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Number Day March 2016

Number Day has been a success at Westacre Middle School.


The day kicked off with children playing some maths games that they had been creating at home for homework over the past few weeks. The quality of the games were incredible! Such variety was easy to be seen as well as the amount of effort that the children must have put in to make such fabulous games. So a BIG well done to all of the children who made a game.


Next followed some problem solving within the year groups. The children worked hard in their classes to solve the problems and really enjoyed the challenge that came with it.


In the afternoon, the children took part in a competition. Who could make a paper-plane that could fly the furthest distance? Results will be revealed once the final has taken place on Tuesday! Some classes even worked out the speed of their plane by knowing the distance and the time it took to fly it.


Finally, a big thank you to all the children, parents, carers and teachers for making Number Day a success. I look forward to running an even bigger event next year.


Miss Boulton

Paper Plan Competition Results!


Well done to Alfie C in year 6 who won the overall competition. His paper plane flew an impressive 13m and 64cm!