeks interview with... 


Mr Purdie! 



"How are you finding being at home?"


"It has been very different and strange! I live with my wife and 7 month-old son, Jamie,  so in the positive side, I have gotten to spend a lot more time with them, as usually I wouldn't see them much during the working week. It's been really great to see my son developing quickly learning so fast, though it's a little sad we can't take him out to as many places as we probably would have done, like parks and swings and for longer walks. On another positive, I have got lots of house jobs done! I've repaired some shelving in our pantry, repainted the garden fences and reorganised our home work space, as both my wife and I are using it a lot more now!"


"What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?"


"Jam Jam and I have a well-established morning routine that I look forward to. He usually wakes up between 7am and 7.30am, and I take him downstairs to the living room so Mumma can get an extra hour of sleep! When he's just woken up, he's content to sit quietly and play with his toys, or go in his door bouncer, which he loves. While in that bouncer, I've secretly been teaching him how to play football already- he's getting quite good at deliberately kicking the ball back to me!"


"What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?"


"My calm place is my garden. It's not very big, it slopes uphill and the soil is quite hard clay, but its our little kingdom, and over the past four years we've worked hard to make it nice to sit in. I feel calm and relaxed when I go out there alone to pull up weeds, trim the grass and watch the bees go in and out of our little 'Bee n Bee' wood shelter. This time of year is great for gardens, everything is green and fresh, coming back to life and growing fast. Lots of flowers too!"


"Tell me something that has made you smile today?"


"The rain! Though it's been wonderful having lots of sunny, dry days in a row, our moss lawn was getting a bit crunchy, and definitely needs the water! It was also really calming to wake up in bed to the sound of pattering rain outside."
"What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?"


"To all the children, it's been fantastic to see all your work coming in, it really makes us teachers feel good to see that you are still learning and creating very well at home. Keep going, it shouldn't be too long now before things start to return to closer to normal. To all the staff, I'm looking forward to getting back into school and catching up in person!"

smiley Friday 24th April 2020 smiley

Hello everyone! It feels like a long time since our last blog post with you all! We hope everyone has had a lovely Easter and eaten lots of chocolate (and enjoyed the sunshine - equally as important!). 

Miss Colledge felt after all the chocolate she had eaten it was time to find a new hobby that involved being active.… she settled on trying a weighted hula hoop! Although it was uncomfortable at first (it’s 1.25kg!) she has now got used to it – well almost - she just needs to perfect the motion of keeping the hoop up now! Her favourite thing she did over the Easter holidays was to take part in a virtual quiz with her best friends who live all the way in Essex! Miss Colledge gave anagrams to her friends to solve- see if you can solve this one:
Clue: A popular choice of food. 
Anagram: Thickeners Friend Ouch 
Send us a picture if you think you have worked it out! Answers will be revealed in next weeks post smiley (email address at bottom of page)


Mrs Brownlee has been keeping busy by doing some DIY in her house and in her garden. She has painted the downstairs bathroom, glossed all the doors, (so they are nice and shiny) and even painted the garden fence (until she ran out of paint).  Mr and Mrs Brownlee have been clocking up miles on their FitBits by doing some power walks around Droitwich – keep a look out of your window for them! She has also been doing on line yoga with her daughter Claire in the sunshine, which has been fun.  She is looking forward to seeing everyone back at Westacre! 


Mrs Singh has enjoyed the lovely sunshine in her garden accompanied by some delicious Punjabi food and her cat, Bilī. 


We thought it would be a great time to share some exciting news with you all… This week, our new Pastoral Lead, Mrs Reynolds started her first day at Westacre! Despite it being a very odd first day, she has told us how much she enjoyed it and is looking forward to meeting you all! As a team, we are excited to meet her properly and we can’t wait to introduce her to you all.  Over to you, Mrs Reynolds! 


Hello! My name is Mrs Reynolds and this week I started work at Westacre as your new Pastoral and Wellbeing Lead. It was very strange going into school with just a few children and teachers, but it was lovely to come in and Mrs Oliver gave me an Easter egg!
I’m sat in my lovely sunny garden in this photograph and this is my cat Zee, who had just seen a bee buzzing past! I love being in the garden and I am spending a lot of time out there planting, weeding and playing swing ball with my children. 
In these different times, it’s really important to talk to your adults around you about how you are, but that can be tricky and you may not have the words to express how you are feeling. If you feel like that, can you draw a picture of how you feel instead? Give it a try and send any into us, we would love to see them.
Look after yourselves,

Don’t forget to keep us updated with how you’re looking after your wellbeing! Send any photos to 

smiley Thursday 23rd April 2020 smiley


This weeks interview with... 


Mrs Murray


"What did you get up to over the easter holiday?"


"We had originally planned to go away on a couple of short breaks over Easter so I made sure that I spent lots of time relaxing, and eating, so I still felt like I was on my hols. Instead of doing the 'outdoorsy' things I would have done on holiday, I spent lots of time doing jigsaws - I normally only do jigsaws at Christmas but I managed to do four 1000-piece jigsaws over Easter...I was very proud of myself!

The highlight of my Easter holidays was camping in our trailer tent at the top of our drive! I know it sounds crazy but we were due to go camping this Easter, and we hadn’t got our trailer out since the summer – we needed to check if everything was still OK inside. However, once we opened it out, we couldn’t resist the urge to spend the night in it. We played UNO and Yahtzee before bedtime and it (almost) felt like we were camping for real!

On Easter Sunday, I challenged my children to complete an Easter egg hunt around the house and garden. It wasn’t the usual mad dash to fill their buckets with small eggs because, this year, I gave them each twelve clues to find their small eggs in specific places – they loved the challenge of the clues (although they got a little frustrated at times) and it meant that they both had the same amount of small eggs…with a big one at the end!

I also did a spot of baking over Easter, which was rather eventful! I baked twelve blueberry muffins on the morning we got our tent out. We had one each, popped outside to open up the tent, came back in to have another one….and there were only TWO left on the cooling rack! I looked around, very confused as there were eight left when we went outside, before I realised what had happened – our dog had eaten SIX blueberry muffins!! We checked our list and, luckily, blueberries aren’t dangerous to dogs and he hasn’t had any adverse effects from eating them…but he was well and truly in the dog house!

I finally decorated my children’s bedrooms, having had all the paint and wallpaper ready to go for ages! Both rooms look really snazzy now...and I even managed to do wallpapering without making too much mess (or getting too grumpy!)

Well, it definitely sounds like I made the most of my Easter holidays – I feel exhausted just writing it all down! I hope you all have fun memories of your Easter holidays too…I’m sure this Easter hols will be one we won’t forget!" 


"How are you finding being at home?"


"I’m sure I’m not alone in finding it tricky being at home all the time. We’re so used to being able to pop out whenever we want, aren’t we. I try and stick to a routine during the week – funnily enough, I try to have my break and lunch around the same time we do when we’re together at school.

Because all of us in the house are trying to do school work at the same time, we have to plan our days carefully – my children seem to be arguing a little less each day and we’re all learning the art of compromise. It’s definitely challenging working in this way but I think we’ll learn so much about each other by facing the challenges together.

My favourite part of every day is when I go out for a walk. I’m making the most of my daily exercise by going on long walks through the woods near my house; it’s been lovely to see more and more bluebells popping their heads up and the sunshine has made it even more glorious.

At the weekend, I make the most of my time with my husband and children - reading, baking (although I keep everything out of the reach of the dog now!) and watching great movies…generally animations! I expect I’ll do a jigsaw most weekends.

Finally, one of the highlights of my time at home is catching up with friends and family over video call – it’s great to see people and we’ve been doing quizzes, and having lengthy chats, together. It’s definitely tough not being about to see each other in person but I feel very proud of the sacrifices we’re all making to keep each other safe."


"What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?"


"The very first thing I look forward to in the mornings is a big squidge with my children…it never fails to kick start my day! Then my mind turns to a cup of tea and breakfast!

During the week, I look forward to reading the daily update and seeing all the great home learning that’s going on.

I look forward to getting set up for the day so all the Murrays (big and small) know what they’re doing. Inspired by our classrooms at Westacre, I’ve painted a couple of blackboards in our house so I write my children’s tasks for the day on there - they just cross them off throughout the day. Those of you who know me will know how much I love a list! smiley

Every day, I look forward to having a productive day so I can go on my walk, at the end of the day, feeling proud of what I’ve achieved."


"Tell me something that has made you smile today?"


"Seeing the rest of the Year 5 teachers on a video call – it was great to see everyone!"


"What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?"


"I’m missing you all and can’t wait to see you all again! I’m so proud of all the hard work you’re doing at home, as well as everything you’re doing to stay positive (and active) during these challenging times. Once we’re back together, it’s going to be great getting back into the swing of things and, in the meantime, do whatever you can to stay safe and stay happy! As I said before, all the sacrifices you’re making are keeping people safe and you will look back on these difficult times, knowing that you did whatever you could to help. Remember that staying at home is tough for everyone in your family so be kind, be forgiving, and give each other a break. Until we see each other again, take the very best care of yourself…you are amazing!" smiley



smiley Friday 3rd April 2020 smiley

A whole week has gone by since our last blog post and even though we haven’t had as good weather as last week; we have still tried to find the time for some self-care (remember self-care ISN’T selfish). Before we delve into what the Pastoral team have been up to, it is a great time to announce that once a week on our Daily Update page you will be able to find an interview with a different member of staff – that way you can see what other teachers are up to! This week’s interview is with Mrs Doolin, you can find it underneath this blog post. 

This week’s post feels bitter sweet for the Pastoral Team as this is the last time it will feature Mrs Darby - as of tomorrow she will be retired! There isn’t enough space on this website to tell Mrs Darby just how much the Pastoral Team and Westacre will miss her. She has been an integral part of school life and will be missed hugely, however, we know she will enjoy her retirement and will be spending many happy days in her caravan with husband, Paul and black cocker spaniel, Jett, as soon as she is able!


This week, Miss Colledge spent time trying to learn another card game (apart from Snap!). With much resilience, and sometimes frustration, she finally got the hang of playing Rummy. Click on the link to have a go at playing it if you have a pack of cards!  She also went on a long, refreshing walk -nearly 15,000 steps! The walk was just what she needed as that night was the best night’s sleep she had. 


Mrs Singh has been spending lots of time with her cat, Bilī Ullu, who has also been following social distancing rules with her friend, and neighbour, Steve.


Mrs Brownlee has again been cooking up some healthy meals for her family - Spaghetti Bolognese, Chicken pasta, Meatballs and Salmon and vegetable rice. She has been a bit naughty at night though, eating a bit of chocolate whilst watching her TV programmes. During the day, she has been painting the garden fence, done some weeding, been on a few walks with her children and has done some yoga in her garden.


And finally, one final message from Mrs Darby:
“Hi guys, this week I have been watching the blue-tits come and go from the birdhouse in my garden as well as taking part in Miss Starkey’s yoga videos. I have also been making some of my favourite soup – butternut squash, yum!
I just wanted to take the opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed seeing and hearing all the hard work that you have been doing in these difficult times, keep up the good work! I hope you are all looking after yourselves by being active, caring for others like making them a cup of tea and keeping those bedrooms tidy. Remember we are still here for you. On a personal note, as this is my last day at Westacre, I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with you all and I hope you go on to achieve everything in life that you want to do.
Take care, stay safe but most of all enjoy life!”
Mrs J Darby  x


The Pastoral Team wishes you all a happy and healthy Easter, stay safe everyone! 



smiley Thursday 2nd April 2020 smiley


We thought it might be nice for you all to find out what some of the other teachers have been up to this week. Therefore, we have this weeks interview with... 


Mrs Doolin! 


"How are you finding being at home?"


"It’s certainly been different! I have set up a nice work space for myself with all the things I will need. I start work the same time as I would at school and take a break around the same time as I would at school because that helps me be organised and get my work done. It also makes the day goes quickly. I do miss seeing all the children and the other teachers each day so it’s been lovely to see all the photos that the children have sent in to school."


"What do you look forward to when you wake up in the mornings?"


"Having breakfast with my daughters. They are all grown up now and are normally at work and university so it’s nice to have them home and have breakfast every morning with them – and now they cook breakfast for me!"


"What have you done this week to help you feel calm and relaxed?"


"I have done yoga in the garden with my daughters. I have done some baking and then enjoyed eating my home-made cakes with a nice cup of tea! I have also read a lot more than I usually do and just finished a detective story."


"What was your favourite meal you've eaten this week?"


"I would like to say a home cooked meal but if I was telling the truth it would be my takeaway domino’s pizza I had for my birthday – we ordered warm cookies as well!"


"Tell me something that has made you smile today?"


"I face timed with my 5 year-old great niece who was dressed in a unicorn onesie with wellington boots and sang a song for me (very loudly!)"


"What would you like to say to everyone at Westacre?"


"I miss everyone but I know from all the things on our website everyone is at home working hard and doing their best. I’m very proud of all the children and have loved looking at the examples of their work and photos that they have sent us. I’m also very proud of all of our teachers and staff who are also working so hard to make sure everyone gets the help they need. We are all very lucky to be part of Westacre. Happy Easter to everyone!"



smiley Wednesday 1st April 2020 smiley


Our first wellbeing picture is from Sam M (5JR) who has spent today colouring in hero pictures to go to the new Nightingale hospital in London. Fab work, Sam! 




This months Action For Happiness Calendar is Active Coping April. Take a look at the 30 actions you could do each day to try and keep yourself calm during this unsettling time that we face together! 



smiley Friday 27th March 2020 smiley


Hello everyone, what a strange and uncertain week we have all had!  I know we can speak on behalf of the whole of the Westacre staff, when we say we are missing our normal school routine and being greeted with your early morning smiles.  As well as completing work from your home-learning packs, it is also really important to remember to take time for ourselves and to look after our minds and body. As difficult as it can be, we must try our best to see the positives in such a situation. Remember, we have to put up with the rain to get a rainbow!     

This week, Mrs Darby went for a relaxed evening walk with her dog, Jett. She has also been cooking up a storm in the kitchen by making this mouth-watering Campfire Stew. Take a look at the Diet section on our Wellbeing page to find the recipe!





Mrs Brownlee has been out in the sunshine making sure her garden is summer ready along with company from her dog, Jake. 





Mrs Singh has been practising some mindfulness by creating some marvellous artwork inspired by recent events!





Miss Colledge spent time in the glorious sunshine with her cat, engrossed in a good book that she managed to complete in three days. 




So that’s how we have been keeping happy and healthy this week, how about you? Why don’t you try some of our ideas – cooking, gardening, reading, playing with your pets or walking and send us some of your photos or messages marked for the pastoral team at
Or maybe you have thought of some different ways to relax and keep well, or can offer some simple cooking recipes? We hope all of you are keeping safe and well. We will update you next week with what we’ve been up to. 


We look forward to hearing from you,
Take care, 

The Pastoral Team 



 smiley Monday 23rd March 2020 smiley

In this peculiar and challenging time, it is important that we keep calm, stay wise and above all else, be kind. 


Take a look at the Action For Happiness calendar which gives ideas of small gestures that ANYONE can do to make the world smile that little bit more!  


For more information or to view this months Action For Happiness calendar then go to our 'Useful Links...' page where you can find a link to their website!